On Monday 28th AUGUST 2017 at C theatre,

Episode 26, END OF SEASON FINALE, ‘Four Weddings and No Funeral’

Tracy is feeling bereft without Dave, but tries to put on a brave face to help Dana prepare Lou’s wedding. Lou and Harry are freaking out because their wedding is that day and they have invited thousands of people through social media but  have not planned anything at all.  Dana does not help things by getting distracted by Alan Toynbee, the wedding caterer, and trying  to seduce him. He finally manages to escape and meets Harry who has run off to clear his head. Alan gives him some good advice and Harry runs back to Lou, luckily just in time because she has gone into labour in Ikea with just Tracy and then a panicking Dana for company! Meanwhile, Jack is having a fine old time with his new best friend, Jimmy the tupperware salesman. He finally remembers his sister’s wedding and arrives home in time to greet his newborn niece. They all go to Tracy’s Poundland Pub to celebrate Lou’s wedding, the bride surprises everyone by walking in with Dave Fairplay, home from his wrestling tour because he could not bear to be apart from Tracy any longer. Dave was ordained a minister for some special wrestling matches and is on hand to officiate the wedding between Lou and Harry. Dana grabs the caterer and says they will get married too, Jack and Jimmy decide their friendship is ready for the next level and also offer themselves up for marriage, while Tracy and Dave renew their vows. All the couples kiss and love reigns supreme.

Memorable Moments:

On Sunday 27th August 2017 at C theatre,

Episode 25, ‘Mugged Off’

Jack is feeling like he needs to explore beyond Midhampton when a travelling tupperware salesman appears - Jimmy Brightside. Jimmy teaches him the salesman ropes and Jack treats him like a father figure. They even go to the Aquarium and save the Giant Midhampton Mammoth Fish together after it breaks out of its tank! The pressure is piling on now for Dave - he finds out in a phone call that all his sons are in trouble and need money too, besides the money he needs for the pub and the house. He goes to have a check up at the doctor’s to see if he is still fit for wrestling and gets the bad news that his heart will give out at around the 275th bout. But Dave thinks he needs to go, for his family, although wife Tracy really just wants him to be stay at home with her. Meanwhile, Tracy sees wrestling photos on his laptop and mistakenly thinks he really wants to go wrestling - she thinks being a good wife means letting him go. Meanwhile, Lou and Harry are trying to become responsible parents. Harry helps her stop smoking and they discuss names for their child. They think it should be called after the place it was conceived but they are not sure of where that was until Lou got her dating results back from the scan - they are going to have a girl and call her after Tracy’s Poundland Pub!

Memorable Moments:

How will Tracy and her mug cope without Dave and his mug?!

Will Jack get into sales or perhaps marine biology?

What is next for Lou and Harry’s relationship?

Find out in our Episode 26, OUR FINAL EPISODE, on Monday 28th August 2017 at C theatre

On Saturday 26th August 2017 at C theatre,

Episode 24, ‘Window (Display) In Your Soul’

Harry gets a job working for Dana, his mother-in-law-to-be, in her fashion boutique, and discovers a gift for folding clothes and designing window displays. He is not scared of the fact that Lou killed her soon to be stepfather, he thinks that fear will help stay faithful. Lou, meanwhile, is giving her brother a hard time and they are both wondering what kind of people they can be.

Dave attempts to get into crime to get money to pay off bank, but his heart is not in it and he finally confesses to Tracy that has been offered a lucrative job on a wrestling tour. He leaves the decision on whether he should do it or not up to her…

Memorable Moments:

● A song that started bang on the beat, sung by the whole community at the end ‘ We are all just human beings…’

● Harry’s flash folding skills, with special sausage roll shapes for the sports socks

● Tracy’s face when she realises that she has to choose whether to let Dave go or not…

Will Tracy decide it is best for Dave to go away for FOUR YEARS?!

Is this the start of a new, respectable, working Harry ‘Haze’ Hayes?

Will Lou and Jack find out who they really are, deep down inside?

On Friday 25th August 2017 at C theatre,

Episode 23, ‘Who needs money anyway?’

