School Community Council Meeting

Monday, October 7, 2019

2:30-4:00 PM

Cleveland Elementary – Room #30

Attendees:  JR Jones, Doug Johnson, Viki Rasmussen, Anita Sitterud, Katy Player, Bridgit Grimm, Marie Johnson, Jenny Gagon and Brydi Sharp


  1. Welcome Visitors
  2. Introduction of New Members and Assignments
  3. Review of 2019-2020 Trust Land Plan
  4. Review Draft of New Cleveland Student Handbook
  5. Review Draft of Shelter in Place and Reunification Plan
  6. Update on Digital Citizenship Responsibilities
  7. Review Proposed Meeting Dates for 2019-2020
  1. Monday, October 7, 2019
  2. Monday, November 4, 2019
  3. Monday, February 3, 2019
  4. Monday, March 2, 2019

Brydi Sharp was selected as the chair for Cleveland Community Council

Anita Sitterud was selected as the Vice Chair for Cleveland Community Council

Bridgit Grimm was selected as the secretary of Cleveland Community Council

Review of 2019-2020 Trust Land Plan

        Members discussed each goal in the plan and the follow through that would be needed for each goal to be successfully carried out.  It was brought to the group’s attention that goal number two needs to include third grade.  Jenny Gagon also added that Reading A-Z data could be included.  Assessments from this program will be gathered at least four times per year.

        Doug encouraged the use of Alexia for next year in the place of Imagine Learning and Reading A-Z.  All of the elementary schools, but two are using Alexia.  He feels that it is easier on the technology department to be consistent district wide.  Doug also mentioned that all software purchases need to go through him.  This ensures we are using available grants, are aware of what we already have, and avoid creating extra work.

The council discussed goal one and the possible science related assembly. One-thousand dollars will be available for the assembly.  This goal also allocates fifteen hundred dollars for science related field trips.  Jenny will take these items back to the teachers to gather suggestions and options.

The writing contest and author for goal four was discussed.  Community Council members were asked to bring back suggestions for visiting authors.  Those in attendance voiced the need for pre- author visit work to be completed in the classroom, and the need to have the contest begin right after the visit. Students will need ample time to develop their work before it is due.  Council members liked that the winners’ books were published and available in the library.

Review of Student Handbook

        Council members discussed adding a warning into the dress code policy, and having some available clothes at the school if needed.  Members were interested in adding the third grade class into the section with fourth and fifth grade.  Members felt the consequences and order of discipline were more fitting for third grade.

        There was discussion on the use of Aspire to document citizenship

Review draft of Shelter in Place and Reunification Plan

        Review of the current plan

        Discussion of communication being the key to calm - first communication second structure

        Schedule a Parent Nigh to inform and teach the plan (whoever picks up a student must be on emergency contact form) also go over new lock/buzzer

        Schedule a practice

        Discussion on safety committee and how their plans will assist in such a situation

Additional discussion:

Doug wanted schools to be aware that smartboards are starting to age out and will most likely need to be replaced with Trust Land Funds.  This should be considered for next year’s plans.  The approximate cost will be $2000 per set up. Microphones etc. should also be considered.

There was also a discussion as to policy and past elementary configuration. Third grade is often stuck in the middle of the upper and lower grade configuration.  With sixth grade at the middle school this may need to be changed.

Digital Citizenship

        No children are to be on the internet unsupervised.  Every adult in the school needs to be aware of this and be on the same team.  By not saying anything we are saying it is okay.

        We need to train kids on how to handle technology as responsible adults one day.

        Use the Emery District App.  Be aware of the tip line

Meeting Adjourned