New Play Reading Series

Fall 2017

Cast List 

Participants will be required to enroll in a TDPS class.

Enrollment information will be provided at the first meeting.

Please contact Toshi Pau by the end of this week (September 1) to confirm your participation in the
New Play Reading Series this semester


Marcus van Duren

Adhyyan Narang

Jocelyn Mireles

Lucy Sullivan

Lovelylea Fernandez

Daniel Zhu

Veronica Chen

Hallie Stickley

Afrah Tahir

Raina Williams

Natassija Jordan

Alex Parkin

Erica Chung

Vanessa Son

Check below for time commitments this semester.


Orientation Meeting: Wednesday, September 6 (5pm-7pm) – Dwinelle Room B4

READING 1: “The Carter Sisters” by LASHON DALEY

-        Rehearsal 1: Sunday, September 10 (1pm-4pm) – Dwinelle Room B4

-        Rehearsal 2: Tuesday, September 12 (5pm-7pm) – Dwinelle Room B4

-        Reading: Wednesday, September 13 (5pm-7pm) – Dwinelle Room B4

A Tale of Autumn by Christopher Chen (September 14th – October 7th).


(The Thick House, 1695 18th St., SF) – Reflection Paper due within 1 week of viewing

READING 2: “Tourist Trap” by MARIE YUEN

-        Rehearsal 1: Sunday, October 15 (1pm-4pm) – Dwinelle Room B4

-        Rehearsal 2: Tuesday, October 17 (5pm-7pm) – Dwinelle Room B4

-        Reading: Wednesday, October 18 (5pm-7pm) – Dwinelle Room B4

READING 3: “Left Unfini----.” by TOSHI PAU

-        Rehearsal 1: Sunday, November 5 (1pm-4pm) – Dwinelle Room B4

-        Rehearsal 2: Tuesday, November 7 (5pm-7pm) – Dwinelle Room B4

-        Reading: Wednesday, November 8 (5pm-7pm) –  Dwinelle Room B4

Wrap-up Meeting: Wednesday, November 15 (5pm-7pm) – Dwinelle Room B4

-        Final (2) Reflection Papers are DUE in class on this date