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Summer Semester  June 18th - July 27

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Summer Semester Principal, Mrs. Hitchcock


The summer months are an ideal time for students to get ahead with online courses that accommodate activities and travel. The Lynnhaven Academy Summer Semester offers the opportunity for any student in Virginia to earn credit anytime, anywhere. The online courses provide an alternative solution to fit your academic needs. Students in grades 9-12 may choose from the course catalogue. Read descriptions carefully to note any prerequisites. Online classes will take place solely online without any face-to-face classroom time. Blended classes will be mostly online, but will require weekly classroom time at Lynnhaven Academy. Appropriate time management is key for our summer courses, which follow an accelerated schedule. Students are expected to stay on track with their coursework to finish by their session end date. Students should expect to dedicate around 10 hours of time per week per class. To ensure that students have the necessary preparation for academic success, our Summer Orientation will be accessible prior to the course start date.

Technology requirements: Students must have daily access to a computer with a reliable internet connection. While mobile devices (phones/tablets) are useful tools for this work, they should not be used as replacements for computers (laptops, desktops). Please read course descriptions for more specific requirements.

Financial Information: The Summer Semester tuition fee is $250.00 for online only courses, $275.00 for Blended courses, and Drivers Education and Behind the Wheel costs $125.00 for Classroom, and $200 for Behind the Wheel. Lynnhaven accepts check, credit card, or cash. Lynnhaven Academy students have the option to be "Billed" in TADS. All tuition is due by May 30, 2018. There are no refunds.

Registration: Registration opens March 30, 2018. Parents may register their students by clicking this link. Please complete the form in its entirety.

Course Descriptions


Sociology (Online) - Providing insight into the human dynamics of our diverse society. This a course that delves into the fundamental concepts of sociology. This interactive course, designed for high-school students, covers cultural diversity and conformity, basic structures of society, individuals and socialization, stages of human development as they relate to sociology, deviance from social norms, social stratification, racial and ethnic interactions, gender roles, family structure, the economic and political aspects of sociology, the sociology of public institutions, and collective human behavior, both historically and in modern times.

Introduction into Communications and Speech (Blended) - Beginning with an introduction that builds student understanding of the elements, principles, and characteristics of human communication, this course offers fascinating insight into verbal and nonverbal messages and cultural and gender differences in the areas of listening and responding. High school students enrolled in this course will be guided through engaging lectures and interactive activities, exploring themes of self-awareness and perception in communication. The course concludes with units on informative and persuasive speeches, and students are given the opportunity to critique and analyze speeches in the course.

IDEA Writing-Instruction to Develop Expository and Applied Writing (Online) - Motivating students to become more articulate and effective writers. This course offers hands-on experience writing personal reflections, definition essays, research essays, persuasive essays, informative essays, and literary analysis essays. Offering targeted lessons on reputable research, effective communication, solid grammar, and compelling style, this course utilizes the Six Traits of Effective Writing as an overarching framework. Students enrolled in this course develop the skills necessary to evaluate one’s own writing and articulate and apply writing and researching strategies. In addition, students will get further practice applying the grammatical rules of Standard American English in formal writing.


Geometry (Blended) - This blended learning course includes the elements of a traditional course in plane geometry. By building upon the skills and concepts developed in Algebra I. Students will explore the geometric concepts involved with plane and solid figures. Our study will begin with a brief review of Algebra I leading into the study of points, lines and planes. Building upon these basic concepts, we will explore the properties of angles, triangles, polygons, circles, and polyhedrons.


VA Economics and Personal Finance (Online) - Students learn how economies and markets operate and how the United States economy is interconnected with the global economy. Additionally they learn how to navigate the financial decisions they must face and to make informed decisions relating to career exploration, budgeting, banking, credit, insurance, spending, financing postsecondary education, taxes, saving and investing, buying/leasing a vehicle, and living independently.

