Sixth Grade Bulldog Pride Newsletter


D. Leblanc and J. Gisclair

Monday-Lesson 11: Absolute Value- Magnitude and Distance

Tuesday- Lesson 12: The Relationship Between Absolute Value and Order

Wednesday- Lesson 13: Statements of Order in the Real World

Thursday- REVIEW DAY

Friday- Module 3 Topic B Test


C. Guidry/D.Martin

Monday - Supporting a claim with text evidence

Tuesday - Characterization

Wednesday - Author’s purpose and point of view

Thursday - Supporting a claim

Friday - Cold Read Test  

L. Coleman

Monday / Tuesday: Cold Read Test

Wednesday / Thursday: Summarizing Informational Texts (Grammar Test Thursday)

Friday: Cite Evidence to Support Analysis of Informational Texts

Students will highlight grammar pages before Thanksgiving break so they can study to prepare for grammar test which will take place on Thursday when we return from break.


Monday- Review Unit 3 district test

Tuesday- Forces at a distance- anchor phenomenon

Wednesday- Introduction to charges

Thursday & Friday- SNAPS Lab on electric fields

Social Studies


Monday - Geography

Tuesday - Xia and Shang Dynasties

Wednesday/Thursday - Zhou Dynasty

Friday - Qin Dynasty

girls Health and Pe

Girls will be going outside participating in capture the Flag. 

 Kickball Test on Thursday December 5, 2019

boys health and pe

Boys will be going continuing participation in Basketball.

Basketball Test on Thursday December 5, 2019.


This week students will be learning the letters b and y on the keyboard. We will then review u, c, w, right shift, b, and y. Students will also review Word tasks learned previously.


Important dates to remember:    

                        The dress for the concert is “Sunday Best”  Students may wear

                        A Christmas Hat if they have one.  Dress Christmas-like



Monday, December 2:  BETA Club Meeting @ Skinny

Wednesday, December 4:  Student Council Meeting @ Skinny

Thursday, December 5:  Basketball LCOMS vs GCMS @ LCOMS 5:30 PM

Friday. December 6:  Basketball @ WTMS (boys only)

Friday, December 6:  Basketball @ Grand Caillou Rec Center (girls only)

Saturday, December 7:  Basketball @ WTMS (boys only)

Saturday, December 7: Basketball @ Grand Caillou Rec Center (girls only)

Saturday, December 7:  Honor Band tryouts

Saturday, December 7:  4-H Egg & Poultry Day @ Raceland Ag Building

Tuesday, December 10:  Band Concert 6:00 PM LCOMS Gym

Wednesday, December 11:  FACS Meeting @ Skinny until 4:00 PM

Friday, December 13:  PBiS Dress Down $1.00

Friday, December 13:  Morgan City Middle Basketball Tournament

Saturday, December 14:  Morgan City Middle Basketball Tournament

Monday, December 16:  Basketball @ LCOMS vs Grand Isle (Boys Only) 6:00 PM

Thursday, December 19:  Snowball Sale $3.00

Thursday, December 19:  Basketball LCOMS vs GMM @ SLHS 5:30 PM

Friday, December 20:  Redemption Friday

Friday December 20:  Walk in the Gym during electives, Concessions will be sold

Friday, December 20:  Basketball @ WTMS (Girls Only)

Friday, December 20:  Basketball @ Grand Caillou Rec Center (Boys Only)

Saturday, December 21:  Basketball @ WTMS (Girls Only)

Saturday, December 21:  Basketball @ Grand Caillou Rec Center (Boys Only)

Monday, December 23-Friday, January 3:  Christmas/New Year Holiday Break