Technology Related to Teaching Progression

Use appropriate technology in the planning, delivery, and assessment of instruction.


Learning Outcomes


Basics of 


Teacher to Student 


Peer to Peer 


Delivering Instruction

  • I can define appropriate technologies to support student learning on observable outcomes.

  • I can define what student learning outcomes are and how to communicate with technology.

  • I can communicate the program, course, unit, and lesson learning outcomes using technology.
  • I can explore different ways to use technology to communicate formative and summative assessment results to students.

  • I can locate and organize up to date grades for students in course LMS (TALON) and in institutional database systems (Eaglenet).
  • I can gather resources from multiple media sources to support course and program outcomes.

  • I can reflect on and identify effective technological resources to meet diverse student needs.

  • I can define what student performance indicators are and how to best integrate technology where appropriate.
  • I can explain what feedback is and how technology tools can provide opportunities for students to engage outside scheduled class time.

  • I can focus on Description, Observation and Balance of positive and negative in feedback with technology tools.
  • I can explain the importance of peer-to-peer feedback in different technology rich environments.

  • I can identify peer-to-peer feedback techniques and activities such as Discussions in the LMS (TALON).
  • I can explain the importance of critically integrating technology into classroom instruction

  • I can explain the importance of students engaging with technology to provide tools to encourage group learning.



  • I can construct measurable student learning outcomes with the support of word processing and apps.

  • I can unpack the course learning outcomes to tangible skills that students will demonstrate through the option of appropriate technologies in both learning and assessment.
  • I can integrate technology with formal and informal assessment to assess Student Learning Outcomes. 

  • I can integrate technology in formative and summative assessments that align with my units’ learning outcomes.

  • I can design a variety of assessment artifacts using word processing, presentation applications or presentation tools.
  • I can facilitate and implement activities from multiple media sources into teaching and learning.

  • I can assess student performance with integrating technology where appropriate.

  • I can use internet resources (popular, academic and social media) and adaptive technologies to accommodate student needs.
  • I can provide helpful feedback with statements such as, I wonder, I have a concern, I want to discuss and I have some thoughts on to provide effective feedback to students.
  • I can design assessment activities that allow students to provide feedback to each other via the LMS (TALON), Blogs and other Apps online and on tablet devices.

  • I can provide my students with clear guidelines on providing effective peer-to-peer feedback focusing on effective Engaging, Giving and Receiving feedback techniques.
  • I can design learning experiences where students have the opportunity to apply and integrate technology tools into coursework and presentations  based on the student learning outcomes.

  • I can design learning experiences where students can successfully and effectively use presentation tools ,quizzing software, discussion software and database tools in meeting outcomes