Honors American History Curriculum at a Glance

Honors American History address the following topics in a non-chronological, thematic method. The following topics are covered through the use of locally signifficant Project Based Learning.

The Civil War and Reconstruction

•        Analyze the causes and effects of major events of the Civil War.

•        Evaluate the lasting effects of Reconstruction.

Western Expansion

•        Explain how mass migration and the discovery of mineral deposits in the American West changed the character of the country.

The Age of Invention and Industrialization

 Summarize how inventions, production methods, government policies, and certain business practices affected economic development during the Second Industrial Revolution.

Immigration and Ethnic Conflict

 Analyze the impact of immigration on American life and social structure, while making comparisons to current immigration issues.

World War I

• Analyze the origins and affect on of WWI from and economic, political, and ethnic perspective.

The 1920s

•        Analyze economic conditions including origins and affects.

•        Examine social changes and the events that precipitated the change.

The Great Depression

•        Analyze the economic conditions that led to the Great Depression.  

•        Detail the effects on the American public of the economic downturn.

•         Make comparisons to modern economic conditions.

World War II

•        Summarize the causes of WWII, as well as the economic and social impact globally.

•        Detail major battles, events, and postwar policies by the United States and selected         countries.

The Cold War

•        Summarize the origins of the Cold War.

•        Examine political actions and policy;  Including The Arms Race, actions in Korea, and Southeast Asia.

The Civil Rights Movement

•        Examine the events and legislation of the Civil Rights movement since the 1950s; Including political and social changes.

"The War on Terror"

•        Trace the origins of global terrorism and its impact on American policy and culture.