Tairangi School Community Partnership Policy


Learning is enhanced if a partnership is established between the school and its community.  Effective communication and consultation is the base of this partnership.  Consultation should be ongoing, recognising that all people in the community contribute to the values and heritage of the Tairangi community.




When a school’s community is consulted they can be helped to own their school, to feel a sense of responsibility and to care for what happens there.  Recognition will be given to different cultural dimensions of knowledge and the traditions and heritage of a community.

Consultation in this context means the following process:

  1. identifying concerns or issues
  2. involving a working party to explore solutions
  3. making recommendation about a solution
  4. asking for feedback from the rest of the learning community
  5. re-examining the recommendation in the light of feedback and then making the decision

NOTE: Consultation does not mean involvement in decision making, but rather, having the opportunity to have your view taken into consideration by the decision makers.

File:commpartner2.doccommpartner2.doc        Community Partnership Policy