Alje van den Bosch

EA Careers

For some reason I like to think. Feel free to call me crazy, but I even like to think in depth about the trivial things in life, just for fun. How low can I make my electricity bill go? (3 euro's per year) Which detergent is best for my shower cabin? (Antikal) Can I hack into the database of my employer? (yes and no)... Even at a young age I liked to think about the purpose of life (my answer: happiness) which after a couple of years and a lot of reading led me to altruism. As you can imagine, the final step to effective altruism was a small one. Now I've been happily giving workshops for 5 years and EA career workshops for two.

In this workshop you will discover the underlying principles of effective altruism and, more importantly, how to use them to explore your personal path of doing good. It is based on material by career research organization ‘80,000 Hours’ in Oxford. Regardless of your field of study, the workshop features food for thought, practical tools and network opportunities to work out your next steps for an impactful and fulfilling career.