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77.62 Do
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77.62 Do

1353. Hard to keep to the program and fight diabetes.  Ate a full bag of frozen potatoes yesterday along with a bag of dried banana chips.

1354. I’m going to continue these 77 day Google published pages, but the concentration for now is on getting the past editions posted.

1355. “When The Shoe Fits” By Osho Is A Deep Introduction To Tao

“When The Shoe Fits is a transcription of a lecture given by Osho in 1974, based on the teachings of the ancient Taoist Chuang Tzu. Osho is one of the more famous modern Taoists who achieved cult-like status among his followers. To remove suffering, he advises men to not achieve and just allow life to happen to you. This advice exists on an opposite plane when compared to what is taught within Western culture.”

Need to embrace this for IBM*.  We have lived the other life, and now is time for a real life.

“Because you exist in an ignorant, flawed state, any goal you create is almost sure to create suffering since it is from a place of society instead of nature. You simply do not have the awareness or knowledge to create goals that are in harmony with your true nature, and what you may describe as “success” is—upon achievement—the beginning of a cycle of frustration or suffering.”

“The most violent members of society today are leftist protesters who tell you they are against violence.”

For IBMs*, the danger is to lock ourselves into monster goals to make ourselves feel good about achievements the world could care less about.  We are told doing the easy thing is lazy.

“If I were to take his advice, I would work just the minimum to satisfy my material needs, and then relax for most of the day. I’d go for walks, do a basic level of exercise that doesn’t involve having big muscles, cook simple meals, and seek out pleasant company. Instead, I have a schedule set out for me before I wake up, meaning my day is dead before I even open my eyes. I have strategies to maximize the amount of work I do. I have exercises for my right wrist which is experiencing chronic pain due to excess computer use. I have special stretches for my lower back to combat the effects of sitting all day in front of a screen. I sacrifice my body for work and excess material gain.”

What is the leading cause of divorce?  Marriage.  Is success the leading cause of failure?  If you don’t have some notion of what success is, how could what you actually did fail?

When were we first taught that we were not good enough?  As children, I’m sure.

“It is very easy to be happy when you are in your prime. You’re at your peak health, beauty, and physical fitness. Everything is new, with a world of experiences before you, and the daily stimulation of novelty and discovery ensures you won’t get bored. But to be happy when you are old, when the river has dried up, that is something special. When your health is gone, your beauty is gone, your phallus no longer works, your muscles are atrophying, your back is crooked, your prostate is the size of an orange, and when people all around you see you as a burden, waiting impatiently for you to die; if you can be happy at that time then there must be true fulfillment within. Show me a happy old man, a man who has been tossed aside by the generations that have preceded him. He is someone I want to learn from.”

“Most suffering in the West comes from trying to satisfy desires. ”

“We arrive at the conflict between individual fulfillment and societal magnificence. What’s good for the individual may not be good for society, and what’s good for society may cause suffering to the individual. I agree we must have standards within a society to prevent it from succumbing to every degenerate cause under the sun, but it’s a danger to place it above that of the individual”

“I see Tao as a logical extension of Stoicism, because while the latter insinuates that are you a thing-becoming, Tao argues that you have already become. If you do get value out of Stoicism, I believe you will enjoy this book by Osho.”

1356. The IBM* Burden

Stacking up a bundle of projects is at the heart of our burden.


] He said that socialism would socialise only poverty, and he described Gandhi as a masochistreactionary who worshipped poverty.[2][4] What India needed to escape its backwardness was capitalism, science, modern technology and birth control.[2] He criticised orthodox Indian religions as dead, filled with empty ritual, oppressing their followers with fears of damnation and the promise of blessings.

1358. The Most Important Teachings From Alan Watts’ “The Way Of Zen”

1359. 4 New Passport Programs – Are They Worth It?

1360. I don’t care what you think.  I don’t care how you feel.  I do care about how you act.

1361. 77 Modified

I may be finally getting the hang of what I want to do.  No more of these senseless goals and deadlines.  At age 65, even the phrase deadline just sounds like something I don’t need.

1362. Giving Up Television

I like watching television.  A lot.  Over my lifetime, I am sure I have pissed away years of life watching mindless drivel, fake news, and clueless talking heads.  With cable and a DVR, you can save hours and hours of shows to binge watch during your free time.

As Bob Dylan told us, "you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows".  I live in Florida, so everytime a storm gets within 500 miles, we get almost non-stop local weather reports.  

Whether you watch Fox or CNN, real news is in short supply.  24 hour news cycles require a great deal of fillers.  

1363. Why I Never Watch the News

“Don’t give all the hype all of your power and attention.  Don’t reinforce to the Universe that we are living in a time of war, famine, murder, and disease.  You get what you think about (or are told to think about).  Let the Universe know that there are people on this planet who are loving, kind, compassionate, and peaceful.  Keep your thoughts loving, kind, compassionate, and peaceful so we get more of that.”

