The Elders had a large list of assignments for the Lord of Tachyon this month. As to the whole situation of the black market actually going down, the Elders could rest easier with the faith that Neoum can spend some time on smaller issues, so that the Order is more appealing to the other sentience that work under the Order. These missions have been waiting for a few years to preporly be address, and may have taking longer if Neoum wasn’t here. Jelnorelus had made the decision that Neoum will have to be out and about if he were to dodge this secret assailant that’s after him. The other four Elders had a bunch of task that the could do, so I will make sure those things are down by our prime executive, being Neoum.

The meeting started with each of the twelve Elders actually meeting in the first time since the vanishing of the previous Lord of Tachyon. Sulfern was even able to attend the meeting, even though most of the other elders disapproved of his methods, Jelnorelus felt that he did contribute to the development to Neoum’s understanding to the Order as well as one of his only friends. I guess that’s two reasons to actually have him out there isn’t it. Jelnorelus was concerned for the young one, but she knew that if he couldn’t handle the situation, then what likelihood would she have to actually make any significant change in that situation. Jelnorelus had the main observing chair of the Elders as she had been the Master Elder for the past ten thousand years, which gives her the ability of having the decision of breaking the tie in the absence of the Lord of Tachyon. Thus she had been the primary leader of the Order since Neoum’s father had past, which has been quite the difficulty for her to adjust to. She had to work for centuries just to get the position that she would need to keep the Lord of Tachyon in her life, only for him to lose his own. This was one of Jelnorelus’s common thoughts when she would become annoyed with the political garbage that was building up from continuous issues that each of the species of the Order has with the fact that they no longer care for the Tachyeans that try to aid them, nor the other species that they would use to trade and interact greatly with. Then the economic value of the Unity bills have deteriorated into a mad house of inflation almost to the point of absolute uselessness. The elders were the most frustrating part of the process where yes, her position was more powerful than any of the other’s positions, many of the Elders disagreed with her ideas. They regarded her as too radical with the changes that she wanted to make, especially without a Lord of Tachyon to enforce such acts into the Order. Now with Neoum as the head of the Order, Jelnorelus will just have to have him side with her ideals so that reliable change can occur to fix the mess that has generated by the power vacuum of a Lord’s of Tachyon absence.

She was ready to address the agenda of the Lord of this coming week, as Master Elder must do, so that the other Elders can confirm the route that was being taken by the Lord. It was the Lord of Tachyon who would create the route so that he doesn’t have to stop halfway to one location to have an entirely different, more dire situation. The Twelve of them were ready for the Meeting of the Elders to commence. (Today, for the first time for over ten thousand years, we finally have the opportunity to adjust the agenda of the Lord of Tachyon Neoum. With that in mind, we must know that the list he prepared had the following established on it: Fix the electrical problems of the Fowlerycans, manage the smog development in the Yteracks’ system, and create the first established Tachyium charging facility for the two and twelfth district in the second galactic grouping. Are there any immediate changes that come to mind about this route?) The Elder of Commerce Known as Hertacor rose. (I believe that The Lord should be more focused on the current situation of the inflation problem, We cannot continue to have such irresponsible courses of action applied to the atmosphere that is the economic struggle of living in each of the Galactic bridges. I will not tolerate the lack of attention to the billions that suffer from the fact that we cannot keep up with the demand of actual living.) Jelnorelus paused Hertacor for the moment. (Is there anyone in favor of the Lord of Tachyon addressing the inflation problem?) I know that you want to always have the attention Herta, but we need him to feel that we aren’t going to turn down everyone of his ideas right now. For all we know, the situations that he’s referring could be more than what we’re expecting. I hope that he gets at least one of these things. Four of the other Elders agreed with that statement. One of the Elders known as Fragnet added that they should also adjust the Tachyium leveling in the bridges so that more space can be given to the citizens to live on, which makes sense for her position as Elders of Tachyium Constructional Functions and Developmental Living of All. (Alright, Thank you for the proposal Fragnet, does anyone want to focus the effort onto the restructuring of the Tachyium on the Galactic Bridges?) By that statement seven of the Elders agreed for the proposal.

Sulfern, you haven’t even given a thought to any of this yet, have you? I wonder what’s going on inside that deranged little head of yours? Are you thinking of how this will not at all affect the rest of your day, about the endless number of foolish things that you want to do for the people’s entertainment. I’ve seen some of the vulgar things that you do on the daily, beating children for fun, having fun with the endless number of women you have on a beck and call, put people through that monstrous game of yours. You shouldn’t be here, except that you really are the closest person we have to the general public, they’ll adore him to the day he dies. That an Neoum wants to help him become the Elder that he use to be so fawned of being back in the days he was the Writer of the Universe. I pity him so much, Neoum has to work with some of the most horrible people in the Universe, I can’t understand how he’s able to handle so much of our problems with such stableness. I feel that I will never be able to do what he works so hard to do. It’s just like how his father amazed me, but with more accomplishment as to how I feel about it, as if he was the best employee or something. I want him to achieve everything he can, but I want him to also understand that he needs to slow down or else the job will render him to a state of dysfunctional non repair. This really is my last passion in life isn’t it, caring for this boy.

