The Lion And The Buffalo

by Duncan Jones

A scarred, old buffalo walked alone

Across the African brush

And though there was a sense of danger

There was no cause to rush

Just before he reached the water

He met a lion, strong and tense

Who had some certain things to say

At the old buffalo’s expense

He called him a cow and asked him how

He’d not yet met his end

Said, “It isn’t very wise to wander

Alone out here my friend.”

Well the buffalo paused a moment

Then continued on his way

And so the lion followed close behind

With a few more things to say

But the buffalo calmly took his time

He did not change his pace

And when he turned back the way he’d come

The two were face to face

No, the lion did not like at all

The way this was going down

And he moved in even closer

But the buffalo stood his ground

Then from the grasses tall nearby

Came some other golden cats

So the lion (sure as ever) said

“Now what do you think of that?”

“We think you’d better let him through.”

Said those come from the grass

And the lion stood there wide-eyed

As the buffalo walked right past

Frustrated, begged the lion, “Why!?

It was nearly ten on one!”

“Because …” said all the others

“Because that one doesn’t run.”