Integrated Math 1 Course Syllabus

Adelante High School

Instructor:  Ms. Ford                                                E-mail:


Instructional Materials/ Supplies for the course (provided by teacher)

1 or 1½ inch binder           Colored Pencils                 Pencils                  Highlighters

***Computers must be brought to school each day***


Class Design/STRUCTURE

This course is divided into 5 modules with 3-6 topics within each module to be covered over the course of 2 quarters (1 semester).  We will be covering

Module 1: Searching for Patterns

Module 2: Exploring Constant Change

Module 3: Investigating Growth & Change

Module 4: Describing Distributions

Module 5: Analyzing Geometric Functions

*Every Friday there will be a test that covers what was learned that week.  Test retakes are allowed.  At the end of the course there will be a midterm/final that covers the entire quarter

   Class Expectations

To be successful you must attend class regularly.  In order to provide the most productive learning environment, certain guidelines must be followed:


o   Be prepared and on time!!!!!

o   Always have your supplies ready.

o   You are responsible for your own learning, so ask lots of questions and get help often.  Be an active member of the class.

o   Excessive absences make it difficult to succeed in class.  If you are absent, it is your responsibility to obtain the notes from Blackboard to complete any assignments missed upon your return.  It is also your responsibility to make up any test(s) you miss while you are absent.


«  Bring to class everyday:  PRIDE

1.  Be Prepared                             2.  Be Respectful                         3.  Get Involved

4.  Discipline yourself - Display appropriate behaviors    5. Be Efficient – Use time wisely



o   No Cell Phones/MP3/Music devices will be out during class time (They will be taken away if I see them)

o   Be seated and ready to work before the bell rings.

o   Respect everyone in the classroom.  No swearing, put-downs, or teasing.

o   Stay on task and work up to the end of the class.  The teacher, not the bell, dismisses the class!


If any of these expectations are neglected you will be given a verbal warning.  If the behavior is not corrected   you can expect one or more of the following:

o   Office Referral and/or ODR

o   Phone call home



Evaluation/Assessment Procedures




20% (10% each)

Quizzes/Chapter Tests


Final Exam





PRIDE Behavior Expectations









Come to class on time ready to learn and engage

Be prepared for class each day with assignments and materials

Be Present - physically and mentally

Respect others’ personal space and property

Keep your workspace clean and organized

Be mindful of others’ feelings, opinions, and experiences

Help those around you

Take an active, positive role in classroom activities

Ask questions, it’s the best way to learn

Turn assignments in on time, this way you won’t fall behind and the material will make more sense

Use technology responsibly

Clean up after yourself

Work diligently in class and use the time wisely

Follow and respond appropriately to directions

Be proactive

Classroom Routine/Behavioral Expectations

Entering the Classroom

As you enter the classroom you should be readied and prepared to focus, have some fun, and LEARN! Pick up assignments by the door as you come in.  Phones are silenced and put away, earbuds are removed from your head, and be seated in your assigned seat by the time the bell rings.

Starting the Class

At the start of class I will take attendance and address any immediate concerns. Pick up your binders and be ready to start your notes.  Turn in any homework assignments if necessary.

Working Independently

During independent work you are expected to complete the assignment. If you complete the assignment before your peers or the end of class, you are to work on any absent/late work, review the material, or work on assignments for another class, including personal finance.

Working in Groups

During group work, you are expected to collaborate with your group, remain on task, provide/receive support from one another, and contribute to your best and fullest ability to complete the assignment.

Asking for Help

If you have a relevant question about an assignment/topic that you feel other classmate’s may also need to know the answer to (trust me, it is most often the case that others around you have similar questions as you), then feel free to raise a hand for me to call on or walk over to, and I will help you to come up with the answer. You may also ask your group members your questions.

End of Class

At the end of class,  I will let you know that you may pack up. Once instructed to pack up, you will clean your workspace, return any borrowed materials,  and push your chair in.