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1.        Purpose

This policy shall establish the District's parameters for granting sabbatical leaves for restoration of health for eligible employees.

2.        Authority

        SC 1166

The Board shall grant sabbatical leaves to administrative employees only for the purpose of restoration of health.

        SC 1171

The Board reserves the right to specify the conditions under which sabbatical leaves for restoration of health may be taken, consistent with law.

3.        Guidelines


        SC 1166

To be eligible for sabbatical leave, an employee shall have completed ten (10) years of satisfactory service in the public schools of the Commonwealth; at least five (5) consecutive years of such service shall be in this District.

        SC 1166

A sabbatical leave may be taken for a half or full school term or for two (2) half school terms during a period of two (2) years, at the employee's option.

        SC 1167

The total number of administrative employees on sabbatical leave at any one time shall not exceed ten percent (10%) of the number of eligible employees.


Requests for sabbatical leave shall be submitted on the approved District form and forwarded with medical documentation to the Superintendent or designee as soon as possible.

The Board shall review each application for sabbatical leave and shall approve those meeting the requirements of adopted policy.


Applicants for sabbatical leave shall submit with the application form an official supporting medical statement and recommendation from his/her physician.

        SC 1171

At both the approximate midpoint of the leave and at least thirty (30) days prior to the conclusion of the leave, a physician's statement shall be submitted to the Superintendent or designee, indicating the extent to which the purpose of the leave has been achieved and evaluating the health status of the employee relative to his/her ability to return to employment.

The Board reserves the right to require at its own expense additional examinations and reports by physicians of its choice to determine the validity of the leave request.

Commitment Of Employee

        SC 1168

Acceptance of a sabbatical leave incurs a commitment by the employee to return to active duty in this District immediately following the sabbatical leave for one (1) full school year, unless physically or mentally unable to do so.

The Board reserves the right to require at its own expense additional examinations and reports by physicians of its choice to determine the employee's ability to return to work.

Commitment Of Employer

        SC 1168

At the expiration of the sabbatical leave, the employee shall, unless agreed otherwise, be reinstated in the same position held at the time of the granting of the leave.

        SC 1170

Time on sabbatical leave shall be counted as time on the job for purposes of seniority, where applicable in the District, and for retirement fund purposes but for no other purpose.


        SC 1169

During the period of sabbatical leave, an employee shall be compensated at least one-half the salary to which s/he would have been entitled had the employee not taken leave.

While on leave, the employee shall be covered under the following District fringe benefit program for a period of twelve (12) months from the initial date of disability. The date of disability shall be the first day of absence for the illness which has subsequently resulted in disability. The fringe benefits to be continued will include hospitalization, major medical, dental, and life insurance.

        SC 1166

A sabbatical leave granted for restoration of health shall also serve as a leave of absence without pay from all other school activities.

School Code

1166, 1167, 1168, 1169, 1170, 1171

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