IHM School Supply List 2018-2019

Grades 6, 7, and 8 - Middle School

Your child will be utilizing a binder system to help with organizational skills.  We have based our binder system on the S.O.A.R. Study Skills binder system. You are able to purchase your own binder – the specifications are: 1 ½ inch, 3 ring binder – internal pocket(s) – No Trapper style.

We will provide the dividers for the students.

School supplies that you will need to provide:

Pencils #2 (1 dozen)                        2 thin dry erase markers                1 Ruler (12 inch with cm)

Blue or black pens                         Red pen (2)                                2 – 2 pocket folders

Eraser (hand held pink)                Eraser (hand held white)                1G or greater flash drive

Post-it notes                                index cards                                2 highlighters

3 subject spiral notebook (ELA)        small calculator                        colored pencils

Handheld sharpener                        glue sticks (6)                                scissors

1 black ultra fine Sharpie                1 black Sharpie                        1 black roller ball pen

Compass                                Protractor                                3 pkg reinforced loose-leaf         

½  inch binder (Math only)                5 dividers (Math only)                            paper wide ruled

1 subject spiral (SS)                        3 pieces of poster board                1 fabric zippered pouch –

Markers                                                                                 for school supplies        

For music, students will be given a Yamaha Recorder and case – the fee for this is $6.  If you have your

recorder from last year, you must show it to Mrs. Bickraj for approval.  A case is needed and can be purchased

for $1.

For art, a sketchbook is needed.  8 ½ x 11 or 9x12.  It is okay to use last years if there is still room left.  Please also send in one container of unscented baby wipes.  All other supplies needed for art are listed above.

Other supplies you will need to provide include:

1 roll of paper towels                                                2 boxes of tissues                

1 large container of disinfectant wipes (last name A-L)         1 bottle of hand sanitizer (last name M-Z)

NOVELS to purchase for ELA.  These are grade specific.  There are some additional novels that may need to be purchased during the school year.


We strongly recommend to cover all workbooks in clear contact paper.

All supplies and fees are due on Meet and Greet day.