Dave desperately rings around trying to find building work to raise the money needed to get their pub and house back but the only way he can do that is if he takes up wrestling again, which will take him away from home and wife Tracy for a long time.. Harry and Jack are bonding as future brothers-in-law, Jack confesses that he murdered his future stepfather but though Harry is shocked things don’t seem to be so bad when he hears they have inherited lots of money from the dead doctor. Meanwhile Dana tells Lou that she got rid of all that stained money. Lou is furious but eventually Dana persuades her that it was the best thing for everyone. Lou opens a beauty salon that features poetry and while she is giving Tracy a treatment Dana finds Harry and Jack loaded down with shopping -  she berates them for spending money and tells them that there is no money, she has given away every last penny!

Memorable Moments:

Will Harry still stick around now there is no big inheritance, and what will he think of his betrothed now she is a killer?!

Will Lou’s poetry and beauty salon take off and be successful?

Will Dave tell Tracy the truth about his job offers and the full extent of their money problems?

Find out in Episode 24 of This is Soap on Saturday 26th August 2017 at C theatre

On Thursday 24th August 2017 at C theatre,

Episode 22, ‘A Midsummer’s Fight n Scream’

Dana tries to make herself at home at Dave’s but gets a bit too familiar with him and he kicks her out, she finds out she is going to be a grandmother from the salon that fired Lou and, in shock, hangs out with young people to feel younger. Meanwhile, Harry and Lou are visiting Midhampton’s Middleton Woods, they both hear the spirit voice of their unborn child and this brings them together again. Harry asks her to marry him and Lou tells him they are going to have lots of money, from the will of the late Dr Engrove. They see Dana at the bus stop and she officially hears the baby news.

Jack runs over the river, up the hill and deep into Middleton Woods, chased all the way by Tracy Fairplay turned detective. She eventually catches up with him, they have a huge fight and she drags him back to Reachday Close to work as slave labour in her pub as punishment for killing Dr Engrove. There she sees Dave boarding up her beloved pub - the bank manager has written and said that they have no money left and that the pub and their house has to go!

Memorable Moments:

Will Dana tell Lou that there is no money left, that she got rid of it all?

Will Jack escape servitude

 and punishment?

What will the Fairplays do now they have lost everything???

Find out in Episode 23 of This is Soap on 25th August at C theatre

On Wednesday 23rd August at C theatre,

Episode 21, ‘Dirty Harry’

Lou sees boyfriend and father of her unborn child with his ex, MC Nicole de Sac, and overhears their plans to get married. In the ensuing row between the two women Harry childishly runs away, can’t decide who to choose and decides to just sit at the bus stop until someone comes to him. Lou and Nicole bond over a lack of loo roll and the pros and cons of drip-drying, after talking about what each of them really wants Nicole comes to the conclusion that she will leave Reachday Close and get back to her successful life, without Harry. Meanwhile, Dr Engrove’s money from the will is paid into the d’Angelo joint account, but Dana is so sickened by the ill-gotten riches that she goes around town spending like crazy and giving it all away. Jack is feeling torn apart with guilt about poisoning the doctor and tells Tracy Fairplay. When Dana gets to the pub Tracy puts Jack under civil arrest and of course there is no money left for the bail. Jack distracts Tracy and then does what his father did to his other to get away - he kicks Tracy in the face and runs away as fast as he can.

Memorable Moments:

Dana losing it in the jeweller’s and the Waitrose and the fishmonger’s…

● Nicole and Lou getting to a point in their argument that it is just grunting noises coming out

● Nicole saying she has a private jet, made of lego

Will Harry and Lou kiss and make up?

Will Tracy chase after Jack?

Will Dana find peace now they are poor again?

Find out in Episode 22 of This is Soap at C theatre

On​ ​Tuesday​ ​22nd​ ​August​ ​at​ ​C​ ​theatre,
Episode​ ​20,​ ​‘Money​ ​is​ ​Poison’

Tracy Fairplay is loving her pub - and selling everything for a pound, husband Dave however is worrying about the accounts. Harry has met up with ex Nicole and is finding it hard to decide between her and Lou. Swayed by her fame and diamante baseball cap, with his fears of becoming a father getting the better of him, he asks Nicole to marry him. Dana d’Angelo sees him on his bent knee proposing to Nicole but does not want to ruin her wedding by telling daughter Lou right away. Dana is so excited she is going to be marrying a rich, respectable and loving man, Dr Wesley Engrove. The doctor is trying very hard with her two eldest kids, Lou and Jack, taking them out in his car and to the cinema and fishing and so on. But when he tells them that he has changed his will so they will inherit everything if he dies, the temptation becomes too great and they hatch a plan to kill him with his own medicines. Before the wedding, they have a family toast - just Dana and Dr Wesley and Lou and Jack, the doctor being given a different drink from the rest of them. He takes abig glug then collapses to the floor! His last words to his distraught wife-to-be was that he was poisoned.

Memorable​ ​Moments:

● Harry’s song where Lou appears one side to him and Nicole to the other, singing in turn and then in unison

● Dave and Jack having a conversation at the bus stop, filled with metaphors about running

● That fateful toast and dramatic end for the doctor

Will Dave be honest with Tracy about the economics of her pet project?

Is this really the end for Harry and Lou’s relationship?

Will the d’Angelo’s be rich and happy now with a death on their conscience?

Find​ ​out​ ​in​ ​Episode​ ​21​ ​of​ ​This​ ​is​ ​Soap​ ​on​ ​23rd​ ​August​ ​2017​ ​at​ ​C​ ​theatre

On Monday 21st August at C theatre,

Episode 19, ‘Bad Medicine and the Elixir of Love’

Dave is back from his builder’s jobs away and has bought Tracy a pub to run. She is delighted with the place, but not so happy when Dave does not want to support her idea to make everything as cheap as possible (Tracy’s Poundland Pub). Dana got over the trauma of losing Scott by taking strong medicines given to her by Dr Wesley, but after a dose goes wrong he nearly loses her - when she wakes up he proposes marriage and she accepts. Meanwhile, Lou and Harry are finding it hard accepting Lou’s pregnancy. Lou loses her job, Harry does not know whether or not to make music with his ex to make money, but if he does he could lose Lou. Jack is feeling he should get away from the Close but can’t make up his mind where to go...when he

and Lou find out Dr Wesley is going to marry their mother they could finally have a father figure with money - then Jack could go anywhere and Lou would not need to worry any more. Dr Wesley comes around to get to know them and Lou and Jack leap on him and demand money.

Memorable Moments:

● Lou’s impassioned speech about how we are all just making it up as we go along, trying to be adults

● Dave Fairplay adding up an order of pie, pickled eggs, a pint and pork scratchings to make a perfect six pounds and

sixty eight pence

● The force of the doctor’s pills sending Dana over the back of the sofa

Is Dave happy with Tracy the way she is or does he really wish she wasn’t so cheap?

Will Harry make music with ex Nicole or find the right tune to become a faithful parent with Lou?

WIll Dr Wesley Engrove and Dana d’Angelo live happily ever after?

Find out in Episode 20 on Tuesday 22nd August 2017 at C theatre

On Sunday 20th August 2017 at C theatre,

Episode 18, ‘Toe-nly the lonely’

Dana is shut up in PCSO Joe’s basement, they allow her out as long as she wears a wire to catch Scott in confession. Dr Wesley wants revenge on him for past slights and is involved in the stake-out operation. Meanwhile, Tracy helps Scott to decide to get a paternity test to find out if he really is the father of one of Dana’s children. He unfortunately does not Wikipedia how to do that and cuts off one of his own toes. He goes to the doctor’s surgery but neither he nor PCSO Joe take his injury seriously at first. Dana comes bursting in, remembering it was indeed Scott she slept with on the night she conceived young Jimmy. She hopes this is the start of a beautiful new relationship, but alas, he dies. Angered by his part in it all, Dana puts her hands around the PCSO’s neck and squeezes hard.

While this is all happening, Lou is trying to get definite promises from Harry, she apologises for pushing him off a cliff and he apologises for two-timing her. But who knows if this new peaceful time will last, because she tells him she is pregnant!

