Pacific Green Party Summer Convention Proposed Agenda

                       Multnomah Public Library, Central Branch, US Bank Room

                                         July 27, 2019 10am-4pm

Times are estimates and final agenda is determined at the convention.

present: Emma Lugo, Michael Sonnleitner, T. Oliver, Nathalie Paravicini, Raquel, Charles Newlin, Amanda Trujillo, Marv Sannes,  Nicholas Bransberg (PGP), Raven Playfair, Connor Salisbury, John Thielking, Jack Dresser, Ibrahim Taher, Dan Pulju, Michael, Amy Sacks, Pat Adams, Jay Wilkins,

10:00: set up, mingle, introductions, meet local groups

intros ~10:30 to 11:00

11:00-11:10 discussion online/remote participation

11:10-11:20 finalized agenda

11:20: candidacies update (proposed by The Women’s Caucus)

             Decision:  Creation of Elections WOrking Group

Initial meeting on August 3rd, 1pm, 5517 SE 65th Ave

To create a list of races available over the next 3-4 years

To keep a running list of races and information on deadlines and numbers for those races

Committed to attending:  Amy Sacks, Raven Playfare, Nathalie Paravicini, AManda Trujillo, Michael Sonnleitner

Presentation by Sonnleitner on successful runs for office (PCC Board of Directors) and what he was able to accomplish as the PCC board + Q&A

<Physical meeting location Nathalie’s house, make a start via e-doc of some sort and Zoom meeting on Sunday 4th 2019 to get started, others can help later as they are able>.

Ibrahim presented views on party/campaigning;discussion


12:07 lunch break -


1:00 documents changes proposals (proposed by Nathalie Paravicini, Sabrina Siegel, Dan Pulju, Connor Salisbury)

  1. Proposal to define supporting members, as mandated by the PGP Constitution and Bylaws, initially presented at the June 2018 Eugene convention, reviewed and amended at the Dec 2018 Salem convention ; passed 10-1
  2. Proposal regarding conventions, amends bylaws Article VIII; passed 7-0-4
  3. Proposal regarding Candidate requirements -tabled
  4. Platform Proposal on Healthcare Sabina; 11-0, 1 sa
  5. Platform proposals, Dan Pulju, and Amanda Trujillo wafp:11-0-0 (consensus on applying vote to all)
  6. Redistricting Joint Measure Draft Endorsement, Blair Bobier 11-0-1

proposal on bylaws artilce xiia: 12-1

3:20 SCC alternates?

        (this and following item switched order. docs change proposals continued until 2:40, 5 min break

2:45 STAR voting presentation/discussion (w/ Sara Wolf, proposed by Emma     Lugo)

     2:45 presentation by Jaz. asks to endorse star in addition to irv. 3:00 Q&A.

3:30 National Delegates report

    oliver presentation

    vp not required to be green party member. discussion gpus presidential contest.

3:45 adjourn/takedown/clean