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SE 410 Fall 2021 Course Information
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This page summarizes information for students enrolled in, or who are considering taking, SE 410 (Component Design) at UIUC during Fall 2021. This semester, SE 410 will be conducted in a hybrid manner. In-person* lectures will be held on Mondays. A detailed syllabus will be provided to students enrolled in SE 410.

*Online section: An online section is available to students who must participate remotely. As of 8/12/2021, no students are enrolled in this section. If any students enroll, the Monday in-person lectures will be made available to these students as synchronous online lectures.

Instructor: Prof. James T. Allison,, 

TA: Elena Fernández

Catalog Description: Design of basic engineering components: structural members, machine parts, and connections. Principles applied include: material failure (yield, fracture, fatigue); buckling and other instabilities; design reliability; analytical simulation. 3 undergraduate hours. 3 graduate hours. This course is an approved Design Elective in the SE Undergraduate curriculum. Prerequisites: SE 311 and SE 320.

Course Format:

  1. A group design project focused on automotive suspension system design, providing students with an opportunity to apply knowledge learned in class to a practical engineering design problem, including the need to account for interactions between multiple elements in a system design problem, as well as detailed engineering calculations needed to support effective design decisions.
  2. An individual ‘design application’ project defined by each student, providing an opportunity for students to learn in more depth about a mechanical or structural design application of interest to them, and to develop some practical intuition for the application to complement analytical knowledge obtained through other class activities.

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