1364. As much as I hate the idea, I have to become a hermit for 77 days beginning Monday.  I cannot allow myself to fall short of iPT.  This will require a level of discipline I have seldom achieved in my life, but totally necessary.  By sticking to the plan, I will have ebooks ready for publication and affiliate marketing mastered.  But the journey has to be one of enjoyment and enlightenment.

1365. I believe I have to keep my most productive time to between midnight and 10:00 am.

1366. This is a brilliantly made point, and it aligns perfectly with Stoicism. Remember, to the Stoics the two big categories that everything had to be sorted into were the things that were up to usand the things that are not up to us.

1367. What I Must Do

I make constant adjustments to my 77 day plan to get the most production for my websites and ebooks that I can achieve without enslaving myself to a ghost employer.  

Over the next 77 days, I will concentrate on developing an ideal schedule for my health, wealth, and relationships.

1368. Setting Up WP In Subdirectory (A2)

  1. go to Softaculous in cPanel
  2. click on install new A2 WP blog
  3. choose domain
  4. enter name for subdirectory (must not exist)
  5. put in admin username, password, and admin email address of choice
  6. create blog
  7. select Appearance|Themes
  8. Add Themes - Upload Themes
  9. I like PersonalBlogily but choose whatever strikes your fancy
  10. delete unused themes
  11. go to Plugins
  12. add Classic Editor
  13. delete Akismet Anti-Spam
  14. add Anti-Spam Bee
  15. add AddtoAny plugin
  1. go to Settings|AddtoAny
  2. select SM to promote
  3. post at bottom of pages and posts
  1. delete sample page
  2. create disclaimers page
  1. go to Pixabay and search for a disclaimers image
  2. set as featured image
  1. add my TOS/PP page
  2. add WP GDPR Fix or free alternative


1369. As much as I don’t want to, I need to go to a no TV mode for the next 77 days.  That’s the only way I can get my writing done and still leave time for walking and the gym.  The other factor is just how bad TV news is right now.  I must concentrate on affiliate marketing instead of putting the ebooks together.

1370. 77 Day 1 Reborn

I am busy reconstructing ideal rituals and pledges to send my life into the right direction so I can travel the world again before I die.  

The situation will change some when my nephew goes for a second time to Pakistan to help open a P.F. Chang’s and when the money runs out on my mother’s long term care policy which pays for a home health care worker, which it now has.

The burden of her care will fall primarily on me.  And you don’t want me to be your health care worker.

I will have to create the best environment possible in this prison.  While this sentence has been accepted like a bad plea bargain, I will eventually be paroled.  I can make the time go faster if I can earn enough money online to pay for a nursing home.  We are getting squeezed financially as are so many others.

Since I am at home taking care of my mother, the television is always on.  I can work while watching, and I am used to the TV as background noise, I get far more writing and blog management and marketing done when I am away from the house.  I find that working in the bedroom keeps me away from the TV and her, and helps me produce more.

I learned a long time ago how to work in a crowded bookstore or coffee shop.  People think a busy environment is a negative, but that’s just for extroverts who feel compelled to meet strangers.  It can be perfect for introverts who want to be left alone.  Panera Bread near Regency Square is my favorite office away from home, and I will start going there as often as possible for 3 hours of work between 6:00 am and 9:00 am.

Distractions at home include the TV, the refrigerator, and a soft bed in the next room.

When I was studying for the bar exam years ago, I took my practice texts and questions to a busy food court at a Miami mall and studied there.  Best decision ever.  

I got out of the house, and did extremely well on the exam.  But all you have to do is pass.  I’m not sure what pressure John-John was under when he failed the NY Bar twice before passing.

He’s in good company, including Michelle Obama, Governor Jerry Brown of California, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

My gong includes only 3 main items over the next 77 days.  The details will change as I progress toward returning to an iPT lifestyle.

1. Control and Reverse Diabetes

2. Create a Full Walkabout Solopreneur Business Online

3. Build Out My Potential Next Ex-Wife Boards on Pinterest

To have the time to accomplish these “goals”, I have to do one thing.  Actually, I need to not do one thing - watch TV.  Nothing interferes with my reinventing my life more than snacking in front of the idiot box.

To paraphrase, no one on his or her deathbed ever regrets not watching more TV.  (I’m not sure if soap opera fans are an exception.)

Life is short.  That’s why I resent giving up this time to be a caregiver.  I hate it.  I suck at it.  But that doesn’t mean I have to enhance the crime by watching TV.

Think about it.  If you watch 4 hours of TV a day, that is a full 2 months each year you can be doing something else.  If you watch 6 hours a day, that’s 3 months of 24 hour days.  

I know people do other things while the TV is on.  I eat meals while watching, check email, and do other routine computer tasks.  But it’s still a drain.  If you must have background noise, try Pandora or YouTube videos that are mostly interviews or lectures.

