What to Know Before
Attending Meets & Competitions

Uniform requirements

Hair and grooming

Contents of your child’s competition bag

Gymnasts should bring a bag to each competition that is big enough to hold the following items, as well as their team jacket and pants. They can carry this bag from event to event during the competition.

Bag contents:

Arrival time and etiquette

Gymnasts should be ready to walk onto the competition floor 15 minutes prior to the competition.

Please arrive at the venue, giving the gymnasts enough time to be ready and standing beside the competition floor with hair done, team wear on, shoes off and competition bag packed 15 minutes prior to the start of their warm-up. 15 minutes prior to warm up, gymnasts should be standing beside the competition floor waiting for their coach. Gymnasts should not be sitting up in the stands.

Gymnasts are expected to meet with their coach for a team meeting at the conclusion of the competition before they leave the competition floor.

Parents role at a competition


Gymnasts are required to wear either of the following to the awards ceremony.

Contacting coaches

It is the expectation that if families are provided with a personal phone number to contact coaches during a meet that this be used for emergency contact only, ie. gymnast is not able to attend or will be late, or family is unable to find venue. This phone number should not be used for verifying athlete schedules or for any use outside the time of the scheduled meet.