Smithtown FIRST Robotics Team

Student/Parent Contract

Full Name____________________________________________________________________________


This contract is designed to ensure that every student fully understands the expectations of the Smithtown FIRST Robotics Team. Participation in the Smithtown FIRST Robotics Team will require a large commitment on your part.

To be a part of the team, you must:

If you or your family is unable to meet any of these requirements, please speak with Mr. Savage

I have read the above Smithtown FIRST Robotics guidelines. I understand that if I wish to attend any of the competitions, I will be required to earn that privilege by participation in the activities mentioned above.

Member Signature_________________________________________


I have reviewed this contract with my child and understand the commitment that will be required. I agree to have my child participate on the Smithtown FIRST Robotics Team.  I understand that my child needs to be picked up after every meeting they attend on time.  Pick up can be either in the back by the robotics room or by the visitor’s entrance.  Parents that are late can pick up their child in front of the visitor’s entrance.  

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