After a few more adjustments from the other committee members, it was almost time to start the final decisions that would set the route for the Lord of Tachyon. Jelnorelus had about given up the idea that they would allow a last minute change of just letting Neoum do what he originally wanted. (Is there any other opinions to discuss before the closing of this meeting?) The room was silent, it seemed that no one wanted to dare break the mental concentration they were having on each other. Then Sulfern rose from his seat. (Maiden of the Elders, I have something to propose to the official routing of the executive Tachyean. I want to share my opinion on the matter of how we have gone through this whole procedure without any care of having the opinion of the very executive that will be carrying out the Orders that we are prescribing him. I think that this is just a mess of a system, and not at all what I remember from my whole experience when it comes to the assignment of the Lord of Tachyon. I, Being the eldest of all the Elders of this official arrangement, believe that it’s my duty and privilege to adjust the end result of the route before we create problems with the executive. In fact, in the days of the great Lord of Tachyon Legalacy, we had established that The Lord of tachyon should have the final say in the routing of his assignments. It was the job of the Elders to recommend the points of reference that they felt were good for the Lord to consider for change if the Lord of Tachyon thought that it was worth the change. We should honor the decisions of every lord of Tachyon for they established the power, so it shall be carried out. I want you all to understand the importance of the trust that we have to him, and that he needs to know that very trust is existing so that we all can achieve the end goal that we have all been striving for. I believe, my fair Maiden of the Elders, That we have the responsibility to allow the Lord of tachyon to at the very least prove that what he wanted to achieve for this route will be beneficial to both the Order, and to its citizens.

(Alright, with that statement from Sulfern to rap up the discussion, who believes that we should change the route of the Lord of Tachyon?) Six of the Elders stood to that decision, thus it would be a tied vote. (Alright, as you all know, in the case of the tie we have before us, I have the decision to challenge that by giving the opposing side the extra vote in the absence of the Lord of Tachyon. In which case, I will side with the side against the changing of the route.) Then one of the members, known as Jadsender, rose from his seat, seemingly angry toward Jelnorelus. (I would like to point out that there’s one problem with that decision, it’s simply that the Lord of Tachyon is no longer absent from his duties, thus we should wait until the Lord of Tachyon is here to make the true final decision.) (That seems like a rather sound idea, except if you want the opinion of the Lord of Tachyon, then you’ll have to interrupt a very important meeting that he’s having right now, as he has to observe the Galactic Showdown as a guest host while I’m here telling you the proper way to run this meeting. Also he is in fact absent in that regard, for if he wasn’t then we would have been out of this meeting about a day ago.) Sulfern didn’t even move from his spot when transmitting that, yet it felt that he was standing above all the other Elders, even Jelnorelus. This was quite the shock to everyone indeed. (Then it truly is settled then, the route will not change, only the recommendations will be submitted once we finalise the results of this meeting.

A couple of hours of finalising pass and the meeting finally comes to a close. (Thank you all for coming to this meeting, you are all now dismissed.) Jelnorlus felt relief that it was all over, and was now ready for some relaxation for a bit. She decided that could wait a moment for Sulfern was the key player of that meeting, thus she had some questions for him. He was up to something big, for someone doesn’t just be quiet during the whole meet up until the last moment to completely change the outcome, not without reason. I need to make sure that he isn’t trying to make the Order his own playground of chaos. (Good job out there Sulfern. I’m very impressed that you could be so genuinely serious, I thought that you were just going to be a bother to the meeting. You took the whole meeting into your own hands, and dropped the bomb on us without warning. You really are quite the wild card, aren’t you.) Sulfern looked to be a bit tired from what Jelnorelus could tell, but not in the way of exhaustion, rather in the form of irritation. (Maybe you should be the key player next time, it is your job as the Master Elder, isn’t it?) (That was more of the expectation that I had in mind.) (Yeah, but Neoum told me to be nice, thus I did exactly what you wanted, and allowed your idea of keeping Neoum’s route unchanged. By the way, I would at least see how he would respond to that idea before allowing this to be the outcome. At the very least, I like how revolutionary you wanted to be, but I guess I will be the one remembered for this one.) (Wait, so you knew that’s what I wanted? How did you figure that out!) (Relax maiden of the Elders, I simply did what every Tachyean would do to survive with their fellow Tachyeans, read their mind.) (Sulfern, that’s an invasion of privacy, and also how could you get into my mind, isn’t it harder for others to enter Tachyeans minds?) (Of course it is, but I’m a Tachyean to, a powerful one at that. You shouldn’t underestimate my power Jelnory. Even though you are physically the strongest tachyean outside of the Lord of Tachyon, I would be the Tachyean of the Highest intellect. You really should at the very least try to put some effort to blocking foreign minds into your head by the way. It’s kinda obvious that you want to kill me where I stand, but Neoum would have a fit if you did, thus you do nothing. I’m impressed that you thought I was going to have some ridiculous idea of having a way to rule the Order like a ‘playground of Chaos’, but I rather play with you and the boy instead, it’s so much more fun to do that. Thank you all and I hope to see you all again real soon.) And with that, Sulfern had left the building. Jelnorelus was quite confused, but realised that he may have been right to have some of those opinions. He really is one of the most intelligent minds of the Universe. Too bad he spends the greatness of his mind on mindless activities, but everyone has suffered from the lost of Legalacy. He use to be so great, an inspiration to everyone that would aid to the development of the happiness that he was known for.