The summit will elicit policy dialogue on existing barriers and missing opportunities for women in decision making positions, and their impact on broader social and economic outcomes.

Elicit discussions that will highlight new trends, international benchmarks, and good practice.

Consider policy approaches to closing leadership gender gaps in public and corporate sectors.

Listen to successful Nigerian Women share their experiences on the obstacles they had to overcome and how they did that.

The Annual women in Governance Summit provides an interactive platform to exchange views and reflect upon the challenges faced by Nigerian women in achieving leadership roles and learn from their experiences to create a culture that promotes gender diversity in a sustainable way and leads to the greater success of women in the executive leadership and board level roles. It is a platform for like-minded professionals (women & men) who feel gender is an important organizational issue which impacts the profitability and the overall health of an institution and also impacts the social setup of a region.

We hope to make it a yearly event that will gather over 300 senior leaders from various fields including Business, Government, Arts, Sports, Social Services, Healthcare, Media and Entertainment in Nigeria to discuss barriers to women's advancement in Nigeria, their importance in changing the organization dynamics and gender diversity as a challenge and an opportunity. Successful leaders across all walks of life will be called upon to share their journeys to success which is a learning experience for individuals and organizations in creating strategies and environment essential to women achieving their potential.

The Annual Summit will give participants an opportunity to connect with decision makers. Men and women from diverse industries.

Understand the critical factors needed to create a culture to promote gender diversity and harness the potential of women managers.

Appreciate the importance of women talent in senior leadership roles and how that improves the overall quality of decision making and corporate governance framework of organizations.

Gain valuable insights on how to build and nurture a diverse workforce and prepare women employees for the leadership roles of tomorrow.

Learn about the contributions being made by women in different areas including politics, public service, media, sports, science, technology etc.

Hear what various governments in Nigeria and globally doing to encourage gender diversity and actively seek greater women leadership at the top echelons of the organizations.

Network with successful professionals who are eager to create a diverse workforce and empower tomorrow's leaders in a more inclusive manner for proper corporate Governance


The delegates will include Senior Government Officials and Senior Leaders across a wide range of industries including the ones shown below:

Female board Members of various organisations, CEOs, Executive Directors, company secretaries, Senior Managers and executives, all women in the pipeline of attaining leadership positions in their organisations. Corporate representations

•        Corporate leaders

•        Business owners

•        Board Directors

•        Non executive Directors

•        Successful entrepreneur

•        Bureaucrats

•        Developmental sector executives

•        HR professionals

•        Government representatives

•        Senior management

•        NGO Professionals

•        Finance Executives

•        Media Executives

•        Legal Executives


One day


Wednesday November 29, 2017


Lagos. LCCI Building, Alausa, Ikeja


Local and international speakers.


Across Board


20,000 for members and 25,000.00 for non members