Conferene ‘Polycultures and Permaculture’

Pavlo Ardanov        1

Pavlo Ardanov

Dr Ardanov is playing a key leadership role in the NGO Permaculture in the Ukraine, and his project “Designing Crop Polycultures for Resilient Ecosystems” has been supported by the Fulbright fellowship at the Agriculture Sustainability Institute, University of California, Davis. After completing his PhD in 2013 on the role of the endophytic bacteria in potato disease resistance and growth promotion, he has established a grassroot NGO “Permaculture in Ukraine” which organizes courses, publishes book on sustainable living and biodiversity-based agriculture, an integrates sustainable holistic education to the University curriculum.

Desiging crop polyculures with farmers

The aim of my research is to define plant functional diversity for agroecosystem design and to develop design algorithm for terrestrial crop polycultures using a participatory approach. Survey of farmers, growers, agronomists, environmentalists, conservation biologists, and policy makers conducted to co-develop ecologically self-sufficient and market-oriented polyculture design algorithm tailored for specific farmers’ needs and conditions and accounting for the role of agroecosystems in biodiversity maintenance and carbon sequestration. The results of the survey and avenues of future collaboration towards developing polyculture design algorithm and software will be presented.