Memorable Moments:

● Harry’s mangled limbs and how that makes embracing Lou rather tricky

● Tracy just at home watching Neighbours while everyone else is having dramas

● Dr Wesley and PCSO Joe following Dana in the police car while she walks along the street looking for Scott

Will Dr Wesley and Dana suffer any guilt over the fates of Scott and Joe?

How will Harry cope with the news he is going to be a


Will Tracy ever run out of Custard Creams?

Find out in Episode 19 on Monday 21st August 2017 at C theatre

On Saturday 19th August 2017 at C theatre,

Episode 17, ‘A swing too far’

New lovers Dr Wesley and Leanne both discover a shared love of musicals and begin to write their own. It is about a young woman with a dark secret...but art is imitating life because we find out years earlier she pushed Wesley’s sister on a swing right over the cliff edge! She confesses to him and just as he is trying to absorb that tells him she is off to Scarborough.

Meanwhile, Lou is feeling guilty about pushing Harry off the cliff - especially as she had always been the responsible one in the family. Her brother Jack and PCSO Joe are spying on her mother Dana, suspecting her of losing one of her children (true, toddler Jimmy has got out and is at large) and also of things that are not true, like bank robbery and the attempted murder of

Scott ‘Turbo’ Taylor (when he actually just had bad digestion after a bad kebab). Shockingly, when Jack confronts Dana after Jimmy has been found, Scott does not set the record straight because he holds a grudge against her - she is a terrible mother and one of her children is probably his!

Memorable Moments:

● Joe and Jack on the stake-out in the playground, having a play - with chairs as swings and the bench as a see-saw

● Lou going all blues diva in the Love in the Cafe song

● Scott doing a spot of bus-spotting at the bus stop

Will Dr Wesley get over another broken heart?

Will Lou confess what she did to Harry?

Is Scott really the father of one of Dana’s children?!

Find out in Episode 18 of This is Soap on Sunday 20th August 2017 at C theatre

On Friday 18th August 2017 at C theatre,

Episode 16, 'The Reverend Strips...off his Dog Collar’

PCSO Joe, Leanne, Jack and Dr Wesley are all still hanging on to the cliff...until the doctor falls! Lou happens by and runs to get Harry. She is fuming about his two-timing her with his ex but tells him it is more important to save the others, but it’s too late - Joe, Leanne and Jack can't hold on any longer and fall! Lou and Harry get ready to go after them, but she pushes him over

the edge!! Down below in the gorge, Jack and Leanne and Joe use a combo of their broken limbs to move around, terrifying the doctor when he comes upon them, until he sees Leanne, the woman he has fallen in love with. Meanwhile, Dana has seen a bloodstain at the church and accuses the Reverend of murder. He insists he left Tracy alive at the hospital but is wracked with guilt and worry. He tears off his dog collar and turns his back on God. However, when he later finds Lou at the clifftop and sees Harry's broken body below, he sees it as his chance to do good and throws himself into the gorge to help. He dies in the fall and the community later gather at his funeral, including Harry and all the other cliff survivors. But then Dana accidentally falls into the Reverend’s open grave!

Memorable Moments:

● The flashback of school days when Leanne is disapproving of Lou letting Harry touch her knee, and then later does

not let Dr Wesley touch her own knee!

● One of Dana's younger children finding her (a real life, very cute kidlet on stage!)

● Dr Wesley singing a song in the gorge with an echo, the audience supplying the echo

Will Harry forgive Lou for pushing him off the cliff?!

Will they get Dana out of the Reverend’s grave?

Is there a happy future for Dr Wesley and Leanne Keating-Cole?

Find out in Episode 17 of This is Soap on Sat 19th August at C theatre

On Thursday 17th August 2017 at C theatre,

Episode 15, ‘Two-timers and Cliff-hangers’

Jack jumps out the window to escape his mother Dana, she is devastated and hits the bottle. Lou and Harry seem to be perfectly happy, but then he tells her he went to Barnsley, home of his old flame Nicola. Lou suspects he is cheating and phones Nicola to have a word.

