Hayhurst Chess Club

The Hayhurst Chess Club is accepting registrations for the new academic year. We are open to students of all abilities, whether they are learning the rules for the first time or striving to win state championships. There is no fee to join the club. All interested students (including returning students) must register by returning this form to the classroom teacher or to the office by Wednesday, Sept 12th.

Laura Jones, our  librarian, is our faculty sponsor, with Chad and Caleb returning to serve as volunteer coaches.

In addition to weekly practices, all students have access to the ChessKid Gold Curriculum. There will be ample opportunities to play in local and state tournaments for students interested in competition. Last year several students brought home individual and team awards!

Practice Schedule

Location: School Library                Time: 2:15pm-3:15pm

Dates: Wednesday, September 26th (1st and 2nd grades) and Thursday, September 27th (3rd, 4th, and 5th grades). Practices continue on Wednesdays for lower grades and Thursdays for upper grades.

Contact: Laura Jones (ljones2@pps.net) and Chad Lykins (chad.r.lykins@gmail.com)


Hayhurst Chess Club Registration Information

Guardian's Name: ___________________________________________________________________

Guardian's Phone:___________________________ Guardian's Email:__________________________

Child's Name:_____________________________________________________________________

Child's Grade: ________  Child's Teacher:_________________________________________________

Arrangements for after Chess Club (After-care? Pick up by? Walking home?): ________________________

Is this your child’s first time in Chess Club?  Yes: __________   No: _____________

Is there anything the coaches should know about your child?

Chess Club members and Guardians please read the Chess Club guidelines for behavior on the reverse of this paper and sign below if you understand and agree to follow the guidelines:

Child: ______________________________  Guardian: _______________________________

Chess Club Guidelines for Behavior

Just like during the school day Chess Club is guided by the PBIS expectations that keep our school safe and positive!

Be Safe:

Be Respectful:

Be Responsible: