Pomegranate Beginnings


Is very proud to make our

Big Announcement!

Firstly, we would like to thank everyone for their support up to this point. You have been with us from the start of our blog back in 2011 all the way to now. You have journeyed with us through blog posts and experiments, you supported us as we ventured into the publishing world, and you joined us as we started our website, our subscription, and the variety of things we offer. We have been working on new offerings and are very excited to announce that we are not only expanding our subscription service, but we are adding some new books to our collection AND beginning an endeavor into the physical mailing world.

Currently Subscribers get:

And now subscribers will ALSO get:

But Wait…. There’s more…


PBP will now be offering…

A Quarterly Subscription Box!

Released in January, April, July, and October, this quarterly box will be filled with a variety of supplies, materials, and exclusive PBP material. This material will not be available through our store or on our subscription, but exclusively through the box.

What’s in the box?

Our box will come with around 5-7 items each time depending on production and purchase price. The items themselves may vary each quarter and may come in multiple colours. While we are always open to suggestions of what to include, we have already added these items to our list:


We will offer two prices for our box. One for non subscribers of the website, and one for current subscribers:

  1. If you are not a current subscriber of our website: $15 per quarter
  2. If you are a current subscriber of our website: $10 per quarter

So… what material is coming soon from PBP?

  1. In the “fabula amoris series”
  1. Medea: fabula amoris 
  2. Echo: fabula amoris
  1. In the “itinera petri” series
  1. Itinera Petri (part 2)
  1. House of Atrius
  2. Magus Mirabilis Oz
  3. Planned projects
  1. fantastical creature novella
  2. modern mystery novella