Health & Drivers Education

Health (Online only) - The goal of health education is to help students in 9th and 10th grade acquire an understanding of health concepts and skills and apply them in making healthy decisions to improve, sustain, and promote personal, family, and community health. Health Education I focuses on knowledge, examines attitudes, and formulates lifestyle behaviors. Students integrate a variety of health concepts, skills, and behaviors to plan their personal health goals. Potential areas of study include wellness, injury prevention and first aid, body systems, disease prevention and hygiene, and family life education. (Description adopted from Albemarle Schools).

Driver Education & Behind the Wheel (2 Week in person face to face Sessions)- This course is only for students who are at least 15 years old with or without a learning permit. The goal is for students to satisfy classroom and behind the wheel requirements from the DMV to get get their driver's license. The course is Monday - Friday for two week sessions. Courses will be offered in the morning (9am-11am) or an afternoon (2pm - 4pm) at Lynnhaven Academy. Students must choose the morning or afternoon session to attend for the two-week duration of the course.

Academic Support

Strategies for Academic Success (Online only)- Offering a comprehensive analysis of different types of motivation, study habits, and learning styles. This course encourages high school students to take control of their learning by exploring varying strategies for success. Providing engaging lessons that will help students identify what works best for them individually, this course covers important study skills, such as strategies for taking high-quality notes, memorization techniques, test-taking strategies, benefits of visual aids, and reading techniques.

Virtual Tutoring SAT Prep Math (Online only) - The SAT Prep course is designed to help students prepare for the rigors of taking the SAT tests offered by the College Board.  The primary goal is to identify and implement test taking strategies using prerequisite knowledge to increase student performance. Students should own a TI-83 or TI-84 calculator in order to prepare properly for the SAT.

Virtual Tutoring SAT Prep Reading (Online only) - The objective of this course is to review and prepare students for the Reading section of the SAT exam. In addition to supplying an overview of the structure, the course will provide students with vocabulary review, test taking tips and strategies, and a variety of literature selections to analyze.

Credit Recovery (Online only) - Credit Recovery is available. Please contact us for a full list of courses.

Summer Semester F.A.Q.

Q. How much does it cost to attend summer semester?

  1. Online only courses cost $250.00, Blended Learning courses cost $275.00

Drivers Education courses cost: $125.00 for classroom only, $200.00 for Behind the Wheel.

Q. Is financial aid available for summer?

  1.  There is no financial aid available

Q. Who can take classes at Lynnhaven Academy for Summer Semester?

  1. Any eligible high school student in the state of Virginia.


Q. When do I register?

  1. Registration opens on March 30, 2018

Q. If I take classes during summer semester, will they be easier than the fall and spring terms?

  1. Summer semester courses are condensed 6 week courses that typically take a semester in a traditional school year. Rather than take 7 classes during the school year, students only focus on one or two classes. It’s neither easier or harder.

Q. Do grades and credits count towards graduation?

  1. All courses count towards graduation requirements. Summer semester is also an excellent way to boost your GPA.

Q. What is the maximum number of classes I can take during a single summer semester?

  1. Due to the workload, we recommend that students only take a maximum of two courses over the summer. Special circumstances may warrant more than two. Please check with Ms. Hitchcock, Summer Semester Principal for more information.

Q. What if I decide to drop all my classes once I am enrolled for Summer Semester?

  1. Students may drop one or all classes by the drop period, which is June 22nd. There will be no refund for registered courses.

Q. How much time will I spend doing work for my class?

  1. These courses require the same level of commitment from you as traditional classroom courses would. Students should estimate working for 4-5 hours a day for the six weeks of the Lynnhaven Summer Semester.

Q. Is there an orientation before I start classes?

  1. Yes. For students who complete registration and pay all fees, there will be a scheduled orientation before the school year ends.

Q. I have not found the answer to my question concerning the course that I wish to enroll for summer sessions. What should I do?

  1. Contact the Summer Session Principal, Mrs. Hitchcock at or dial 804-750-2300 between the hours of 9am - 12pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.