Chapter 2: Hope

        After a hundred and twenty-four years of the discovery of the newest Lord of Tachyon, Neoum prepares for his final test that will allow him to properly obtain the position. He has been hard at work for the entirety of his time under the guidance of the Elders, as they taught him everything they could of each of their respective trades, as well as the history and general knowledge of most of the species of the Order of Tachyon. He had many encounters with the crippled Order and will soon receive the ultimate test that will prove his abilities of being a Lord of Tachyon acceptable. Neoum now waits for this trial to begin.


        Neoum awakens from his room that the Elders provided after being entered into the Order. He looked at his room from his bed and analyzed it. He remembered how each of his belongings came to him, the adventures through the chambers that his father once walked through, and many other Lords before him. He could tell a story of each fracture, every object in the room. He felt that he was ready for the test ahead. As he tried to leave his room, the door wouldn’t open.

        Neoum was a tad confused by the outcome, thus tried to go to the lock pad to see if it was jammed by Jelnorelus again as a test of her own, or a prank from her, he wasn’t ever to sure why she did what she does. Then he noticed that the pad was completely different from the usual one, so it took him about a minute to get through, longer than most of his attempts from the past. He then tried to figure out who created this one, for it was way too much effort for Jelnorelus to waste her time on. He didn’t recognize the name that came up about three minutes of searching. Who’s Sulfern? Not one of the usual staff. Then the walls of the room fell down, revealing the cage he was locked in.

        The crowd roared with excitement, and Neoum continued to watch them for about another minute. He was a bit frustrated as to how he didn’t notice that he was transported there, but decided to let it all play out. Then, from the center of the domed colosseum, a mossy green Tachyean flew down to the center where a platform waited for him. He was about five and a half meters talks, and looked to be quite strange with the webbing of his Tachyium skin. He then began to communicate with the audience.

        {Welcome one and all to the greatest show the universe has ever seen! I present the Ultimate Showdown!} The tens of thousands of audience members cheered at his arrival, throwing flowers, and other objects toward his direction. {Thank you, thank you, now for our guest!} As he glared toward Neoum, bit of a disgusted. {We have here your very hope of the future! The new face for our beloved Order! The mighty soon to be Lord of Tachyon himself, Neeeeeeeeeeoum!} The crowd yelled and booed with anger to hear this, as Neoum himself was being pushed up to view of the monitors. {Now, do you have anything to say before we begin Neoum!} {Why am I here, and where is this?} The crowd began to fill the stadium with immense laughter. {You hear that folks, Neoum wants to know where he is. Well Neoum, if you haven’t noticed, you’re in the Ultimate Showdown, otherwise known as your final test before becoming a Lord of Tachyon.} Neoum was more shocked than anything from the response. { Well, thank you for telling me. I guess that makes you the last of the Elders I haven’t met yet, correct?} {Now he’s catching on folks! Now for your first challenge, I will present you with my famous trait that the other Elders love to regard me as. I’m sure the audience knows this fan favorite…} The crowd began to chant “The Hot Head,” and Neoum then noticed the lava starting to fluid the room from the upper levels of the stadium. A sharp pain ignited on his wings. {Oh, and did I mention that for this portion, you can’t flight. I would think it would be to easy if otherwise. Okay, have fun out there!}

The cage then opened up and dropped Neoum toward the boiling surface at the bottom. {Well, at least I can just land in without concern. We literally began on a planet of lava, what do you expect to happen?} {Not much, just that this isn’t average lava. Infact, if you land in it, you’ll probably be immobilized for the next week, and I don’t allow the show to go any longer than a day!} The crowd laughed at the stupidity of Neoum’s statement, and Neoum knew about the liquid that he describe, but also knew it to be immensely rare substance that very few were able to obtain. Well, at least he did his homework before making this game show. I’m kinda impressed. {Good play, but I’m not out yet!} {Good, I don’t want the audience to be disappointed. I promised a thrilling show tonight! Right everyone of the Order!} The crowd went ballistic. Neoum started to generate a shield with his tachyium, to then mold it to a board curved enough to prevent too much exposure to the lava, as well as buoyant enough to ride through the surface of the roaring waves. He flipped a few times, off one wave onto the rest until reaching the safety of the shore line with the next part waiting ahead. Alright Sulfern, let’s see what you got for me.


Jelnorelus began her morning as usual, watching the sunrise from the top of her tower at the center of the Galactic Bridge. She went down to the main chamber of the suite to notice that her module had some messages. Most of them were from the other Elders, which irritated her, as she has stated multiple times to leave her be until she has made it clear she was ready to awaken. One of the messages was from Trearomm. {Oh, that clown really wants to do this, I guess I can humor him.} She saw that he wanted to meet her at the restaurant nearby known as Le Light. Wow Trearomm, classy aren’t you? I guess I should ask if he wants to have the private room that they provide to Order officials. Oh and those other messages can wait until afterward because they wouldn’t do anything without informing me. She continued to get ready, keeping to a simple cloak to prevent too much attention from possible unwanted attention.

It took about fifteen minutes for Trearomm to arrive at the entrance of the bottom of the Elder citadel. He saw the module ready to call Jenorelus. He worked up the courage to ring her, for he was still worried about the date ahead. {Hello Miss Jelnorelus, I’ve arrived. I got the reservations ready, just come down once you’re ready.} About a couple minutes later, she stepped out of the main lobby, to spot him near the call module. {Trearomm, I’m not gonna wait on you all day, I expect you to kiss the very floor walk!} At that moment Trearomm ran to where Jelnorelus was standing, and started to kneel down. {Um, Trearomm, I was kinda joking about that. You really don’t need to make a scene.} {Well, master elder, I would do anything you desire. As you are the strongest of the Tachyeans, even that of the mighty Lord of Tachyon has been unable to defeat you.} She looked a bit disgusted, even though they have gone out a few times before since their introduction, he always threw that in her face. I really can’t figure you out. Notorious of attacking me at the worst angles, yet has a passion of a true caretaker. I can’t decide if you’re truly worth my time. They began to head over to the restaurant, without receiving the crucial news from the bellhop that chased after them. He was a mere ten meters to late of informing them of Neoum’s situation, as he was about to enter the next round.


