Good Evening Mr. Packer,

I am writing to you as a former AP World History student and an Educator in hopes that you will consider keeping the pre-1450 time periods in the AP World History curriculum.

World History is a course meant to provide an overview of the history of the entire world. By cutting out the pre-1450 curriculum, students will essentially be taking AP European History Part 2, with possibly some AP US History thrown in. This will cut out many important aspects of Asian and African history and will leave students with a very Euro-centric view, something that history courses around the country, both AP and non-AP, already struggle to overcome as it is. Additionally, students will struggle to develop the skills that they are supposed to demonstrate on the AP Exam without being educated on their historical foundation.

As an adjunct history professor at the college level, I can assure you that students do not struggle in college-level history classes due to covering vast time periods - they struggle because they fail to understand big-picture issues and how different pieces, places, events, people, and time periods fit together. By cutting out such a large chunk of material, you will be doing students a disservice. Given that most colleges will offer credit for passing an AP exam, you will also possibly cause them to move on to more advanced college-level history courses without the proper foundation and essential background knowledge.

Making this change will not only set students up to further struggle in college, it will make them less informed global citizens. In our increasingly globalized world, it is imperative that we ensure students are knowledgable about all of world history if we expect them to solve the challenges tomorrow brings. I hope you will reconsider this change.


Sarah Hutton, EdD