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Christmas Buying Tech Tips

Let our technicians help you find the perfect personal computer, laptop, or tablet.

Below, we asked our technicians what they recommend when Black Friday shopping for a new device.





Should I buy a laptop or a desktop for my home computer?

If you just want a web browsing machine, then go for a laptop. If you want a larger screen, then plug it into an external monitor. In 2019, new tariffs could potentially increase the price of non-laptops 25% or more.

For my home computer, I always go with a desktop because they are easier to modify.

If you want to do gaming, then go for a desktop. Desktops are better made for gaming.

Do I go for the touch screen laptop/desktop or not?

Touch screen is better for smooth scrolling when reading. The kids may like the touchscreen option more.

Personally, I don’t like touch screens.

I never recommend touch screen.

How many cores do I need in a laptop?

Stay away from Celeron, Atom, and Pentium processors. They’re Intel budget processors and may be a lot slower. You may get a much better value if you purchase a laptop with an AMD Ryzen processor.

It depends on what you are using your laptop for. Use an i5 for normal use. For heavy data entry or gaming on your device, then I recommend an i7. (for intel processors)

I would go with a laptop with two cores or more, or I would stay with the i3, i5, i7 processors.

I want my computer to run fast. What should I look for in a laptop?

Look for a solid state drive. If you want to future proof it, then try to buy at least 500 GB of storage.

How much RAM should my computer have?

4GB can get you by if you want to just do web browsing, but if you want to do anything else then it is better to get 8GB of RAM.

Go for 16 GB for gaming or if you want to make sure it lasts you 4-5 years.

min. of 8 GB

What size screen should I look for?

This is your opinion… I prefer large laptop screens- 15-17 inches.

It depends on the use. If you are gaming, then go for 15-17 inches.

Think about portability. 12-13 inches works for word processing.

The larger the screen, the more it will weigh. If you want to carry it around, then go for a smaller screen.

How much storage should I have?

500 GB or more is ideal.

Solid state drives are getting cheaper, so there is no reason you should not buy a computer with one. You can step down to 256 GB, if cost is a factor.

Should I go for a Mac or PC?

Google Pixelbook


Macs are great, but they are expensive.

Should I go for a flip laptop/tablet?

It depends on the form factor you want, but flips add a lot of cost.

Get a flip for word processor, and do not get a flip for gaming.

No, I don’t like flips.

What should I make sure the Chromebook for my child has included?

Make sure it has Android app compatibility. You might also want to look for Linux compatibility.

Touchscreen is important. Make sure it is durable.

For Chromebooks only, 2 GB of RAM will work, but 4 GB of RAM is better.

What should I remember when looking for a tablet for my child?

Buy an extra power adapter. Consider a stylus to go with the tablet. Remember the case for protection.

Anything else I need to know when shopping for computers?

RAM is memory which helps for multi-tasking.

Storage is how much information your computer can hold.

You get what you pay for, honestly. Don’t go with the latest and greatest, the generation before is usually fine. They will give you the best bang for the buck.

Stay away from brands you have never heard of.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy shopping!

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