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VC COVID-19 Resources
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Ventura County Updates & Resources

News and announcements


Status of Housing Relief in Ventura County

National News and Resources

WHO safety guidelines

Johns Hopkins COVID-19 map

Nationwide Collectivized COVID-19 resource kit 

Free/Cheap Food

DSA Ventura County “Solidarity Fund” Meals Program

Danny’s Deli:

Ventura Unified School District Free Lunch program

Meals are available even during school closures, parents can pick up meals to take without children present (we should find out if this applies to volunteer drivers as well)

Locally Owned Restaurants offering takeout

Home delivered meals for seniors

Directory of services county-wide including Meals on Wheels and others

Free eggs:

Shopping and cooking plan for 14 days of isolation:

Financial Help and Material Goods

Nationwide self-help Mutual Aid financial assistance spreadsheet:

Unemployment Insurance (people who stay home to care for children when schools close DO qualify)

Also this non-government form is intended to help you gather the information needed for you to file your claim:

CA Labor resources

211: Clearinghouse for government/charity aid organizations

Facebook “Barter & Free” group

Books: The Internet Archive is making a huge collection of titles free for the duration of the pandemic in their Emergency Library


Organize a rent strike in your apartment building

Resources for Elders

VCAAA has a great collection of resources including food shares, healthcare info, etc.

Resources For Undocumented People

Lists of resources:

The 805 Undocufund was created in the aftermath of the 2017 Thomas Fire, then the largest wildfire in California history, and the Montecito Mudslides in early 2018. The 805 UndocuFund was relaunched after the Woolsey and Hill Fires in 2018 and reopened again for the Easy and Maria Fires in 2019. The 805 Undocufund reopened again in 2020 and widened the scope of our mission to assist families impacted by the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19). The 805 UndocuFund is a collective effort to ensure that undocumented individuals and families impacted by disasters have the support and resources necessary to recover and rebuild their lives.