Dr Engrove is taking the new window cleaner in town, Leanne Keating-Cole, for a spin around the town - but it all goes wrong when the car goes over the Midhampton Cliffs and they are left clinging on for dear life. PCSO Joe has come to the cliffs to do tai chi but the wind takes him over the edge too, closely followed by the luckless Jack! They are all hanging on, lives in the

balance. Tracy has offered to do some charity work for the Reverend to get her started in the working world, she is cleaning the stained glass windows when she falls down the ladder and says she can’t feel her legs!

Memorable Moments:

● Jack telling his mother that she is smothering him, as she comes into the bathroom with him and helps him shower

● Lou and Harry both talking on the phone at the same time, Harry to Nicola in Barnsley and Lou to her mother

● Scott so intent on talking to the Zanussi help desk about the washer-drier he has dismantled again that he ignore the Reverend’s pleas for help about Tracy

What will happen to Tracy?!

What will happen to all those who are clinging on to the cliffs?!

Will Dana slip back into her old ways?

Find out in Episode 16 of This is Soap on Friday 18th August at C theatre

On Wednesday 16th August 2017 at C theatre,

Episode 14, ‘Haslet it be’

Jack and Scott, and later Tracy, become afflicted with an awful infectious disease which means the victims can only repeat the names of the people around them. Luckily Dr Engrove has had experience with the illness before and manages to get them to his surgery and cure them, but not before they infect others on the Close…

Before Tracy was struck down with the illness she gave advice to Dana about being a proper mother, encouraging her to make Lou a packed lunch using haslet luncheon meat. Dana spills her heart and regrets out to Lou and tells her just what she means to her. Lou’s heart softens and after she tells her mother she is moving out they finally hug. Then Lou heads off for her first date with PCSO Joe. Harry comes looking for her and it looks as if Dana and Harry are going to kiss each other to ease their hurt, but Dana behaves like a good mother for once and does not snog him...and in fact encourages him to go after Lou. But now Dana is all alone, even more so when son Jack also announces he is moving out!

Meanwhile, Lou is finding the date a strain, despite the efforts Joe has gone to to make her a romantic meal. When Harry arrives at the door things kick off, the name-repeating sickness sets in and the men nearly come to blows before the Reverend arrives (trying to make his ministry mean something) and tells them Lou is capable of making her own mind up. She struggles with what her head and heart tell her but then sees the carving outside that Harry has made, he is the man for her and they kiss passionately as poor Joe clings to the Reverend, his heart broken.

Memorable Moments:

● Joe’s soulful song as he cooks the romantic meal, ‘Ooh, just a little seasoning’

● The victims of the name-repeating illness repeatedly walking into walls and furniture like in old video games

● Dana’s fight with her demons of lust as Harry displays his long sexy legs on her sofa

Will Lou and Harry move on from their past difficulties and become the perfect couple?

Will Reverend Thomas find renewed purpose on the Close?

How will Dana feel when her two oldest children have left the nest...and left her looking after her own younger children?!

On Tuesday 15th August at C theatre,

Episode 13, 'Fate at the fête’

PCSO Joe Unwin trains Dr Engrove to be a Deputy PCSO but things get out of control when the

doctor declares himself as Justice and starts trying to extort money out of the stallholders at the fete. The Reverend once again returns him to himself and also tries to encourage Scott to help Jack and give him a job - but business is quiet and Jack is fired on his first day.

Meanwhile, Lou is still furious with Harry and her mother. She realises she needs to find the strength within herself and spurns Harry’s pleas for forgiveness...is she turning her affections to PCSO Joe?!

Memorable Moments:

● Dana and Jack playing Goldeneye on the Nintendo

● Tracy Fairplay trying to start a business by selling Tesco Swiss Rolls at the fete

● The big song about Community with rapping and some mean moves

Will Lou really turn her back on Harry's love once and for all?

Will Tracy find a better career?

Will Jack have better luck with work?

Find out in Episode 14 at C theatre

On Sunday 13th August 2017 at C theatre,

Episode 12, ‘Dr Wesley and Mr Engrove’

Scott and Dr Engrove are making up after their fight, but Scott still feels bitter about the doctor's intellect and gets him to drink a dirty pint. Unfortunately this brings out an affliction in the doctor - he mutates into Mr Engrove, a terrifying beast. Jack, who has still been running to get to work, is attacked by Mr Engrove but is saved by the Reverend who returns the doctor to himself.

