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CV/ML/Optics/Algorithms Internships
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CV/ML/Optics/Algorithms Internships

Glass Imaging is offering internships for current PhD students and recent MS/PhD grads. A background in Deep Learning, Computer Vision Algorithms, Imaging or optics is desired; you would have the chance to work on advanced problems in real-world computational photography.

You would have the opportunity to work alongside industry leaders, helping bring the latest cutting edge CV models into production on embedded devices and smartphones, from researching, developing and training Deep Learning models and imaging algorithms, to optimizing them for high throughput real time imaging applications.

Founded by former Apple Engineers who brought you Portrait Mode and other core iPhone camera features, Glass is building the future of miniaturized imaging that delivers astonishing image quality and user experience. You’d be joining a unique team of creative and enthusiastic engineers with a passion and track record for revolutionizing the world of photography.

Required Skills & Experience:

Desired Experience:

Background on Glass:

Glass's innovative camera architecture combines a new type of lens design with state-of-the-art AI algorithms to form an image on a large image sensor while keeping the overall thickness of the camera module thin enough to fit in any smartphone.

The result is a camera module that eliminates the need for multiple lenses and the complexity that comes with it. Our technology drastically improves image quality to enable features like real HDR, Portrait Video, 10-15x resolution gain and 20x less noise for low light imaging, and more, i.e. the quality of a DSLR with the smartphone camera app experience, in your pocket. Our business model is based around licensing our unique technology to a $40B+ market.

We are a small friendly startup, based in Los Altos CA. Some of our work requires interacting with prototype hardware, so we are focused on candidates able to work in a hybrid manner in the SF Bay Area. We can provide competitive benefits!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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