The Argument Clinic Podcast Episode Listing

Episode 1: Judge Adaption

Episode 2: Evidence Comparison

Episode 3: Utilitarianism and Deontology with Kathryn Kenny!

Episode 4: Right to Housing Topic Analysis with Kathy Wang!

Episode 5: Cross Examination Vol. 1

Episode 6: The Perfect 2AR

Episode 7: Debate Practice/Drills with Cameron McConway!

Episode 8: Chetan Hertzig CFL Nationals Topic Analysis!

Episode 9: The Social Contract

Episode 10: NSDA Topic Analysis with Alex Yoakum!

Episode 11: Live at VBI: War Stories (Surviving Camp)

Episode 12: Novice Primer for Lincoln Douglas Debate with Lawrence and Martin

Episode 13: National Service Topic Analysis with Raffi Piliero

Episode 14: The Life-Cycle of a Tournament with Suzie Sharpe!

Episode 15: Persuasion Drills with Martin and Lawrence

Episode 16: Research and Evidence

Episode 17: November December 2017 Topic Analysis with Joie Otting!

Episode 18: Weighing with Nelson Okunlola!

Episode 19: Plea Bargaining Topic Analysis with Jessica Zhang!

Episode 20: Efficiency Theory and Drills with Martin and Lawrence

Episode 21: Introduction to Strategy with Zoë Ewing

Episode 22: Universal Basic Income Topic Analysis with Elana Quint!

Episode 23: Flowing Primer with Martin and Lawrence!

Episode 24: Live from Woodward Novice and JV Nationals with Jacob Nails!

Episode 25: Advantages and Disadvantages with Martin Lawrence, Trevor, and Meredith

Episode 26: Bystanders CFL Nats Topic with Marshall Thompson!

Episode 27: 2018 NSDA Targeted Killing Topic Analysis with Martin and Lawrence!

Episode 28: 2018 Sept/Oct LD Reporters TA with Pacy Yan

Episode 29: Logical Fallacies

Episode 30: Debating The Value Criterion with Martin and Lawrence

Episode 31: Nov Dec TA with Jack Ave, Lindsey McNamara, and Charles Karcher!

Episode 32: Speech Organization

Episode 33: Introduction To Circuit Debate

Episode 34: Military Aid Topic Analysis With Jacob Nails

Episode 35: The Greatest Hits