Meanwhile, Harry and Lou are in love. But Dana wants Lou to hook up with PCSO Joe, she leads Joe to believe that Lou will meet him at the old oak tree and later that night makes sure Harry is called away so that Joe and Lou can be alone. Harry comes racing back after finding out he was sent away on purpose and there is a big argument. Trying to prove that Harry is not

the man for Lou, Dana tells her that she once had a thing with him. Lou feels betrayed by the two people she loves most in the world and cries that she wants nothing to do with either of them ever again.

Memorable Moments:

● Joe and Dana in a Cyrano de Bergerac style interaction of mistaken identity

● The Reverend’s sermon about the laser eyes of God and all his apostles

● The heart-rending reaction of Lou when she hears her mother and lover had been together

Will Jack ever get to work?

Will Dr Engrove stay himself or mutate again?

Will Lou forgive Dana and Harry?

Find out in Episode 13 of This is Soap at C theatre

On Friday 11th August 2017 at C theatre,

Episode Ten, ‘To bee or not to bee’

Jack d’Angelo applies for a job at JVC Sports and is surprised to be interviewed by PCSO Joe Unwin, standing in for the shop’s boss as the most respected man in the the community.

Lou d’Angelo and Harry ‘Haze’ Hayes finally reconnect but will their love blossom?

Eliza is working on her novel but needs inspiration, whilst Dr Wesley is seeking solace from the separation with Eliza by visiting his apiary.

Things take a turn for the worse and the bees turn nasty, attacking Wesley and the whole town.

Escaping to the library, Wesley and Eliza kiss...but will it be a happy ending?

Memorable Moments:

● Harry’s win at volleyball inspiring him to go and seek out Lou

● PCSO Joe Unwin getting into trying on sequi-covered clothes at Dana’s boutique

● Dr Wesley Engrove swelling up to three times his normal size from all the bee stings

Will Dr Wesley Engrove be a changed man after that passionate kiss?

Will Jack stick to secure employment at JVC Sports?

Are good times ahead for Lou and Harry?

Find out in Episode Eleven of This is Soap at C theatre

On Thursday 10th August 2017 at C theatre,

Episode Nine, ‘The Revenge of the Fairplays’

Scott Taylor is spurned by the Zanussi help desk woman. Dana d’Angelo thinks she has been chosen by the Lord and encourages Eliza to follow her dreams and be a novelist. Dr Engrove, who has been having romantic ready meals with Eliza, nearly gives up on their fledgling relationship but is convinced by Lou to hang in there. Meanwhile, Tracy Fairplay is given the good cop bad cop treatment by PCSO Joe Unwin and Jack d’Angelo. But when Dave decides to forgive his missus and go and save her from community service the tables are turned and Tracy and Dave end up leaving the hapless duo on their sofa, forced to watch the One Show, while they go on a holiday to their favourite Yorkshire locations.

Memorable Moments:

● The interrogation of Tracy, made to sit in two different chairs repeatedly and only offered one type of magazine

● The laying on of hands of Lou and Dana on Scott’s hirsute chest

● Tracy and Dave reuniting with a loving embrace

Will Eliza finally get down to writing her novel? Or will she choose love with Dr Engrove over her art?

Will Dana manage to continue to be godly or will she go back to her old ways?

Will PCSO Joe Unwin and Jack d’Angelo survive the One Show?!

Find out in Episode Ten of This is Soap on 11th August 2017 at C theatre

On Wednesday 9th August 2017 at C theatre,

Episode Eight, ‘It’s a fair cop, guv!’

Eliza Thornfield is horrified to discover the library vandalised and daubed with mud saying she is a husband-stealing b***h. Luckily PCSO Joe Unwin had just finished police community support officer school and is on hand to look over the place for clues, with his old schoolfriend Jack d’Angelo assisting. Meanwhile, Lou d’Angelo is telling mother Dana how scared she was when she nearly died, they meet Tracy Fairplay getting drunk in the park on sherry out of husband Dave’s mug, still devastated that he kicked her out over staged naughty pictures she took to help Harry’s marketing for his single. She prank calls the library and Eliza, with the help of PCSO Joe, Jack and Dr Engrove, closes in the Fairplay house. Tracy and Eliza have a storming row and is taken under civil arrest by PCSO Joe and sobs out Dave’s name.

