848 Policy – Bullying

Bullying is not allowed in scouting.  This is usually pointed out at the beginning of many camp outs, and often-times at troop meetings.  The reason is obvious, but I’ll state it anyhow:  No boy should ever fear coming to a scout meeting due to the threatening behavior of older or bigger or faster scouts.

Bullying is tricky because adolescents are going through an awful lot in school, at home, and within their own bodies.  That is why we bring it up a lot.

In the event a scout is called out for bullying at a meeting or on a camp out, the adult leaders will discuss together and decide on a course of response.  The adult leaders who are out there with your son are likely to be a little off-put by having to deal with bullying problems and sleep deprivation.  Typically, it will involve the scout’s parents having to come and retrieve their boy immediately.  The fact that we sometimes camp as far as 5 hours away from home doesn’t come into the calculation.  Not to tell you how to parent or anything, but you may want to explain to your child that his behavior is his responsibility, and if you have to come and get him, you will impart some sort of consequence like taking his ____ away from him for a month.