In 2021 after volunteering with FFF for three months volunteers who participate in the

following areas are eligible for special benefits for their personal pets.


Shelter cleaners

Volunteers running fundraisers

Volunteers assisting with surgery sign in, surgery &    surgery discharge

Volunteers assisting with Saturday adoptions

Foster homes

Facebook/website administrator

Redner's tape coordinator

Newsletter editor

Guidelines for frequency of volunteering to be eligible:

Volunteers will be entitled to reduced prices on the following items:

Distemper vaccination












Dog - Spay or Neuter

Deduct $25.00 from charge

*There will be a limit of six surgical procedures a year.

NOTE: Rabies vaccinations must be given by our shelter Vet. If an eligible volunteer brings their pet to a vaccination clinic, they will be entitled to the reduced price of $5.00.

Leukemia vaccination will not be offered at a discounted price.

The board of directors reserves the right to limit or refuse benefits.

                                                                                                                                                    Revised 11/22/20