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Community Resources - XIII. Appendices: Terminology and Phone Policy
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A.        Terminology

The goal of this section is to familiarize resource guide users with inclusive and accurate terminology regarding these topics.

Note: these terms are not legal definitions. Legal definitions vary by state.

Domestic Violence & Intimate Partner Violence








Kirkwood Public Library Phone Policy

Section 8. Phone Policy

Business phones at Kirkwood Public Library are intended for use in the transaction of Library business. Patrons expect to reach the library in a timely fashion. Staff members expect the availability of phone access to provide timely patron service. To assure that these expectations are met, the Library has adopted the following policies regarding phone usage.

Staff Phone Usage

Staff members are requested to keep personal calls to a minimum. Personal calls are limited to non-public areas of the building and should be of short duration.

Public Phone Usage

In general, use of the Library's business phones by the public is limited to brief calls in the case of emergencies.  Patrons may also use a Library phone to contact agencies and helplines listed in the "Community Resources" binder.


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