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“#DeafSuccess: Valerie Rose” video

[Begin video description.


A dark-haired young woman stands in front of a colourful street mural of a bird and daisy-like

flowers. She has brown eyes and pale freckled skin. She wears a black tank top and has large hoop


She uses sign language to communicate.


I believe art is another way of communicating with the world. Art is communication without words. I

can communicate all parts of my background through my art.


TEXT: Valerie Rose. Environmentalist, artist, & muralist


Growing up I was always interested in art but I didn't think it would ever apply to my future career. I

didn't know whether to focus on earning a living or saving the planet. So I went to work at a

corporate job working in an office. After eight months, I quit. I wanted to focus on my art but

wondered how.


In a still colour image, Valerie stands in front of a variety of artworks mounted in a gallery. She looks

up at a black and white painting that shows a picture within a picture. Two hands reach towards a

stylised landscape painting of simple hills and a forest. White lines curve across the night sky and a

small moon sits above the hills.


My friend encouraged me to pursue art full-time, so I decided to move to Nicaragua. It's a beautiful

country full of nature. The people were friendly and supportive. I began drawing every day and

people took notice. I was encouraged to paint murals. I reluctantly agreed to just one mural. That

was all it took. Painting murals became my love.


In a series of still colour images, Valerie stands in front of and creates a variety of different murals.


I try to connect my art to my other passions: the earth and environmentalism.


In a still colour image, Valerie crouches in a cage and smiles as a large grey wolf nuzzles her.

In rapid stop-motion footage, Valerie creates a large mural of a wolf’s head on a black gallery wall.


ASL, my first language, is a visual language.


Valerie creates artworks on an easel outside.


Art can break through barriers. You can simply show someone an art piece and share a common



TEXT: #deafsuccess

Valerie smiles. The image morphs into a black and white painting of her face beside paint brushes

and a pine forest. It is mounted on an easel outside on a grassy suburban street.

A circular logo has a green flower-like leaf and bud in the centre. Black text beneath it reads:

National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes. End description]

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