Whittlebury Park Members Golf Club


Competition Committee 2019-2020

Paul Wikeley - Handicap Secretary / Competition Secretary (/ NGL - County Handicap Advisor)

Rob Watson - Past Captain 2012-13

Roy Marriott


TRACEY HEAVEY - Lady Past Captain 2013-14


Complaints about Competitions

Any member who wishes to lodge a complaint regarding any incident which takes place during a competition, should do so:

(i) In writing on the day and passed to any member of the Competition Committee or placed in the Competition Box in the Caddy Masters Conservatory.

(ii) Or by e-mail or text to any member of the Competition Committee within 72 hours


Terms of the Competition - Committee Procedures

CP 5A(5) When Scorecard Is Considered Returned A player’s scorecard is officially returned to the Committee when the player has placed the score card into the Competition Box in the Caddy Masters Conservatory.

CP 5A(6) How Ties Will Be Decided - Stroke Play Any ties will be decided by matching scorecards [Scorecard Count-Back].

CP 5A(7) When the Result of the Competition Is Final When the result is recorded on the Master Scoreboard.

Terms of the Competition

Tee times are not drawn and are usually booked using the Player Entry computer or on the internet - www.whittleburygolf.com. Tee times can be changed up to 7.30am on the day of the competition. The Competition Committee has a “zero-tolerance” approach to “No Shows” (i.e. not deleting their booking up to 7.30am on the day of the competition).

No Shows

On the morning of a competition, the MasterScoreboard “Forthcoming Competitions” and Player Entry “Book a Future Competition” are normally closed shortly before the first tee time. After this time, the player can avoid a No Show by telephoning the Caddy Masters Conservatory. The player may "roll-up."

One (1) "free" No Show.

On second (2nd) No Show, the player is banned for two (2) Qualifying Competitions.

On third (3rd) No Show, the player is banned for a further two (2) Qualifying Competitions.

Et cetera. No Shows will be removed on a rolling year cycle.


"Roll-ups" are allowed. If a player has not booked into a competition, a player may "roll-up" on the morning of the competition and report - in person - to the member of staff in the Caddy Masters Conservatory. If there are spaces, the member of staff will allocate the player the next available tee time. The player may not request a preferred tee time or request a tee time by telephone beforehand.

"Pace of Play"

"Pace of Play" will be assessed using the Player Entry system - within any one competition, the majority of groups, as recorded on the Player Entry system, will define the benchmark "Pace of Play". This allows for the local conditions of that given competition on the day. Should any one group be "out of step" with this benchmark "Pace of Play" (and not allow other group(s) play through), that one group will be given one (1) "Pace of Play" warning.

Entry Fees

For all Regular Stroke Play, Maximum Score, Stableford or Par/Bogey competitions except those below, the (£3.50 for Ladies / £4.00 for Gentlemen) Entry Fee is divided into:

  1. £1.50 Members Fund
  2. £2.00 Prize Fund of which:
  1. £1.00 (50%) Winner (1st)
  2.     60p (30%) Runner-Up (2nd)
  3.     40p (20%) Third (3rd)
  4. Gentlemen’s divisional competitions are divided equally into four parts - one part for each of the three divisions and one part for Overall Winner (1st) / Overall Runner-Up (2nd) / Lowest Gross (payout as per 3rd)
  1. 50p “Two’s Club” for Gentlemen with a Two or better
  1. Gentlemen Hole in One will receive a prize of half (50%) of the Two or better pot - reducing the pot for those gentlemen with two's

Ladies’ Prize Fund - low number of entrants

  1. 9+ individual entrants - as above
  1. £1.00 (50%) Winner (1st)
  2.     60p (30%) Runner-Up (2nd)
  3.     40p (20%) Third (3rd)
  1. 5-8 entrants
  1. £1.20 (60%) Winner (1st)
  2.     80p (40%) Runner-Up (2nd)
  1. 2-4 entrants
  1. £2.00 (100%) Winner (1st)

CONGU® Unified Handicapping System 2016 - 2019 including Rules of Golf 2019


The UHS is based on the premise that a player will endeavour to make the best score he can at each hole in every qualifying round he plays and will report all such rounds for handicap purposes.

Any player who fails to carry out any of the responsibilities imposed by the UHS is not entitled to a CONGU® Handicap.

The player must:

8.6 Before commencing play on the day of a Qualifying Competition ensure that his entry has been registered in the competition record, manually or by computer in the manner required by the club or committee in charge of the competition.

A player who fails to enter a Qualifying Competition in the required manner is deemed to have neither a score for the competition nor a score for handicap purposes.

8.8 Ensure that all competition cards in Qualifying Competitions, whether or not complete, are returned to the organising committee, and make such computer entries as may be required – see Decisions, Dec.1(m) [Competition conditions that apply solely to the UHS] and Dec.1(n) [Failure to comply with a competition condition requiring entry by applying a swipe card to a computer terminal (revised)].

Note: It is expected that every player who enters a Qualifying Competition intends to complete the round.


18.11 When a club runs a single competition in which competitors play from more than one set of tees over the same course (e.g. mixed or single gender events as detailed in Appendix O) whenever practicable, a Single CSS Adjustment must be calculated and applied to the SSS’s of the relevant sets of tees (Appendix B Clauses 2.1 to 2.4).



In virtually all cases, the different sets of tees will have been allocated different Standard Scratch Scores by the Unions. Two issues arise; the first is how to determine the competition winner and the second is how to adjust handicaps in an equitable manner.

A. Determining the Prize-winners - Competition Handicap Allowances for Qualifying Competitions

In order to maintain equity in determining the prize winners in these competitions the Playing Handicaps of some of the competitors may require to be adjusted to provide a Competition Handicap Allowance. In Qualifying Competitions any adjustment to generate the Competition Handicap Allowance must be applied for competition result purposes only, so that the competition retains its qualifying status. The adjusted Competition Handicap Allowance must not be used to establish the Competition Scratch Score or for the purpose of handicap alteration. Competitions in which competitors play from different tees in Qualifying Competitions may be in three formats – medal stroke play, Stableford and par/bogey.

1. Regular Stroke Play

Foursomes, Greensomes and other Team Competitions using Ladies Pars and Stroke Indexes

Course / Gender / Tees



1905 Yellow to Royal Whittlewood Red

WOMEN +3 strokes

WOMEN +1 stroke

Royal Whittlewood Red to Grand Prix Blue

WOMEN +4 strokes

WOMEN +2 strokes

Grand Prix Blue to 1905 Yellow

WOMEN +4 strokes

WOMEN +2 strokes

2. Stableford Competitions

3. Par/Bogey Competitions

Course / Gender / Tees



1905 Yellow to Royal Whittlewood Red

WOMEN +1 stroke

MEN +1 stroke

Royal Whittlewood Red to Grand Prix Blue

WOMEN +2 strokes

[no adjustments]

Grand Prix Blue to 1905 Yellow

WOMEN +2 strokes

[no adjustments]

Competition Committee