Gateway Regional High School

Course Information

                      AP Calculus


Julie Wenner


Phone Number

856-848-8200 ext. 509

Course Website            Code:  2i2oo3

Course Description

This course is a college-level course that is taught in accordance with College Board approved curricula.  The pace matches the pace of college courses and provides students the challenge of responsibilityand independence in learning.


Exam Date:  Tuesday May 15, 2018


Course Expectations and Assessments

Independent projects will be completed after the AP Exam.


60% Tests and Major Projects

30% Quizzes and Smaller Projects

10% Classwork and Support Grade

Course Policies


Homework is assigned each day and should take approximately 15 minutes.  Although homework does not calculate into your grade, it is ESSENTIAL to your success in this class.  In order to be eligible to Retest, you must have 80% of the homework assignments completed on time.  Otherwise, you will not be allowed to Retest.

Required and Recommended Materials 

Notebook (Spiral with Folder or Binder)


TI-89 Calculator ($1500) One is given to use during class.


        PREPS: Periods 1 and 6

After school (2:37pm) most days

Some Helpful Websites:

YouTube – Enter topic we are studying

Khan Academy - See Google Classroom Page

SAT Help: Khan Academy

Get a five - See Google Classroom Page

Classroom Behavioral Expectations and Rewards/Consequences

Be Kind and Respect each other.

No Cell Phones during lesson.

Snacks and Drinks are fine if you clean up after yourself.