        {And we’re back ladies and gents! Neoum will now be moving on to the next challenge!} The audience cheered, and Neoum awaited instructions. He was a bit annoyed by the fact he had to go with the flow of the show parameters, but chose to keep it to himself. {Alright, what’s next Sulfern!} {Well lordy boy, it’s time for a puzzle, in which you will have to scramble the pieces on that wall up until you get something that should be easy enough to recognize.} At that the door opened to the wall being over about a kilometer away, so he started to run over to not waste time only to see the floor cave in around him. He jumped back so that he wouldn’t waste anymore of the titles. Then from the hole that he left, creature of double his size and jagged edges crawled toward his puny platform. {Thanks for making things easy on me, no flight, and captive animals ready to rip me to shreds! Is this your idea of entertainment?} {Well Neoum, to be fair, you have to be between their fangs before I get a kick out of it, so get in there you blue pebble!} The crowd watched at the edge of their seats, anxious to see Neoum be crippled by the pack of monsters. They were a yellowish hue with red and purple stripes, and Neoum only knew of two creatures of that description. They’re probably either Ghanerfies, which zap their prey with hundreds of thousands of volts of energy with every shot, or Tehakjeys, which spit out puddles of oozing acid that can melt through tier six strength Tachyium. My luck is that they’re the Tehakjeys. As the creatures ran to him, shocks of acid flew directed at Neoum’s head. {Now let’s see my beautiful Tehakjeys end this tachyean’s career!}

        Neoum ducked out of the way to the face of one of the Tehakjeys. It tried to stomp on his head, but with quick thinking, he generated a tier eight shield for protection. The beast then started to vomit reddish pink, chunky ooze onto the shield as well as Neoum, but as he encased himself in the shield, the beast wasn’t able to effectively damage the shield, thus neoum retaliated with his staff and knocked the creature into the other four that were coming up the wall, sending them to the bottom of the abyss they came from. He then was able to study the board for a moment until the next wave of them leaped from the chasm. Neoum kinda figured out that the pattern was something ridiculous in that it ended up being Sulfern’s face. He jumped over the pit, dodging the acidic blast from the Tehakjeys to get in range of the puzzle pieces. He jump to each of the last tiles to change at least a fifth of a portion of the puzzle. After about a minute, he finished the picture, and the entrance appeared near the middle of the room in the ceiling. {What a handsome mug, right everyone!} The crowd chanted Sulfurn’s name as he began to follow Neoum into the next phase of the game.

        {Alright, let’s continue into my favorite creation in the show, the Tower of Infinite!} The audiences started jumping, flooding away from the center. Neoum thought they were in danger, but then noticed that the entire stadium was morphing around him. The clips on his wings at this point snapped off. He they flew up as fast as he could to Sulfern in hopes to find a way out, for he knew that if he did, he would best Sulfern at his game, and complete the challenge. As he ascended to Sulfern, The mad game show host pulled out an interesting weapon. It was a three blade sword, with a hatch at the handle that seemed to have buttons ready for him to press. Neoum got his saber ready to confront him, only to see that Sulfern’s blade started to rotate at extreme speed, and he charged at him. Neoum tried to use his shield, only for it to be knocked out of his hands to the ground about a kilometer below. He couldn’t find an opening, so he decided to jump back down to the near completed tower, but Sulfern chased him down and pierced the first layer of protection Neoum had. He was crushed into the base of the tower. {Good try Neoum, but you’re gonna have to get me at a lot later time in my life before that might work! Now use your wings and get to the top of this tower, and you will be the furthest anyone that has been on the show!}

        Neoum began his climb up the tower, but at the base of it, a bunch of different creatures that Neoum didn’t have the time to deal with, thus he flew over the stampede of monsters. As he flew toward the top, about a tenth of the way, he was receiving fire from a particular race that was very familiar to him. He hadn’t seen one before, except from his dreams, and memories. He was able to come with the name of Hantoryors, a serpent like species that stand on their hind legs with similar builds to that of the Tachyeans but about a meter less in height on average, and not nearly as transparent, and their sharp pointed tail. Their heads being shaped in the way of a blockage like structure rather than that of a slender structure was the primary difference in appearance. He knew then from a memory his father had, as they were very furorshous species that could give a good fight to a Tachyean in multiple ways, as the similarities were rather high as well as technological advancements. Though Tachyeans were hundreds of centuries ahead, they were quite well ahead of the rest of the species the Tachyeans had encountered. In fact they had already had access to space travel, and were on multiple planets in their systems. As Neoum remembered the studies he did on the Hantoryors, one of them shot through his shield, and Neoum realized that they had at least tier nine tachyium, a scary thought that he had to consider while approaching the top.

The flight was rough with having to preserve his shield continuously against the onslaught of rifle fire. Then with each of the floors of the tower, it made things difficult to travel on foot. Neoum knew that he would soon join in with the path because the fire was only increasing the higher he went. Neoum broke into one of the windows of the tower, dodging the incoming tachyium energy bolts. {Hey, I Have to replace those boy!} The audience started to laugh. Sulfern felt a little upset, so he decided to press some of the buttons on his staff that he grabbed from the ground as it shot up from the center of his platform. When he triggered the staff, the room Neoum was in started to fill with water from all sides. As Neoum tried to separate the water to knock out the coming guards, serpents entered the water logged floor. He tried to continue his tactic, only to see it have little effect on the serpents. They were getting closer, and being about ten meters in length, he assumed that they would prevent him from leaving if he was caught in their grip. Then with their fangs that were near  half his height clashed with his sword as he attempted to escape. Neoum released a charge strong enough to fry the serpent, sending it back to the lower floors below. Some of serpents almost fell off the tower entirely, causing Neoum to have to create patches to prevent them from death. {Wow, isn’t he so nice, saving the Gethocaws from destruction, but I think that if he has the time to do that, we could have some more fun! I’ll take the fan suggestions during these messages!}


        As they were about to leave their table, jelnorelus could almost feel the nerves that Trearomm was going through. {Hey big shot, have something on your mind?} Trearomm had an icy appearance to his chartreuse skin. He glared at her in a similar way he did when they first met, in fear of the situation. {I got some news Jelnorelus. I really don’t think you’re going to like it.} She them heard one of the waiters chatting about Neoum. She approached them. {Hello my lady Elder, what do you…} {What’s going on with Neoum? I sensed your thoughts about him, and I want answers.} Jelnorelus gripped one of the waiters by the throat, the other started to panic. Trearomm walked over and stroked her behind her right ear. She quivered a little and released the waiter. {I’m busy right now Trear, and you don’t want to be in my way right?} {Oh, of course not, but if you’re going to threaten the staff I’m gonna have to. You need to calm down, I was going to tell you what’s happening anyways.}

