1.        Authority

        Title 22

        Sec. 4.4, 11.7

The Board adopts this policy to ensure that parents/guardians have the right to have their children excused from specific instruction that conflicts with their religious beliefs.

2.        Guidelines

The rights granted by this policy are granted to parents/guardians of students enrolled in this District when the students are under the age of eighteen (18) and to the students themselves when the student is eighteen (18) or over.

The District shall excuse any student from specific instruction subject to the following conditions:

  1. To assist the District in ensuring that the student is excused from the correct specific instruction, the request must be made in writing and must detail the specific instruction from which the student is to be excused.

  1. The written request to be excused shall be sent by the parent/guardian or student to the building principal.

    One (1) copy of the request shall be retained in the student's permanent school records, a copy shall be kept by the school principal, and a copy shall be submitted to the teacher from whose instruction the student is to be excused.

  1. It shall not be the responsibility of the District or any of its employees to ensure that the student exercises his/her right to be excused in accordance with a parental request. Instead, it is the responsibility of the student to request permission to leave class when the specific instruction objected to is or is about to be presented. When the student seeks to be excused, the teacher shall excuse the student if (a) the teacher has a copy of the written request or, if upon checking with the principal, the principal has a copy of the written request; and (b) the written request adequately describes the instruction that is taking place or about to take place to which the parent/guardian, student objects.

  1. The written request must contain a statement that the specific instruction described conflicts with the religious beliefs of the student or of the parents/ guardians.

  1. The parent/guardian and/or student may request suggested replacement educational activities. The only permissible educational activity for this purpose shall be in the nature of replacement instruction that is consistent with the goals set for the course and that does not require the provision of any extra resources by the District.

  1. The building principal shall determine where the student shall report during the time the student is excused.

        Pol. 102

  1. All students excused from specific instruction shall be required to achieve the academic standards established by the District as necessary for graduation.


State Board of Education Regulations – 22 PA Code Sec. 4.4, 11.7

Board Policy – 102, 217

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