Memorable Moments:

● Jack running off with Joe’s hat and Joe running after him until they both collapse

● Car salesman Scott ‘Turbo’ Taylor singing a song about Midhampton from the top of Midhampton Hill

● Tracy trying to disguise her voice on the prank call with an over-the-top French accent

Will Eliza get the library cleaned up and forgive Tracy?

Will Tracy sink even lower or manage to redeem herself?

Will Joe solve any more local crimes?

Find out in Episode 9 of This is Soap on Thursday 10th August 2017 at C theatre

On Tuesday 8th August 2017 at C theatre,

Episode Seven, ‘A doctor calls’

Jack and Lou D'Angelo are at the hospital watching Dr Engrove operate on their mother - using his skills, he saves Dana's life. With his marriage in crisis, Dave goes to see Eliza for advice - Tracy sees them together and in a jealous rage trashes the library! That night, after a romantic date, Eliza and Dr Engrove discover the vandalism!

Memorable Moments:

● Eliza and Dr Engrove bonding over a mutual love of Sainsbury’s ready meals

● Harry’s on-going struggles with marketing a fabulous product to an uncaring public

● The flashback of Dave and Tracy meeting for the first time at a Cleethorpes disco

Will Dana turn over a new leaf now she has come back from the dead?

Will we find out why Jack has come back to Midhampton?

And what will Eliza do about her vandalised library???

On Monday 7th August 2017 at C theatre,

Episode Six, ‘Kirk your enthusiasm’

Now Dana’s soul (still separated from her comatose body) can be seen and heard by clairvoyant librarian, Eliza, she cannot help but keep talking to her as she is trying to work. While in the library, Dana overhears an intimate conversation between Tracy and Dave in the internet corner - Tracy comes clean and shows him the staged dodgy photos of herself with Harry to try and help him with marketing his single. Dave is horrified and tells her to pack her bags and go! Meanwhile, Jennifer’s long-absent husband, Kirk, comes home. Lover Scott, although wanting to knock his block off, gives them space so Jennifer can decide for herself. They end up having a threesome and Scott finds himself incredibly attracted to Kirk and vice versa. Jennifer is wildly jealous and in a dramatic and tragic finale, shoots Kirk and then herself.

Memorable Moments:

● Jennifer trying to decide between love and money in song, with a backline chorus chanting ‘Love,love, love, love,

money, money, money, money’

● A devastated Tracy pouring out her love and regret to Dave’s mug, as if she was talking to Dave

● Kirk’s desire to call Jennifer’s unborn child Kirk Jr vs Scott’s desire to call it Lambourgini Jr.

Will Dave forgive Tracy?

Will Dana ever make it back into her unconscious body?

Will Scott get over the murder / suicide and get back to selling cars?

Will Eliza manage to gets the bookshelves in order in peace and quiet?

Find out in Episode Seven on Tuesday 8th 2017 at C theatre

On Sunday 6th August 2017 at C theatre,

Episode Five, ‘Fish n chips n fire n death’

After poor sales of his first single, Harry wonders to Tracy how he can market his talents. Thinking of the huge fame of the Kardashians, he hits upon the idea of making a sex tape and convinces Tracy to take some raunchy photos with him. Wanting to help her surrogate son and making him promise that her husband Dave would not see them, she crosses that line and

Agrees! Eliza is reading up how to communicate with the spirit of the not-quite dead Dana. Eventually she makes a breakthrough and can actually see and touch Dana, to Dana’s great relief! Meanwhile, Jennifer convinces new love Scott to find some dirt on her absent husband so she can get a divorce and they can be together. Scott goes to his solicitor’s office and discovers a cover up of Les’s lack of health and safety certificate. WIth the deaths in the past caused by food poisoning, Les would see some jail time for that so when he is told by friend Scott that the gig is up, he sorts out his insurance and sets his fish n chip shop on fire. Tragically though, he slips on the grease and gets caught in the blaze!

Memorable Moments:

● Harry pondering how it is that people cannot be aware of something that is so so good (ahem!)