She then generated her weapon as she slammed Trearomm into the carved ground, shattering in all directions. {Why didn’t you tell me sooner! I didn’t want him in that death trap!} He tried to get up only for Jelnorelus to stomp him into the mold his body made on impact. Pinned to the ground, he could at least try to talk her down from her rage. {I just found out Jelnorelus, do you think I would’ve kept it from you this whole time. I was almost going to yell at you thinking you were the one that approved to put him in there.} He coughed up some of his blood from the pressure of her foot, then continued his attempt. {We need to focus on getting him out… of there. Now if you… could lift your foot off?} Jelnorelus scanned the area to realise that she had both made a scene, and possibly put Trearomm in critical conditions. {Oh Trearomm, I’m sorry, let me get my foot off of you real quick. I just lost it with the concern you had, and the fact that they were talking about Neoum, and wait, where is he?} {Oh I’m fine by the way. I’ll live after such a life threatening encounter which may take…} Jelnorelus was giving the look that he was going to die if he continued. {Okay, Neoum is right now in the Ultimate Showdown and has advanced to the tower currently.}

{Why is he in there, we never agreed to this as his final test, we had a cool idea that would be a lot less stressful than this. We need to head to the Elders like you said earlier.} Trearomm walked for about a minute, then fell to his knees in pain. Jelnorelus rushed to him, and threw him over her shoulders. {Sorry again, you know how I get.} {Yeah, very... smash anyone in the area. I think this might be the third time this happened.} {Shut up, you know you deserved that first one.} {What, can’t I complement the lower regions of my Master Elder?} Jelnorelus dropped him mid flight over to the council hall.


        Neoum continued his assault up to the top of the tower, and Sulfern laughed at all the misfortunes that keep holding Neoum back. {Come on my lord, I expect nothing less than the mighty lord to take this victory with ease. I’m getting bored of your consistency, you need to get a challenge now. Hey Hantoryors, I think Neoum should try to play a little game I like to call Miss Em. It’s really simple Neoum, here’s what you do, stop the Hantoryors from shooting the crowd, and if you do, I will stop harassing you. Ready?}

The room that Neoum was traversing through opened up exposing the company of Hantoryors ready to gun down the audience members. Neoum saw that the platform they were on was quite unstable, thus Neoum slashed at the support beams near them. They noticed his plan, and responded with shots at Neoum instead of the crowd. Neoum figured that would happen, and knew that he would be able to still prevent them from doing any actual damage to the crowd. They ended up shooting the last beam by Neoum leading their fire into it. As the Hantoryors went to free fall, Neoum swooped down to save each one from the landing, dropping them off on a  floor in the lower half of the tower. As he got to the last one, he awoke mid transfer and started to flail  and blast in all directions. Neoum was able to prevent any of the shots from hitting the audience, but received most of the fire head on. He was still able to continue, but was wounded enough to have a hard time for the rest of the climb.

{You know what I hate, when people pull out the impossible by doing what they need to do. Neoum, because you did the thing I said, I guess I won’t do anything to delay your progress. You can continue on without my interruptions other than this.} Sulfern then activates the jets in the room that Neoum is in, releasing a deadly toxin known as disulfur decafluoride that could kill anyone in the room. He was able to prevent it from getting into him in its current form. Neoum then used his skin to separate the molecular structure of the entire part of the airborne virus. {Well, don’t forget about everyone else in the stadium! What, you thought it wouldn’t leak through, especially when I open up the room like this!}

The gases continued to leak into the air, and Neoum knowing that the virus could kill in a few seconds, he decided that he would have to go pro-spd twenty in order to do it, a speed twenty times faster than light. He built up his velocity, able to see the crowd begin to slow down to his perspective. Neoum started to phase out of the room, leaving the commotion of the panicking crowd. The cries of terror were fading into the background noise of the energy he was exerting to get past light speed. From the view of the audience, he popped out of existence for a flash of an nstants, but for Neoum, he was emitting  rays of light. They shattered by the time he broke into the next phase, and continued to go faster.  

He was able to get his reserve ready to start deconstructing the disease. He could see about ten million bodies in the stadium in all, and now going fast enough to register the time in attoseconds. He could predict that he could get it all done by the end of the first second, thus he raced off toward each of the bystanders. His strain of Tachyium was able to go through the gaps in the molecular structures of the audience members for the fact that his speed made it possible to see the total structure with ease. Neoum made quick work of each of the audience members to see that a lot of them had a sliver of the poison at least, some with a large amount more than he did with the direct contact, but he was still able to properly dispose of the chemical horror. The speed had made the world much less defined, with many of the people barely looking like physical matter to begin with, as he could really only see the definition of the energy readings. Like looking only in infrared, it made it hard to actually relate back to the concern that they were about to die. Neoum had to keep focus in order to stay together or with the immense speed would split him into each individual tachyon particle that was making up his form currently. The blur of it all was the hardest part to handle, as Tachyeans tend to see most everything clearly, so to be limited in sight was quite the weakness. Most of the time, the Tachyeans would only go this fast for space travel as they calculate the best path without interruptions, but this was a moment of necessity. Neoum realized that he had already gotten rid of almost all of the chemicals, thus he went a little faster to rap it up so he would be able to stabilize.

The crowd was in a panic by the news of their possible demise, and Sulfern was only laughing by the chaos of the moment. He thought of this idea that of genius, for he didn’t think that Neoum could handle the stress of getting to each of the audience members, but as he was able to caught out of the corner of his eye, large disappointment occurred. Neoum phased out of site for less than a hundredth of a second. The rest of the crowd wouldn’t have been able to even think that was possible more so detect the result of the action. {Well folks, it seems that the mighty tachyean here was able to prevent your death for another day, but we aren’t done yet, for you’re only half way up the tower, so get to climbing boy!} The crowd cheered for Neoum’s victory for a moment until they joined on with Sulfern’s laughter about what waits ahead for them, as Sulfern could do anything he wishes while in his world of the Ultimate Showdown.


Sulfern felt control slipping from his control. The commercial brake began and he returned to his suite for the time being as he could still see Neoum’s progression from there. His secretary entered the room, her name being Chanon, handed him his schedule for the rest of the show time. {Alright, I see. This looks like a painful bit to pull off, but I think it will be perfect for him. What do you think?} “You could go easy on him you know. Don’t you want a new Lord of Tachyon?” {I want a challenge! I want to rule over my dominion, but if he gains power then my purpose fades with the rest of the show, and I can’t have that happen Chanon! Now if you could excuse me, I have to save My Show!} Chanon didn’t look it, but was rather upset with Sulfern’s behavior, but knew that if she expressed her concerns, he would punish her in very awful ways that her wouldn’t be able to recover from.

