Unified Arts

Curtis Corner Middle School


Course Offerings 2017-2018

The CCMS Unified Arts Department offers students the opportunity to work collaboratively, practice leadership, enhance creative problem solving techniques, and experience hands on learning with real world applications. We are dedicated to providing  current and meaningful educational experiences to all students.

Applied Literacy, Writing & iProject Courses

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Mrs. Dunne

Applied Literacy - semester, 7th grade only

Applied Literacy uses the writing workshop model and the writing process to construct research arguments. This course focuses on researching to understand all sides of an issue, and writing to educate and persuade others to act.

iProject - year-long, 8th grade only

iProject is a self-directed workshop that empowers students to choose what they learn, make, or create. With this project-based learning opportunity, students will...

Creative Writing - semester, 8th grade only

Creative Writing allows students to exercise creative thinking and experiment with genre, including but not limited to poetry, science fiction, fantasy, and historical fiction. Students will...


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 Mrs. Harrington and Mrs. Malkemes

The Art Department offers a comprehensive and current art curriculum, designed to challenge creative thinking, build technical skills, increase confidence and enhance art appreciation.  Student work is frequently displayed in the community and in art shows throughout the state.


Currently, five courses are offered: Art 1, Art 2, Digital Art 1, 2 and Advanced Art. Areas of focus for lessons are the following:

Art 1 -  Introduction to basics of drawing, color theory and watercolor painting

Art 2 - A continuation on the basics with a focus on design, sculpture, & introduction to acrylic Painting

Digital Art 1 and 2- Graphic design, digital photography, pixlr and  Adobe Photoshop

Advanced Art: Advanced drawing and painting techniques while experimenting with a variety of media.

Fitness, Health and Physical EducationFitness.jpg

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Mr. Benford, Mrs. Barbera, Mr. Pope and Mrs. McNamara


Fitness for Life: This course is a unique program designed specifically to help middle school students become fit, active, healthy, and well while in school and later in life. This program was made possible from a Champlain Grant received by the South Kingstown School Department in the amount of $91,145. NASPE standards for middle school physical education serve as the basis for content development. Students are exposed to a wide variety of physical activities and basic rules for skill learning. The program includes a student text, many teacher ancillaries and has a main strand of content that focuses on learning key concepts of fitness, physical activity, wellness, and healthy lifestyles throughout a lifetime.


The Health curriculum is based on the RI Department of Education Health Frameworks.  These frameworks are comprised of seven strands of health education topics and seven health education standards, which are woven throughout the curriculum for grades seven and eight.

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Health Cont.

Areas of focus:

7th Grade:

Goal setting & Decision-making

Stress Management

Nutrition & Physical Fitness

Conflict Resolution

Alcohol & Tobacco

Body Systems/Diseases

Too good for drugs

Digital Citizenship

8th Grade:

Mental & Emotional Health

Eating Disorders

Digital Citizenship

Drugs & Alcohol

Dating Violence

Too good for drugs

Puberty & Human Reproduction

Physical Education

We believe each student in the South Kingstown School System should have the opportunity to develop a healthy body as well as a keen mind.  Physical Education is an integral part of the total educational experience, which contributes to the development of the individual through physical activity.  It is a carefully planned sequence of learning experiences designed to fulfill the growth, development, and behavioral needs of each student.


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Mr. Drew and Mrs. Vitello

The Music Program gives students the opportunity to grow musically, socially and academically. Musical performances provide students with the opportunity to learn how to perform and appreciate music in a variety of styles and levels of difficulty. The study of the four Common Core Standards develops skills that allow true understanding and appreciation of the foundation and aesthetics of music. Students learn how to work together to achieve common goals, develop group discipline and respect fellow students.  

Beginner Band is offered to grade 7 students who are new to the band program or who wish to begin a new instrument


Concert Bands are offered to students in grades 7 and 8, scheduling is grade-specific. Band is intended for students who have had prior experience on the instrument they wish to play. Evening concerts are required and are presented in the fall and spring.  Band students have the opportunity to participate in the following music ensembles and programs: CCMS Stage Band, CCMS Jazz Band, SK Performance Festival, All State Music Auditions/Ensembles.

Chorus is a class dedicated to the performance of vocal music. Students will focus on healthy vocal technique, fundamentals of music theory, history, sight singing and the rehearsal of music in unison and parts. A wide variety of music is covered incorporating different time periods, genres, and languages. There are two required evening performances.

Folk music is being offered as an extension of Music Exploration. The focus will be on furthering music skills on folk instruments such as the ukulele, drums, marimba and guitar. Class meets every other day for one semester.

Orchestra is dedicated to string musicians who play violin, viola, cello and bass.  Previous study of a string instrument is recommended. The emphasis is on ensemble playing and string pedagogy. There are 2 required evening performances.

Music Exploration is for students interested in learning more about music in a hands-on, interactive classroom setting. This course includes opportunities in drum circle, ukulele, music technology, composition, music history and listening.  It utilizes a wide variety of music that is designed to develop confidence in musical communication. Students perform, listen and learn about different types of music and use those experiences to gain a deeper understanding of the human connection to music.



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Mrs. Carlino

All technology classes focus on the design process, computational thinking, and problem solving.  Creative thinking is always encouraged.  

Coding with Scratch:  Students are introduced to coding using MIT’s Scratch program.  This exploratory class is designed to familiarize students with beginning coding logic in a fun way!

CSS Discoveries 1:  Students will learn problem-solving, computer processes, HTML, CSS, & JavaScript.  

CSS Discoveries 2:  Students will engage with the design process, data & its impact on society, and physical computing.

Digital Literacy:  This class focuses on using technology effectively to find, analyze & create media messages.  Students will have the opportunity to work with images, videos, & multimedia projects.

Library Media Center: 

The Library Media Center provides multimedia resources to support all areas of the curriculum.  The library is open to students during designated lunches, and students can self-check out books anytime.  From RICAT.net, you can access the library catalog and ebooks.


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Ms. Berke and Mrs. Gorman

World Language

An introductory course designed to give students insight into how to begin to learn another language. Content focuses mostly on the Spanish language and culture. Class meets every other day for one semester.

French 1/Spanish 1

In French 1 or Spanish 1, students begin developing the skills needed to communicate in the second language. These courses meet every day for the entire academic year and earn students high school credit if they demonstrate content mastery. Students who do well in French 1 or Spanish 1 in 8th grade are able to go into level 2/level 2 honors when they enter the high school.



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