● Dana singing with a backing chorus and dance joining in with ‘I don’t want to die, noone wants to die’

● A flashback of everyone remembering their favourite memories of Les’ fish n chip shop

● The very sad look on Les’ face when Eliza sees him on his way to heaven and tells him she loved him, aww

Will Jennifer run off into the sunset with Scott?

Will Eliza get over the death of Les and continue to help Dana?

WIll Tracy and Harry get back to their previous mother / son relationship or has it changed forever?

And will Dave find out about those sexy photos??

Find out in Episode 6 of This is Soap

On Saturday 5th August 2017 at C Theatre,

Episode Four, “Dana, we gotta save her!”...

Dave warns Scott off his wife, but leaves him free to read love poetry to Jennifer from below a balcony. Meanwhile, Les has lost the keys to the chippy resulting in an existential crisis - does he or the shop exist at all?

Harry wants to be famous. First step: Perform a charity single rap for Dana who is still in hospital after her car crash. Dana's spirit haunts the community but Eliza finally finds a way to communicate with her!

● Will Les get back to serving fish n chips?

● Will Harry continue his quest to become a singing sensation?

● Will Eliza help Dana back into her body?

● Will Scott and Jennifer have a beautiful love affair or is it all just lust?

Find out in Episode Five of This is Soap

On 4th August 2017 at C Theatre,

Episode Three…

After her car crash, Dana's body lies in hospital while her soul haunts the community. Harry and Tracy hold a seance to try and communicate.

Scott has the hots for Jennifer and tries to make a move but when town gossip spreads of Scott seducing a married woman, Dave is furious thinking he is after his beloved Tracy and swears violence!

● Will Dana’s soul and body ever reunite?

● WIll Scott and Jennifer have an illicit affair?

● Will Dave kill Scott??

Find out in Epsiode Four of This is Soap

On 3rd August 2017 at C Theatre,

Episode Two…

Tracy and Harry bond over their lack of experience of jobs and Harry reveals he never had a mother, tugging on Tracy’s motherly heartstrings and resulting in his going round there for tea, yahtzee and charades. Later Tracy is helped by Eliza in the library, to try and find the job that suits her best. Eliza also gives advice to another visitor in the library, Jennifer, whose husband is always away and who Eliza says she should suspect of having a second life. Jennifer thinks about his imagined infidelity and gets very angry, even talking to a divorce lawyer to get everything he owns! Meanwhile, Dana is in the hospital hooked up to lots of machines. Well,her body is there but her spirit is hovering above - Dana is horrified to discover she is some kind of ghost! Eventually she manages to make her invisible presence felt by Harry and, when he thinks he has to pull the physical Dana off the machines and take her from the hospital to save her from an evil poltergeist, she manages to stop him - but too late to stop herself nearly giving up the ghost!

● Will Tracy be the mother Harry has never had?

● Will Jennifer really divorce her rich absent husband?

● Will Eliza ever find anyone who likes books?

● Will Dana head to the light or survive the night?

Find out in Episode Three of This is Soap

On 2nd August at C theatre,

Episode One…

Tracy Fairplay has been feeling without purpose since her sons have flown the nest, loving builder husband Dave encourages her to get a job - she thinks she might like bar work and they talk of having their own pub one day. Meanwhile, in return for his catering help for a party, Les Baxter gets Harry ‘Haze’ Hayes to work with him in the fish ‘n’ chip shop. Unfortunately Harry is not a natural worker at the chippy and gets them closed into the big fridge! Eventually they manage to tunnel their way out with the aid of some frozen fishcakes, but Les is angry with Harry and their friendship is in trouble. Scott ‘Turbo’ Taylor saves his money problems by accepting 65,000 pounds from the irresponsible Dana D’Angelo, which she had just got from the bank as a loan for her failing boutique. Dana’s daughter, Lou, is furious with her. Scott’s day gets even better when he has a petrol-sniffing date with the married and pregnant Jennifer Whitestool. Dana’s day, on the other hand, goes horribly wrong when she crashes the car with Lou inside! Lou manages to get free and she and Dave try and pull Dana out, but the car explodes!