“I wasn’t really happy with myself, I just needed to change..”

From singing at local bars to pop princess to multi award winning artist, Ruby has never been one to shy away from the stage. Towering over the rest in her 4 inch platform boots and sporting an all black leather outfit, she has never been a sheep with her style. The critically acclaimed artist has recently swapped her pop princess look for a new, upgraded edgier version of herself.

With hits such as ‘Memory’ and ‘Sorry’, duo ‘Violet Water’ Ruby and Olivia have had a golden career. But things soon turned sour for the girls next door after Ruby announced her departure from the duo.

“It just felt like the right thing to do” she says, sitting in the living room of her Hollywood mansion. “I felt very restricted in the duo so I decided to go solo.” The pair were discovered back in early 2013 when their cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘22’ was seen by producers at Capitol Records. They then recorded and released their first album ‘Wild Heart’ later that year.

 “It was a huge success, it hit number 1 two weeks after it’s worldwide release” recalls Ruby. “Me and Olivia were over the moon, it was a dream come true.” As their career kicked off big time, they made a big decision to pack up their things and relocate to Los Angeles from Guernsey.

“We felt it was a big but risky move which in the long run would help our careers even more.” She says. “But after we moved to LA things started to change.”

Violet Water continued on to make 3 more top 10 albums with Capitol since 2014. While she was in the States, Ruby began to become more and more influenced by the rising edgier fashion and rock culture of the Californian city.

“My reinvention was inspired by the uprising rock culture in LA, I wasn’t really happy with myself, I needed to change.” It was in 2015 when she started experimenting with the rock culture fashion. “I began combining some of the edgier fashion with the style I had at the time and began to feel more comfortable in myself.”  As Ruby became more and more invested in the culture, she found that creative differences between her and the other half of the duo, Olivia.

“Olivia wanted to continue making the music we had been since we’d met, I felt like we should venture forward and try something with a rock vibe.” She said. “We tried to go back to our roots, Olivia loved it but I felt that it wasn’t the best that I could produce and my heart just wasn’t in it.”

It was at this point that Ruby began thinking about the future of the duo.

“I met with our producers and told them about some of my ideas, they didn’t like it and said it  didn’t match our image and that was when I began thinking about the possibility of going solo.” At the end of 2016, they released their self titled fourth studio album. It received overwhelming support from their fans, however Ruby still felt it wasn’t the right thing.

“The support we received for our album was incredible but it still didn’t feel right to continue doing.” she admits. “I felt as if I wasn’t being true to myself, I started to produce my own music on my laptop, outside the band.” After hiding her secret songwriting from her label  since June 2017, she decided to come clean to her record label and fellow bandmate.

“I told them how I felt, I showed them what I had been producing.” she recalls. “They were impressed but I was told that it wasn’t what they wanted for the band and it was then when we decided to split.” It wasn’t as easy as that though, they were halfway through taking their self titled album on a world tour.

“Capitol told us that they would help us continue as solo artists so they helped us produced our first solo albums.” Shortly after the tour had finished, the pair announced their split and reassured their fans that they would be back.

“They (fans) have all given us so much, Later this month, Ruby’s first solo album comes out.

“ I am over the moon at how the album turned out.” she says. “I hope you guys love it as much as I do.”