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Fourth Grade Newsletter No 24

February 12-16, 2018

Mrs. Miller | (916) 331-7377 ext. 318

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Dear parents,

Wednesday, February 14th is a busy day in our class. First off it’s our Jog-a-thon! I will need some parent volunteers. Also on that day I am hoping to show Indian in the Cupboard. We have been reading the book in class. I will let you know by Tuesday if we will finish the book. There is no chapel on Wed. Those who are participating in the run may wear valentine colors. Because of the short week this week, I am making Wed a big review day. We will be reviewing for Math, Spelling, and Bible. I am pausing our normal math lesson on Wednesday, pushing the test back a day, and giving the students a review day in class for the upcoming tests. Hopefully that will relieve stress.

Don’t forget, there is no school this Friday the 16th due to Teacher In Service or on Monday the 19th due to President’s Day.

 I’ve sent home the mission packet. All of the due dates are on the packet. The next thing due is the ‘Fact Sheet’ of your child’s chosen mission. That is due Friday the 23rd. Don’t forget that if you get a chance to visit a mission, or already have visited a mission, your child will get extra credit. I also told the students that this upcoming weekend is a great time to start working on the model.

Just a quick FYI. We are almost done with our Read and Thinks for the year. I’ve added a Read and Think on Wednesday on top of our normal Tuesday/Thursday routine and then no more. So we will have a Read and Think on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week, and then no more. Adventure quizzes will continue though.

This week

Verse of the Week: John 1:5-6


Math: Lesson 77 #1-30. P. 515. Retake test 13 for those who need to

Bible: Practice memory verse

Spelling: List #21 1x each. Use vocabulary word in a sentence

Penmanship: Today is a journal entry day for penmanship in class. Find a topic with your child over the weekend they can write about in class on Monday.

Science: Quiz #15 (class work)


Math: Lesson # 78 #1-30. P. 522

Spelling: Study words

Reading: Read and Think & Adventure Quiz (class work)

Bible: Study memory verse

Wednesday (don’t forget the violins)

Math- Review day for tomorrow’s test

Bible: Study memory verse

Spelling: Study the words

Reading: Read and Think (class work)

Music: Students are also preparing for the Easter Concert.


Math: Test #14

Spelling:Test #21

Bible & Memory verse: Test

Reading: Read and Think & Adventure Quiz (class work)


!!No School!!