Sulfern on the other hand had felt attacked by the very idea that he might be failing to apply an actual challenge to Neoum. Sulfern looked into the monitor that was about half the size of the wall itself, displaying the tachyean, sitting around and waiting for Sulfern to continue the game. {Why don’t you quit yet! Haven’t I made this difficult enough for you! I will send everything I got to kill you!} Sulfern then smashed his fist through the monitor, sparks and shards flying throughout the suit. {This is my game you’re playing Neoum, and I never lose.}


Trearomm and Jelnorelus arrive to the Chamber of the Elders to see the building closed for the day with a sign reading “Important Business Meeting.” Jelnorelus generated her battle axe and ravaged the doorway, leaving a smoldering hole in the midst of the tranquil council hall. Trearomm then came out of the area he was ducking behind while she destroyed the entrance. They continued their flight into the main chamber as they watched the other Elders observed the Ultimate Showdown on the projector normally used for presenting evidence for any court trials they would have with some of the citizens. They all looked toward Jelnorelus when she busted the door down, and started to pile up near the farthest corner of the room.

{Jelnorelus… hi? I see you received our summon now, and you brought your assistant with you. Can we have a quick moment to recollect before anything is discussed?} Jelnorelus walked over to Fragnet, being the one trying to calm her down. Still baring the axe in her hands, she looked fiercely into the eyes of the Elder of crime and judgement. {Why is he in that death trap Fragnet? I hoped you would have informed me maybe a year in advance before throwing him in on an issue you can’t even prevent, Elder of Justice!} She went for the swing, ready to break every piece of Tachyium of his body, but then stopped instantly when Trearomm stepped into range of her axe. She stopped dead in her attack, just stood there in silence. The others were still shaking from the terrifying anger of The Master Elder, except for Trearomm, as he stood his ground. He knew that she would have split him into two if she really wanted to, but at the end of the day, she knew that she would regret the mistake.

She was still for about another five minutes before responding to the Elders again. {Okay, so now if you could explain why you didn’t inform me in person about such an important decision as throwing the boy into the ring with the madman himself?} They stood there, nervous of how exactly to answer the question. They huddled together to decide who would tell her the truth of the matter. Fragnet stopped the group, and elected himself to inform her of the action they followed with. {My Master Elder, I apologize in advance for the news I’m going to share with you, but you were the one that wanted this to happen.} Jelnorelus stared at them in confusion. {What do you mean I was the one that made this decision, I wasn’t even going to start the test until later on in the decade to make sure that he truly was ready.} {Well, you made it so that if there was ever another Tachyean that would be the Lord of Tachyon, they would have to be tested by Sulfern in order to gain the position, and Sulfern created the Ultimate Showdown for that purpose. You were the deciding factor on that vote even, as you convinced all of us that we should go for it for when we did receive a new Lord, they would be able to help accelerate the process of this horrible government structure. You made it so that we were forced into believing that it was our last hope of survival.} {I guess you’re right, huh Fragnet. I never make the correct decisions, and I personally feel that I’m the one in fault, so if you could forgive me Fragnet, I would like to offer you in assistance by any means that I’m capable of.} Fragnet was very pleased with the result of his explanation, while the others were frozen of shock that Fragnet didn’t die in the progress. {Thank you for listening to me my Master Elder, I really appreciate your understanding.}

She then watched the monitor of Neoum advancing into the mess of obstacles that awaited him. Trearomm walked up to her, and gave her a small hug. {He will make it through Jelnorelus, I know that he will.} {I really hope he does, and in one piece, for that snake tends to manipulate every angle of a problem to make things worse. This whole game only exist because we don’t have the support to shut it down, but now with neoum, we will finally be able to go through with the idea, as long as he wins. Go kill it Neoum!}


        Neoum continued his climb up to the top of the tower, and he noticed that Sulfern wasn’t really being that active on his platform. He wondered why he went through all this trouble to make this game. This challenge of pure agony and horror, yet he was able to enjoy every moment of it without an ounce of guilt. He used to be an Elder of Knowledge, as from what I’ve researched with Jelnorelus. A true mastermind of the Order, and yet this is what he decided to do with his life. I Know he really went to test himself with this game, as it truly encompasses everything that a Lord of Tachyon would be expected to respond to with the element of advanced problem solving as is required in this unstable state of the Order. I can’t understand how he came to this point, but I could guess that he was scarred by the result of the Order’s near collapsion, but then I feel he could have been able to help lead the rest of the Elders to find the solution to the collapse after my father’s death.

At that moment, The atmosphere of the room changed. Neoum looked around the facility to see the Tachyium that was holding it all together was starting to fade in and out of solid matter. He flew at near light speed to Sulfern”s Platform to see him in a lawn chair laughing about the video entries of the week that he received from the fans. {Sorry to interrupt your time Sulfern, but the station is malfunctioning, and I need you to end the challenge for now so we can save the passengers.} Sulfern jumped up to his feet, and then flew off toward the backstage entrance of the station. {Sulfern, where are you going! We have to help the passengers!} {What do you think I am, a superhero. Besides Neoum, this is apart of the next challenge, as you are almost at the top of the tower, I figure that you would help me out by saving the station, it rakes in the views you know.}

Neoum just looked at Sulfern in disappointment. Neoum wanted to stop the mess right then and there, but knew that he had to save the station first as he wouldn’t pass the test otherwise. {I hope this is what you wanted, mighty Elder of Knowledge.} With that, Neoum took flight toward the exit of the arena. Sulfern felt that.

As he flew, he was able to spot the modules that were connected to the core of the station. Neoum hoped that this really wasn’t planned by Sulfern and was just convenient timing for the station to start falling apart from lack of energy recycle, otherwise known as Tachyium decay. He dropped down to the first module to notice that it was guarded by more of the arena Hantoryors came from the nearby buildings, armed with stronger weapons than before. Neoum’s disappointment increased as he bashed through the battalion of Hantoryor guards. He knew this wouldn’t be the worst thing he’s done tonight, but neoum figured that he would try to help if anything went poorly before he could finish and instead fail him for it, but he wants Neoum to fail so that he will never be able to become the lord of tachyon. At least that’s the mindset that Neoum has set into after he finished off the guards, putting them to safety before starting up the engines to circulate the energy again.

