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Fifth Grade Newsletter No 28

March 12-16, 2018

Mrs. Svirida | (916) 331-7377 ext. 3191

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Dear Parents,

TCS Open House - Tuesday, March 13

Please make plans to visit your child’s class and see some of the work and projects they’ve been doing throughout the year. You may also visit other classrooms and talk to our wonderful teachers and staff.

Just a reminder that this day is a Minimum Day. School will be dismissed at 12 PM, daycare is available.

The evening will begin in the Cornerstone Chapel with a time of Praise & Worship with our very own TCS Worship Team. This is a good opportunity to invite family, friends, neighbors, and people from your church to see what God is doing at our school.

Chick-fil-A Lunch:  Hot lunch on Friday, March 16th. If you wish your child to participate, please complete the hot lunch envelope slip and return to school by Tuesday, March 13th (cash only and exact change). ATTENTION: Chick-fil-A uses peanut oil.

        This is a reminder to please pay the remainder of your Redwood Alliance balance by April 1st. If you are going with us and have not yet told me that you will be going, this is the week to do so. Also, extra adults going are welcome to attend but will be paying the full price of $255. Every adult who attends must be willing to drive a group of students if physically possible. I have my two chaperones already that will be staying with the students. Mrs. Armstrong will be watching the girls cabin and Mr. Ramstad will be watching the boys cabin. I also have Mrs. Marian coming as well to help out where needed. Thank you parents for your participation. I also will need background checks on all adults going, so please check your emails, for I will be sending you a link with instructions for the check in the next couple weeks.

        Please make sure that you are checking your child’s homework folder regularly. The folder needs to be free of clutter. I see often papers sitting in the folders for a week or more. Students should be handing papers and forms to you and old homework papers need to stay home or in their binder. Please check jupiter, emails and the calendar regularly for announcements and events. Also, I am being very strict about spelling tests. If I cannot tell what the letter is, I will mark the word wrong. Most words are worth 3 points a piece. I have been instructing and reminding students to always make sure that their letters look like what they are supposed to be. Some tricky letters are “a” vs “u”, “v” vs “w”, “y” vs “g”, “o” vs “a”, to name a few.

Test and Quiz Schedule

Monday: Science Projects due

Tuesday: History quiz 14

Reading Vocab quiz

                Emitted-spoke; uttered

                Harrowing-extremely distressed

                Incorporate-to combine with

                Inculcate-to teach; instill


                Travail-anguish;extreme hardship

                Unverifiable-not able to be proven          

Wednesday: Math test 17A        

Thursday:  Field Trip - we leave at 10:45; Should be back by 2:00

Friday:  Spelling test 26

          Bible quiz 26

        Psalms 119:9-16

        Science quiz 25


Mon: Write Spelling list 26 2x each; Science CCU 9 sec A all on NOTEBOOK paper; Finish typing outline for research report

Tues: Open House - No homework


Thurs: Finish typing research report final draft

Fri: Research Report due Wednesday


                Cover sheet

                At least 2 pictures

                Sentence Outline

                Research Report (400-500 words; double spaced)

                Bibliography page

        Have everything in a plastic report folder in the order above. Look at language book Unit 12 for examples. Students have been working hard in class, now it is time for them to share their work!

Nation Notebook p. 63 Turn in Monday, March 19.

Music - Bring Instruments on Thursday

Students are also preparing for Easter Concert.