US hymn 366 (vv 1-4)



Holy God, we praise thy Name,

Lord of all, we bow before thee;

All on earth thy sceptre claim,

All in heav’n above adore thee;

Infinite thy vast domain,

Everlasting is thy reign.


Hark, the loud celestial hymn

Angel choirs above are raising;

Cherubim and seraphim,

In unceasing chorus praising,

Fill the heav’ns with sweet accord:

Holy, holy, holy Lord!


Lo, the apostolic train

Join, thy sacred Name to hallow;

Prophets swell the loud refrain,

And the white-robed martyrs follow;

And, from morn till set of sun,

Through the Church the song goes on.


Holy Father, holy Son,

Holy Spirit, Three we name thee,

While in essence only One,

Undivided God we claim thee;

Then, adoring, bend the knee

And confess the mystery.