He kept at this for another five modules to only have a more difficult time with each batch, and after the first one he noticed that he was still being watched by the viewers at home. This extremely bothered him that there was the possibility of some fans would still find entertainment from this situation. Neoum tried to not destroy the cameras, for he felt that to a strong disrespect to the people that have spent so much time watching this as well as making sure that he could inform the passengers of the station that the process has finished. After each battle he could feel some relief from either himself, the guards or maybe felt the relief from the audiences at home, but he knew that it was helping someone feel better. He reached the last module to see that the guards that were there just let him through without a fight. {Thank you for your generosity. I really hope you guys are being treated fairly by Sulfern.} “Thank you young Tachyean, I assure you that Sulfern pays us quite well in fact, and that we aren’t really abused too much,” the leader of the team responded. Neoum gave them a thumbs up, and flew off toward the arena to see what had resolved from the mess.


        Sulfern watched Neoum with the reversal switch in hand if he was unable to fix the problem. He was able to see the thoughts of the young tachyean, almost clearly. Sulfern was gifted from a young age to be able to access any mind he pleased, so much so that he could control the very thoughts of the being that he was intruding upon. He couldn’t do that to Neoum, him being the Lord of Tachyean prevented such mental control, but he hadn’t been taught how to defend his mind properly yet. Mostly all Tachyeans were unable to protect themselves from mental attacks as they were so accepting of others that they never truly had the experience of needing to keep information to themselves. He knew that the boy would be upset with his decisions of not directly helping, and by the way he worded it, he was making busy work as well as threatening the countless lives on board the station. He couldn’t decide what he wanted, so he’s just going with the motions until the moment comes to choose the fate of the universe.

The only thing that was in his way with his career was Neoum though, as he continued to ponder over. {The very thought that of all the people in his way, it would be a lord of tachyon, and that of Legalacy’s blood line. I truly wanted to believe that he would help me in my efforts against the Order, but it seems that he will attempt to be my undoing. Well Neoum, I hope you’re ready, for this is my Game, My Station, MY WORLD! Nothing you will do could possibly stop me now Neoum!} Sulfern continued to scream at the screen as Neoum made his way back to the arena. The others outside the room were more confused by his anger, as he never was affected by the chance of someone actually beating the Ultimate Showdown. The studio producer left the notice of the final contract at the base of the door.


Jelnorelus could see the fear of the Elders while watching the show, and she couldn’t help but want to go and help him with resolving the conflict that Sulfern was causing, but knew that would disqualify him if she attempted to. {Is there anything we can do to prevent Sulfern from endangering the lives of the audience?} They turned toward her with disappointment. {No, we have no power to change anything that he wants to do unless someone does actually die, but even then, we truly don’t have the way to enforce such an action. We have no one that would be able to do the job of outing Sulfern by their self, including you. He has too much support from the people, so we will have to have Neoum win this game to prevent anymore of the game from taking place. It’s in his contract, that we made sure would limit him, but it only works if someone can win the game, so Neoum is our last hope in stopping all this Jelnorelus, no matter the danger of the operation. Sorry that it had to be this way.} Fragnet went back to watching Neoum climb back up the tower.

Jelnorelus went to pace outside the chamber as she had to express her anger in some way that wasn’t destructive. Trearomm watched her as she continued on with the back and forth. {Jelnory, can you come back inside, we should be cheering on Neoum to win. It’s the most we can do to help him right now.} She generated her weapon and chucked it at Trearomm, missing by nanometers, enough to still cause the pain to him and knock him to the ground. He started to get up, only for Jelnorelus to jump on him, knocking the wind out of him. Dagger at his throat, he really couldn’t move from the position she had him in. {I’m not gonna watch him get killed by that tyrant Trearomm, I’ve lost too much to bare such a thing!} She stepped off of him, letting him back onto his feet. She started to tear up a bit. He tried to walk to her, but could tell that if he did go for a hug, things wouldn’t end well. {I know, but you of all people should know that he’s ready to take on this challenge. I have hope in him, and I really hope you do as well.} He walked back inside.

She watched him as he entered the chamber again, and then thought about how much he has gone through, the intense training that she put him through, the constant nightmares that haunted him for years, the fact that he hadn’t a family to look to for wisdom, only the painful memories of the past to form his experiences. I know this shouldn’t be a problem for him, but I care so much for him. The last thing I want is to see him crushed by the failure of this test. Then she saw a glimpse of Neoum about to reach the top of the tower, bringing back her hope for the boy. Well, he’s made it this far, I can’t see anything else being that much worse from here. She caught up with Trearomm, and continued to watch Neoum enter the final phase of the Ultimate Showdown.



        Neoum walked up the last flight of stairs that led to the final floor of the tower. He could feel the tension of the moment developing, chatting in the distance from the audience, the gears of the tower turning the arena into the perfect battlefield for the final event, and the beat of his heart intensifying by each of his steps toward the end. The stage was set, all that was missing was himself and a worthy opponent to clash with to wrap up the night.

        I guess he went all out on this. I want to think that he had good reason why he went to this length for my final test. I hope this was everything you wanted it to be Sulfern, because I’m coming for you.

        Neoum had arrived at the entryway of the dark room that awaited him, and as he stepped in, the lights blared on. The audience behind a protective field that would prevent anything from leaving the area. Neoum saw Sulfern in the middle of the arena, with a plaque in hand, and a grin on his face. He approached the center, expecting something to be released upon him, only to be happily disappointed by nothing triggering when he stood in front of Sulfern.

