Ready Schools Grant Update Spencer-Owen Community School Corporation

March 29, 2019

Kris Samick District Readiness Coordinator (812) 829-2233, Ext. 217

Please feel free to contact me or any of the Design Team members if you have questions!

Current Phase: Refinement

Grant Proposal Timeline

Our next step is to begin narrowing down and

Mid-Late April Feedback on Possible refining our ideas into a workable plan to best

Solutions to HMW Questions meet the needs of our students.

Early May Begin Drafting District Plan Throughout the Refinement Phase, members

and Grant Request from your school’s Design Team will be sharing possible solutions to the How Might We...

May 13-17 Final Proposal Revisions (HMW) questions listed below. Please note that some of the ideas being talked about might get

May 22 Submit Plan & Grant included in our plan—and some won’t. It is important at this time to share your comments

May 28 Pitch Plan to ROI Committee about these possible solutions with the Design Team members (or me) so that we have an

May 31 Response from ROI accurate understanding of where we want to focus our efforts. Likewise, we must be able to

June 1-10 Revision Window show how any solutions that we decide to pursue aligns in a K-12 framework.

How might we provide career awareness in a K-12 framework for our students to receive the necessary prerequisite skills so that they can experience post-secondary success?

How might we provide more personalized learning for students in order to complete school expectations so that students can be successful in their post-secondary goals?

How might we provide relevant, engaging, and hands-on learning experiences for students?

How might we create an inviting physical space so students can have a positive learning experience?

How might we ensure that our staff has a positive, professional, and supportive climate and also provide collaboration opportunities so that they can grow in their craft?