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March 10, 2018

California Commission of Teaching Credentialing

Attn: Preconditions Submission

1900 Capitol Ave.

Sacramento, California 95811

To The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing:

Regarding the General Preconditions for professional teacher preparation, Madera Unified School District submits this letter as verification and agreement to the Preconditions.

The Professional Clear Induction program is a Madera Unified board approved program designed to provide a pathway for our General Education as well as our Education Specialist teachers to earn their Professional Clear Credential.

Madera Unified is committed to all Induction Candidates, once enrolled, and will ensure all candidates will be able to complete the program regardless of future decisions regarding administration of the Induction Program.  

Madera Unified will allow only approved and trained employees currently employed by MUSD to submit credential recommendations.

As sponsor of this Induction Program, MUSD agrees to fulfill all application standards of program quality and effectiveness that have been adopted by the Commission. MUSD additionally agrees that it will cooperate fully in an evaluation of the program by an external team or a monitoring of the program by a Commission staff member. Furthermore, it agrees that, as an approved program sponsor, it will participate fully in the Commission’s accreditation system, including the timely submission of documents required for accreditation.


As sponsor of this Induction Program, MUSD agrees that the Induction Program Coordinator, (Steven Thornton), will be responsible for reporting and responding to all requests from the Commission for data, including, but not limited to, program enrollments, program completers, induction candidate progress records and data, and state and federal reporting within the time limits specified by the Commission. MUSD additionally agrees to update its contact information on an annual basis.

Madera Unified is committed to transparency and attests that statements, documents, and information provided to the Commission by MUSD are accurate and truthful.

As sponsor of this Induction Program, MUSD agrees to fulfill its obligation to demonstrate that it will maintain and retain Induction Candidates records in accordance with its recorded retention policy. MUSD further agrees that all candidates will have access to and be provided transcripts and /or other documents for the purpose of verifying program completion. In addition, MUSD agrees that all candidate records will be maintained at the MUSD Induction Office (paper or digital copies), as well as making sure the records will be kept secured in a room not acceptable to the public.


Todd Lile


Madera Unified School District