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Last updated 09/11/2020

How - To: Wordpress Login

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Some pages on the REPORTER support site require users to login in order to see the content. This is common on pages that include form submissions or information only relevant for administrative users. If you have an active Unity ID you can log in and see restricted pages via these instructions

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How to Login

Behaviour After Login

When to Login

How to Log in

You will know if you are on the REPORTER support site based on the URL, which will begin with “”. At any time while on any page within the REPORTER support site, you should have access to log in via a link found in the bottom right corner of the page -- highlighted below:

This link will take you to a page where you are prompted to enter your Unity ID. You will need to enter your active Unity ID and click Log in which will then redirect you to Shibboleth where you will enter your login credentials to complete log in.

Behaviour After Login

Once you have logged in, you may not be taken back to the page that you initially clicked ‘Login’ from. Instead, you will likely be redirected to your Wordpress Dashboard as seen in this example:

If you are taken to this page, you can easily navigate back either by

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When to Login

Pages that require login will display a message indicating that login is required and/or stating that the page is restricted. You can scroll to the bottom of the Wordpress site at any time and see in the bottom right corner if you have already logged in or not. If you are logged in, and a page is still restricted, that page is likely incomplete, mislinked, or meant for other audiences.

For example, most request forms will require login, such as ‘Request for Course Admin Access’ and ‘Web Services Request Form’, because these should only be used by Active NC State Workers using the REPORTER system.

When users go to these pages, the request form is hidden, and a message displays regarding what the user needs to do:

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