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Misha Goetz

Intro: D – Em – D        G – A      D – Em – D – G       A - D

      D          Em         D                G                  A

Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh, Adonai Tz'va - ot

D        Em   D           G          A     D

M'lo Khol Ha'a---retz, K'vo - do


                    G      A

For you are ho---ly

                    D    A     Bm

For you are wor---thy

                    Em7        A

And you are Migh---ty,


Lord of Hosts

                      G     A

For you are ho---ly

                     D      A     G

For you are wor---thy

                 Em                   D                        G  A  D

And the whole earth is filled with your glory


D – Em – D        G – A      D – Em – D – G       A - D


A                                   Bm                      G

Lord you’re high and lifted up, and now before your throne

A                           Bm

With the angels we bow down

         G                     A

And worship you alone

(Isaiah 63)