2021 Brisbane’s Strongest Man and Woman Athlete Code of Conduct and Competitor Information


Event Team

Although there will be an event team of over 20, the following team members are your major points of contact for all enquiries. With over 14 years combined experience running and officiating some of the biggest strongman competitions in QLD and Australia, we look forward to making the 2021 Brisbane’s Strongest Man and Woman (BSMAW) one of the biggest and best competitions ever held in the country.

Meet Director – Drew Spriggs

Drew is the owner of Valhalla Strength – South Brisbane, and this will be the fourth year he has run BSMAW. Drew has been involved in the sport of strongman for over 7 years, and has been running competitions for 6 years.

Technical Officer – Chad Croft

Chad is the driving force behind Strongman Gold Coast, as well as behind one of the world’s biggest strongman competitions, The Static Monsters. Chad has been running strongman competitions for over 6 years, and previously ran the 2016 and 2017 Australian Strongman Alliance Nationals.

Head Scorer – Krystal Gagen-Spriggs

Krystal has been involved in the running and scoring of strongman competitions for the last 4 years. As well as being a Category 4 (World-Ranked) powerlifting referee, she has officiated and ran scoring at some of the biggest strongman and powerlifting competitions in Australia.


The 2021 BSMAW Code of Conduct defines the standards under which we expect all competitors and coaches to abide by. During this competition, many of you will be the spectators first brush with the sport of strongman, and we want to make sure that you know the standards of behaviour which we expect with you in this role to attract new competitors, sponsors and involvement to help grow the sport for the benefit of everybody.

Although we understand that this is competitive and expect some tough competition between many athletes vying for the top spots, we expect all behaviour to occur under the ‘spirit’ of the sport.

This includes, but is not limited to:

Personal Equipment

All competitors are responsible for ensuring they provide their own equipment which meets the standards of attire for the competition. This includes:

A competitor’s t-shirt will be provided for all competitors. This shirt must be worn for the entirety of the competition, aside for wearing a grip shirt for the pressing event. 

Sleeves may be cut off the competitor t-shirt should the competitors wish to do so, but the shirt may not be defaced in any other way. If you are not wearing your competitor shirt except for the above exception, you will not be able to start the next event until it is being worn.

Although there are some limits of what protective and supportive equipment may be worn (please check with the rules for each event for clarification), the maximum equipment that can be worn where not specified otherwise is:

For all events, the only substance which is allowed to be applied to the body or hands is plain chalk or talc (for the thighs), with chalk being supplied for all competitors. Any talc applied to the thighs must be done in a designated area. Any use of belt spray, tacky or similar will result in competitors being disqualified for that event, and responsible for cleaning up any of these substances they have gotten on equipment prior to being able to continue with the competition. Failure to clean up any of these substances will result in disqualification from the competition.

Athlete Behaviour and Responsibilities

As each competitor will be representative of the sport of strongman with such a large public crowd, we have high standards of behaviour that we expect from each athlete.

Refereeing or Scoring Objections

Any disagreements with scoring, timing or any official’s decision must be flagged with officials immediately at the conclusion of that event.

  1. Any issues with referee decisions must immediately be brought up with the referee
  2. responsible for the decision.
  3. If these decisions are unable to be resolved in a satisfactory manner, this manner must be immediately brought to the attention of the Technical Officer.
  4. Any issues with scoring must immediately be brought up with the scorer responsible for the decision.
  5. If scoring issues are unable to be resolved in a satisfactory manner, this manner must be immediately brought to the attention of the Head Scorer.
  6. If either of these cannot be resolved in a satisfactory manner, they must be immediately brought to the attention of the Meet Director, whose decision is final.

Although all care will be taken to ensure the scoring is totally correct, as the event team are all human there is the possibility that scoring mistakes will be missed and end up impacting the final scores from the competition.

  1. If you believe this has occurred, please get in contact with the Meet Director at the earliest available opportunity.
  2. If necessary to amend or alter scores, the affected parties will be contacted within 24 hours of a final decision being made.
  3. Any changes which impact scores will be publicly posted within 48hrs of final decisions being made.

Final Notes

Although this may seem like an unnecessary document, as the sport of strongman progresses it is vital that the professionalism of athletes and event organisers grows with it. As always, we welcome feedback and suggestions on our events and are keen for any chance we have to improve our contribution to the sport in Australia.

Please get in contact at drew@valhallastrengthsthbne.com.au if we can help in any way.