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Influential Literary Women of History
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March 1st 2021

Influential Literary Women of History

        So I am infamously terrible at journaling, blogging, etc as I find I have the energy and drive to do such things for about three days. Then my get up and go morphs into gone up and left. It’s a terrible struggle that I now know, since being tested last year, is a lovely attribute of my ADHD. My attention span is that of a sparrow, and not the fun Jack Sparrow type sparrow, the everything is a slog after a brief moment of hyperfocus type sparrow.

        This was a challenge put out by my lovely husband, that I write a blog entry every day focusing on important influential women in history to celebrate Women’s Month. I, of course, hopped on the idea only to immediately realize what this truly asked of me. Yesterday, I began my research on Virginia Woolf and quickly found that I might be well over my head in this endeavor.

As I am not one to back down from a challenge, I am back today (a day late) playing catch up with my blog posts. I need to write two posts on influential women. Can I do it? I choose to believe I can. I hope that taking this journey will not only teach me about these marvelous women’s lives but give insight as to the persons who told their life stories through their published works.

Follow me on this journey, as I visit history and learn to see the person behind the words.

Keira Lane