        {Thank you Neoum, you have made it further than any other has ever gone on the Ultimate Showdown, and I think the audience has been enjoying every second of this episode, right!} The crowd exploded with cheers, as expected by both the tachyeans. {Now that you’ve made it to this point, I have a reward just for you. This plaque is for surviving the Ultimate Showdown course, and I know it’s very dusty, but what did you expect. I’m proud to see that someone has finally been able to meet me here on this stage, for I’ve never had the opportunity to truly talk to the contestant face to face like this. I’m sure that you’re happy to reach this point, right Neoum.} {Yes Sulfern, you are correct to assume my pleasure of having a moment of peace with you. You have done an outstanding job at creating this course, sadly once I win, I feel that this won’t last much longer, now will it Sulfern?} He looked at him with a blank face, as if he wasn’t there. {Yes, I guess it would have to end at this if you win, for it would just never be the same. That’s then though Neoum, let’s focus on now. You have one more challenge to complete, as you has probably guessed by this point, and you would expect it to be some form of battle as it is the Ultimate “Showdown”, so with that in mind, who could it be? I will let you know in a minute, but you need to crawl over to the starting position over there.} As he pointed to the otherside of the arena. {I’d expect that you will do great in this face off, but I’m not sure how you will respond to it.}

        Neoum walked over to the place, and then he started to hear the engine of the arena  kick in. The center where Sulfern stood rose, with it thrusters appeared at the bottom of the platform he was on. The platform started to morph, and the timer came down from the ceiling, most likely indicating when he was allowed to leave his spot. The platform had started to take shape of a large spherical shape, with a small opening at the front for it from the area Neoum was in, being about a hundred meters away. Sulfern jumped up to the ceiling of the stage, and at the center he pulled out a seemingly small cane. It evolved into a rather large longsword that had a keypad in the lower portion of the blade itself. As Sulfern drifted to the front of the spherical platform, the crowd was silent, amazed by the majestic ascent. Sulfern thrust the sword into the hole, turning it until a shift in mechanized gears within the platform occurred. It continued its transformation with weaponry sprouting for the sides, and heavy protection for the pod that Sulfern jumped into. It morphed into a fully armed assault craft with all the weapons aimed at Neoum’s position. {Alright Neoum, here’s the countdown! Three! Two! ONE!} The battle thus began.

        Neoum jumped from the incoming missiles that launched from the saucer Sulfern was piloting, only to get caught by the saw blades that were ejecting from the sides of it. Neoum brought up his shields in time to only receive some damage to his wing, but enough to temporarily stop his flight.Gun fire from the base of the craft were flying in all directions, Neoum jumping from one point to another, only being missed by inches until it came to the craft landing on top of him, with minimum time to respond. Neoum was flattened for a brief moment until Sulfern went to do it again, just the time Neoum needed to escape the area.Neoum recreated his blade to stab into the center of the landing pad for the craft, causing slight off balance for Sulfern, given more time for Neoum to go on the offensive. He slashed off one of the saw blades, then responding with some leftover Tachyium to strike the shield of the globe Sulfern was in, sending him flying to the wall. {I’m impressed with your creativity Neoum, now let’s see how you fair against this!}

        Neoum ran to the pod that Sulfern was held in only to be ambushed by the onslaught of rockets launching from the sides. The explosions knocked him to the ground, and Sulferns craft crawled over to attempt to impale the weakened Tachyean, but to no effect as he was able to still move quickly on his feet. Neoum now had to deal with the mech on foot, limiting his escape routes when he goes in, so he needed to figure out a plan that would be able to bring the craft down in one well timed strike. How am i going to get in without him just retaliating. He ducked from one of the incoming missiles from the craft, and then launched up toward the wall, barely escaping the explosion. I think the missiles should be able to knock the mech off balanced long enough for the finishing blow. I just need him to feel the urge to do so.

By that point, the missiles stopped launching from the mech. Neoum was a bit disappointed, but then figured it would be easier to approach the mech in that way. That was until the turrets sprouted from the sides to replace the missiles. {I thought we could change it up for a little bit so I can refill on the missiles. I hope you don’t mind the rain of bullets!} The room was lit up with the flashes of Tachyium bullets that were flying from the turrets. Neoum’s shield was large enough to block the onslaught, but he could barely advance through  the “storm”  that Sulfern has activated. Sulfern did see the potential of Neoum being able to eventually getting to the mech, but he really didn’t have a direct answer of how he would win the battle through just the craft, so he would hope for the best until that point comes.

Neoum was about half way there when the turrets stopped, then the missiles were out again. {Sulfern, is this how you want to end the show, with an hour of me trying to walk to you, only to be stopped at every centimeter!} {Can’t hear you, the missile launcher is a bit loud you know.} {I’m literally communicating through telepathy Sulfern!} {Oh yeah. Well I guess I just don’t want to hear you then. You know how it is when a guy wants to wrap up the job only to be stuck having to close the place.} Neoum was only two thirds of the way before the missiles, but now back tracked a bit to avoid the missiles. Then the turrets activated again. {What do you mean by (close the place) Sulfern. Are you not enjoying yourself in the game you created?} Sulfern was able to make eye contact with Neoum in the chaos of the battlefield that he created. Despair was all that exist within them, and neoum could feel every bit of it. {As you have figured by this point, if you win this game of mine, I have to end the season, which will also end my purpose and the entirety of the show. The Order will now have you, and you could shut down everything I’ve worked for since…} Sulfern then stopped the thought only to focus on activating everything on the mech at Neoum at once. A flurry of attacks launched from the mech to where Neoum stood, Neoum could only hope for a miracle from his orb of protective Tachyium.

From the ashes, Neoum rose from the almost shattered mess of the shield he had, and Sulfern got up from the shockwave that toppled the mech. Neoum at that point smashed through Sulferns mech, destroying the last of the structure. Sulfern looked at the Tachyon that awaited him, knowing that he would start the real battle.

Neoum walked toward the defeated Sulferm, ready to end the battle by forcing his surrender. Sulfern, now standing up directly in front of Neoum, jumps into the rumble of the mech, and finds the weapon that activated the mech to begin with. He emerges with the blade ready for battle, one hand on the handle, the other on the control pad that laid slightly lower than the center of the blade itself. {I didn’t think we would come to this point, but I guess if you want to make this messy, then let’s make this a true battle!} Neoum could hear the roar from the audience once more, since the battle was about to recommence.

Sulfern’s sword was about the length of Neoum himself, with the blade being about two thirds of it. It was glowing a rustic green with a hint of aqua in the speckles of the Tachyium, the mark of a trusted advisor to the Lord of Tachyon. Neoum noticed this quickly as he made an effort to evade most of the onslaught from Sulfern’s weapon. The control pad seemed to be linked with the mech at first as Neoum noticed Sulfern toying with it during the mech battle, but it had a variety of controls set to it. Every button changed the blade’s curvature and the length rapidly, throwing neoum off when trying to disarm him. Neoum knew this wasn’t going to be a straightforward approach, but Sulfern being able to understand each of the new modes that he was changing into impressed Neoum. The sword had other controls on it as well, but Sulfern wasn’t using them, so he assumed them to have been the mech controls. Then he pressed one at the moment Neoum finally had an opening, which launched the tile he was standing on. Neoum was able to catch himself midair as his wings had finally healed enough to function. Neoum then dived at Sulfern’s location, only to be torched down by the acidic jets that triggered by another button on the sword. {I made this weapon myself Neoum, it is one of my finest works. I knew you would appreciate it as first glance, but for you to flock straight into it isn’t the way to go!} As he swung at the discombobulated Neoum with extreme force, only to be met by his shield which was barely generated by the time of the attack. Sulfern flipped the handle toward the back of Neoum’s legs and pulled him in with the cane like design. Neoum was able to deflect the reversed attack that Sulfern continued the motion with.

