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Ceramics (installation) 2017

Ceramics 2016

Inbetween, 2017, Cyanotype on muslin & painted steel

Furniture 2014-16 (some of which designed/built in collaboration with Uhuru Design, Brooklyn NY)

2008 - 2010

BS Gallery, Iowa City, IA - an exhibition space operated from my home, in collaboration with artists Josh Black and Chris Reno | select artists and collectives exhibited included: Jason Eisner, Shoot the Lobster, David Dunlap, Alex Gartelmann, Joel Parsons, Corkey Sinks, Allison Wade, Genevieve Lawrence, Natalie Smith, Laura Collins, Jesse Weiss, Erin Chon, and John Early.

2008 - 2010

Public Space ONE, non-profit art space run by artists/volunteers. Located in the basement of an eight-story building, in downtown Iowa City, IA. As initiator and ‘co-director’ during these years I helped present exhibitions by the following artists: James Sham, David Horvitz, Lukas Geronimas, Big Car Gallery, ‘Public Document Files’ curated by Jen Delos Reyes, ‘Skin of a Wave’ ft. Emily Harris, Eleza Jaeger, Hil Jaeger, Katie Parry, Eva Wylie, Julia Schwadron, Geoff Hilsabeck, Eliza Fernand, and Ben Estes, Mariah Dekkenga, and Keith Varad. Public Space ONE continues today with the hard work of many people, not without mentioning John Englebrecht: