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2021 PONY Baseball and Softball North Zone PINTO Machine Pitch Tournament Rules
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2021 PONY Baseball North Zone
PINTO Machine Pitch Tournament Rules

  1. Games shall consist of six (6) innings.
  2. A 10-run mercy is in effect.  That is, the winning team must have a 10-run lead after 4 innings (the losing team MUST have batted at least 4 times).
  3. A team is required to have at least nine (9) players to play. Umpires are required to call a forfeit to any team failing to have nine (9) players to play 15 minutes after the scheduled start time.
  4. An inning shall consist of three (3) outs or a maximum of five (5) runs scored.  This rule does not apply in the sixth inning or in any extra innings.  
  5. A team can field ten players on defense and must field a catcher and four outfielders at all times.
  6. A pitching machine will be used at all times. The pitcher will assume a position to the rear of the machine on either side. Pitchers wearing helmets are highly recommended.
  7. The base path length shall be 50 feet.
  8. Every player shall play a defensive position a minimum of two (2) innings out of the first four (4) innings. Unlimited free defensive substitution is allowed
  9. The entire roster of players present for the game will be placed in the batting lineup.
  10. A batter will receive five (5) pitches from the machine.  If the batter fails to hit a fair ball or receives three (3) strikes, the batter will be declared out.  If the 5th pitch is hit foul, the batter will be given one additional hittable pitch which will be an out or hit that is fair.
  11. Batters are not permitted to bunt or swing easy at the ball. PENALTY: the batters shall be called back to the plate, the pitch and swing shall count as a strike, the ball is dead and no runners may advance.
  12. Base runners are NOT permitted to lead-off or steal and must remain in contact with the base until the ball is hit.  PENALTY: the runner shall be called out if the player leaves the base early.
  13. There is no infield fly rule.
  14. When the ball is hit in the outfield, the runner may advance until the ball is in the possession of an infielder within the boundaries of the infield and, in the umpires’ judgment, all play on runner(s) has ceased, the umpire shall call “TIME.” The ball is dead and shall be returned to the pitching machine.  The infield is defined as the area enclosed within the four base lines.  
  15. The Defensive team may have no more than two coaches on the field (IN FOUL TERRITORY) for instruction.  Players may not be used for base coaches. Teams are allowed a total of four coaches in this Pinto Tournament  
  16. Any rules not covered within this document can be seen in the 2021 PONY Baseball Rules & Regulations Book.

PONY Baseball and Softball expects Good Sportsmanship from the Coaches, Players and the Fans.

Revised 2/10/2021