To control my blood sugar and even reverse diabetes, I have to employ a number of strategies.  The first is diet.  I have gone totally vegan with no processed carbs like bread, and no grains until I travel again.  (It’s hard to get away from rice in most of the world.)

The second prong of diabetes defense is exercise.  Sitting on my ass in front of the TV does not count.  You tune in and drop out.

A major factor in becoming an iPT again is succeeding with my Walkabout Solopreneur system.  To get away from the television and to get more work done in less time, I walk to Starbuck’s or McDonald’s for coffee (1.6 miles from home), take a city bus downtown or to the beach, and stay away from the house as long as possible.

The only downside when you are an old fart with a backpack is looking homeless.

McDonald’s at 6 a.m. when the dining area opens is the new morning homeless shelter.  Fancier McDonald’s do get a wealthier geezer crowd, but I prefer to talk to my homeless peeps.

I don’t know if I have a TV addiction, but I will soon find out.  Years ago in Peace Corps, we watched no local television if we could help it.  But back at home, the bad habits reared up from time to time.  TV is a great escape from the problems in life.

I have used television to distract myself from the shame, embarrassment, and about some shitty financial and personal decisions.

Back during the OJ trial, I was recovering from an automobile accident.  I took off and stayed in Charleston, S.C., for over a year.  I watched all but about 2 hours of that trial.

I used TV to cope with the pain and boredom.  Charleston is my favorite city in the world, and I could hardly enjoy it.

Instead of using my time and energy to improve my life, I was wasting it on television.  I am doing it again.  Without cutting out TV, I can never get physically fit or make enough money to be a perpetual traveler.

I think it’s best not to have too many rigid goals.  You tend to lose sight of the vision and just add bars to your self-imposed prison. Jordan Peterson says otherwise, so I have to rethink my goals.  He says make them big and don’t worry if you fail.  If you don’t have a vision or goals, you will surely fail.

As a new vegan, I have  committed to a 100% vegan diet with no meat, fowl, fish, dairy, or honey.  


If I break the pledge, I will rapidly descend into junk food.  

Unlike what I put in my mouth, TV is not totally avoidable.  I may want to watch a game or check the news.  I won’t beat myself up if I lapse on occasion, but I will if I am avoiding work or exercise.

1371. How to Start Each Walkabout Solopreneur Day

Creating unique content -and lots of it - is the basis of Walkabout Solopreneur which is the foundation of wealth building for IBMs* and other retirees.

Each WS has individual circumstances.  Mine suck.  I am essentially a prisoner because my 90 year old mother can’t stay by herself, and we can’t afford to put her in a nursing home or assisted living facility.

Others in the family are taking over some of the responsibilities, but I am the one stuck there when she falls and the EMTs show up.  I know dozens by name.

I’m too old to have my life wasting away on a family who does not appreciate the sacrifice I’ve made.  

To make this work in the short run (in Jacksonville), I have to create a new schedule.  The only hours I have to myself are from about midnight to 10 a.m.  This is when I can do my writing, go to the gym, and maybe have some social life if not much.  

She seldom rises before 10 a.m., and 3 days a week, a home healthcare aid comes in at that time.

Even though I have a car available during these hours, I will use JTA instead for a number of reasons.

The house is 1.7 miles from the closest bus stop.  Right near the stop are Publix Supermarket and Planet Fitness.  The round trip is enough walking for fitness each day as well walking meditation or ho’oponopono to cleanse my mind and spirit.  

And now, there is no excuse for not visiting the gym or having all the food I need for my totally vegan diet.

Buses run from 4 something in the morning.  My new “office” is Lucky’s Market on Atlantic Boulevard in Neptune Beach.  Lucky’s has a coffee bar that I usually have to myself, and the best public wifi I have experienced.  I am getting away from Lucky’s some days by going to Panera Bread near Regency Square.

In addition, Lucky’s is my preferred grocery store, along with Aldi’s.  The produce is as good as Whole Foods and half the price.  As a radical vegan, I could not do better.  If I can’t find something here, I can check Publix on the way home.

I just started using their app, so I get in and out quickly and earn extra discounts and rewards.

All I consume at the “office” is coffee.  Lucky’s coffee is better than Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts.  I think it even tops McDonald’s which is the best for the price.

For WS, I’m not locking myself into a fixed number of articles or words to produce each day.  I do want to make use of this time without distractions to get the most work done.

After leaving Lucky’s, I will take the bus back to Cobblestone and head to the gym.  Planet Fitness, or gym lite as I call it, will be a daily visit except Sundays.  On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, when the health care worker is at the house, I will drop in on the Senior Center to check out bridge, yoga, and zumba.

Back home, I will feed the old beast and catch a nap if needed.  During the day, I need to work as much as possible in the bedroom.

There’s nothing special about this schedule except to maximize the hours between 10 p.m. and 10 a.m.  If I’m going to be a prisoner, I have to make the best of it.  I can maintain this schedule for 7 weeks until my nephew returns from Pakistan, and I then want to take off on a trial iPT adventure.

~ Chaz