 The battle was quite difficult for Neoum for the fact that he needed to simply find the opening for the big finish, but Sulfern wasn’t going to let him leave without a fight that was seemingly to the death. Each clash of their blades lit up the arena, a light show that none of the audience has ever witnessed before, and Neoum couldn’t focus with the cheers only being directed to their hero, being Sulfern. He knew he couldn’t end his life, but Sulfern was trying hard to end his, thus he needed something to provide the reason for his crimes. {Sulfern, can’t we just end this? I’ve done…} He then ducks under the swing that is then smashed on top of him. Sulfern jumps forward and applies more pressure, Neoum struggling to keep him at bay. {You think we can stop this! I want you out of the picture, now give up already!} He continued to press the blade closer to Neoum’s neck, almost to the point of starting to dig in. Neoum punched Sulfern in the gut to hopefully give opportunity to get free, but with minimum affect. {Why do I need to die Sulfern, you should know better than anyone that this game is just a problem boiling out of control! Why do you insist on keeping it alive!} Sulfern then elbowed Neoum’s side, Neoum then gave a little which caused Sulfern blade to cut him on his left cheek. Neoum was able to roll out of the way. Sulfern hurried over to Neoum with rage in his eyes.

{I understand that you wouldn’t get it, you were giving this glorious position that you can use to literally rule the universe, but what I was given was a joke! I tried to help at the beginning of the crisis, when your father died, but they others weren’t able to figure out the severeness of the situation. I know they didn’t want to actually believe that the Lord of Tachyon parished, but we couldn’t just leave the universe to fend for itself! They are still upset with “our rule” after ten thousand years Neoum! I worked hard to try to save what little control we still had with the people, but the others don’t give me any credit for the good that I did for the Order! I’ve been viewed as a monster for not grieving for your father Neoum, but I suffered endlessly after his death! I only continued for the greater good of the entire universe! They treated me like a monster, so I decided the less I did for the Order, the better. In that way, I wouldn’t become more of the disgraceful abomination they saw me as.} Sulfern’s onslaught was slowing down by the anger he was releasing, giving Neoum an opportunity. He slashed at Sulfern’s feet, hoping to distract his focus to a more defensive mindset. Neoum needed a moment to think of a proper way to defeat the host if he would ever become the Lord of Tachyon.

{ After about a century, the Tachyeans all realized the error of abandoning the Order, and tried the best they could to make up for the lost time. The fact only a century past normally wouldn’t be the worst thing to occur, but with the addition of your father destroying the system he was in, there were a lot of trust lost. Maybe just more of a concern that other Tachyeans would become infected with the unknown disease that caused the mess. They could easily tell that we’ve simply forgotten about the way he passed, a tragic mistake that has led to our continuous uphill battle to collect the trust of the universe again. I made an effort to fix it on my own, but they didn’t want it, what they wanted was time to respect the tragedy. I’m tired of feeling like my purpose is useless! When they discussed of a rumor of a hidden child of the Lord of Tachyon, I was so greatly displeased, for the actual likelihood of such to come about was impossible. I could however see my opportunity when Jelnorelus anger began to sprout. This was my chance to become useful for my Order! Then they gave me the job of creating a test for the possibility of a new Lord of Tachyon to be found. My last effort to be remembered by the public as a savior instead of a rebel. The problem was that she found that there wasn’t ever going to be a new Lord of Tachyon, so she became the Elder Supreme with the mindset of becoming the new ruler of the Order, thus could easily bring my last hope to rumble. That is, if something special didn’t occur as we were taking down the place.}


 Neoum was also slowing down, as this was what he wanted to hear since the first time they mentioned the tyrant. He seemed not to be a wicked being in anyway, but yet it seems that the Order itself was the problem. Neoum thought about the situation and more over how it resulted like such, but never thought it would have been directly his father causing the mess. {Sulfern, I apologize for the mistake my father made toward the end of his career. I know you may still feel crushed by the problem he created, but I also know that he…} Sulfern only became more enraged by the simple comment. {You think that I blame your father for this! How dare you have such insolent ideas! I respected your father above all else you twit! I will not be insulted by your deliberate disgraceful betrayal of your father, the true Lord of Tachyon!} The rage of Sulfern smashed right through Neoum’s defenses. He tried to resist Sulfern’s second wind, and realized that  he can’t hold up the energy output that he was expelling. Each of Sulfern’s attacks was shattering the tenth degree Tachyium shields that Neoum was generating, which wasn’t hard for Lords of tachyon to create, but for a normal Tachyean, even an Elder would have a hard time continuously creating the energy it would take to burst through that kind of defensive. {I want you to know that I do what I do in hopes that your father will never see me as a disgrace to his kingdom! I only let the empire that is the Ultimate Showdown to exist solely based that if I achieve enough wealth from it, I will be able to properly rule over the people and transition the Tachyeans back into their society, then we can go back to what we do best; help the people! The Order will not survive without extreme decisions that I don’t think you will be willing to do! That fateful day that some of the construction tachyeans wanted to try out the course before we demolished it. They enjoyed it so much that they thought it would be perfect for a Lord of Tachyon to test with, for none of them were able to finish the tower. Thus bets were made, more and more attention was coming to the course, and when the Elders were about to pull the plug, I was able to convince the majority of them to keep it as a backup if ever needed. This led to us to this point, to prove that you will be able to actually fill the shoes of your father. I think no one could do such a thing the way he did it, but if you could beat me here, I think you might just have what it takes!}

Sulfern had been crushing Neoum for the past two minutes, wasting most of his energy in the attempt. Neoum couldn’t handle much more of the force himself, but otherwise knew the battle would end with Neoum being able to over power the insane show host. Neoum was then able to land a heavy blow to Sulfern’s torso, sending him flying into the wall. He crushed a portion of the arena, exposing the crowd in view, the cheers flooded the battle, Sulfern could hear the fans chanting his name, wanting him to prove his superiority over the Order. Sulfern knew that what they wanted most was a show, so he went to his secret weapon.

{Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ve heard your cries, and now I have your answer!} Neoum was a bit confused, so he then jumped, and disarmed Sulfern. He followed up with another powerful blow to Sulfern’s side, and Sulfern was able to throw a piece of debris at one of the buttons on the control panel of his sword, which launched the platform both it and Neoum was on. Sulfern then flew up to catch the blade, but was met with Neoum piercing the control panel before he could get a hold of it. In the dying moments of the swords control panel, Sulfern was able to activate one last protocol that triggered the center of the stage to morph into a pedestal with a blade ready for Sulfern to dawn. {I give you the mighty Tri-Blader!} The audience cheered with excitement, and Neoum started to fall into another flashback.

He hadn’t had them for quite some time, but he knew they would trigger most around important relics or locations, occasionally people as well, but that wasn’t that often. Neoum could see a mighty battle against the emperor of the Blarglorgyans and the mighty Lord Gladatorus. He could see that she was going against the weapon that was the legendary Tri-blader, and she was able to block each of the attacks. It was tough on her though as the Blarglorgyan was putting up a strong offensive with the Tri-Blader, leaving no time to give a proper fight against the behemoth. He noticed though that it was more difficult mainly do to the multiply distractions that was the other set of arms that were able to hold more weapons. He felt the same way with Sulfern, but realized that he was easily unable to receive large damage output, thus he was able to get him to this point. Neoum then flashed into a room with a younger, more scholarly Sulfern. {My Lord, thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve you. I promise I will pass on the great philosophy of the mighty Lord Legalacy.} {I don’t want to be worshipped Sulfern, I just want to help others, you included. I’ve seen what you have the capability of doing, now I ask of you to help educate the Order, so that we can all win in the long run.} He looked at Sulfern, and he could tell that his lord wasn’t wanting him to play around. {I understand my Lord, I know what I must do. I’m sorry that you have such a high bar to constantly keep with, I just want to be there to make your job easier. You and I both know the trouble you’re going through, so how about you let them in my Lord…}

Neoum flashed into the battle, able to incorporate Gladatorus’s methods to defend from the weapon, Sulfern was back with full energy, able to land multiple hits on the shield Neoum generated, but this shield was able to take the impact enough not to regenerate it every time. {I know what you were doing, and I really ask if you could stop this NOW!} Sulfern through another swing which shattered the shield entirely, and hit into Neoum’s left arm, breaking the stable bonds of his arm. The impact launched him through another wall, bringing him to a point of which Sulfern  just needed one more attack to win the battle. As he flew over to Neoum, Neoum could only think of one thing left to do, use his spare Tachyium to interrupt the charge. He forced a piece of tachyium about a decimeter in front of Sulfern’s next step. {This is it Neoum, you will never be a …}

Sulfern tripped over the Tachyium, and smacked into the base of the audience observations deck. The sword he had flown from Sulfern’s hands to the center of the arena, and Neoum flew over with his sword, meeting Sulfern now flat on the ground. { Well, to be fair, I wouldn’t think you would do such a simple tactic, but that tactic of winning, is a tactical victory of the Ultimate Showdown. Good job Neoum, you are the first to win the Ultimate Showdown!} The crowd was silent for a minute since Sulfern’s faceplant, but they cheered hysterically with his announcement. Neoum was more confused by the calmness of the moment.


Neoum walked with Sulfern after the contest was officially decided by the Elders to be passed. Jelnorelus ran to Neoum and gave him a big hug, and then a hard punch on his left arm, which Neoum couldn’t feel still from the battle. Sulfern received dirty looks from her, but she didn’t want Neoum to have to watch what she could really do. Trearomm tried to drag her to the other room, but it took Sulfern to just grin to send her the idea to leave them be. It was only those two walking the perimeter of the building of the Ultimate Showdown.

{I hoped that it wasn’t us who could be so selfish to bring the Order apart so.} Sulfern was looking pretty unharmed for the most part, while Neoum was quite broken from the test. {I know that you wanted the truth, right?} {Yes, I saw something towards the end of the battle Sulfern, I’m not sure what to think of it.} { Well, for a little more truth, it was kinda easy to see that you were in a flashback, as you had the fighting style of Gladatorus almost perfected. The only thing was that at one point, you were speaking, softly, to a point where I couldn’t understand what it was you were saying. I suspect that you were living one of your father’s memories, involving me from what I could get out of it. Am I right my Lord.} Neoum could still see the youthful shades of the young Sulfern, a lush forest was once his form, now before a grown over marsh has sunken his reality. {Yes Sulfern, you’re correct. You were discussing your role as the Elder of Knowledge, and how my father appointed you to the position from the excellent work you were known for. You wanted to spread my father’s wisdom, and ideals, yet what he wanted was you to spread your wisdom, your marvelous self, as it was the best part of you. I think it still is the best part of you, this position you claimed for yourself is the best thing to ever happen for you, for now the people know you, as well as can engage you. I want you to continue what you’ve been doing here Sulfern, The lushest Host of the mighty Ultimate Showdown!}

Sulfern stares intensely into Neoum’s eyes. {I knew you were a good one when I first saw you. I kept you from becoming the Lord because I didn’t want to move on with my life unless people would listen to me, and it seems I can be listened to without the fear I created during my long time as the host of this show. You beat the game, but you want it to continue, well Neoum, I want to call you a friend if you don’t mind.} {Not at all Sulfern, I do have some request though.} {Okay, what would that be Neoum.} {We need to stop the illegal activity of the show, so if you can, get to that as soon} Sulfern rolled his eyes to that. {Well, I know that was very specific, but you should know what it was that you were doing wrong, so if you spend the time to help me out, then you can have the proper fun you should have with the Ultimate Showdown.} {Fine Neoum, I’ll do it, but first I have some prizes for winning the game. You can have back the Tri-Blader, as it is meant to be for a Lord of Tachyon, and of course the real prize of the show, being a Tachyium Heart.} {Really?} {Of course, why else would I make it the grand prize if not to win?} {To lure in the best of the best to play your game for ratings, also you can keep your heart Sulfern, I’m not going to need it.} {Oh, well then fine, don’t take my gift. Also thanks Neoum. It was the first time I’ve had fun with the show in a long time. I hope you will come back soon.} The two looked at the partially destroyed Ultimate Showdown stadium with hope of a new future for the Order of Tachyon.