Questions to Ask Yourself to Regulate Your Learning

Areas for Regulation






What do I already know about this topic? How long will it take me to complete this assignment?

How can I make this assignment meaningful to me?

How will I know when I need help and how will I get it?

What will help me and what might I need to change about this learning environment for me to be successful in this class?


How am I doing? Do I understand this or do I need some help?

Am I feeling overwhelmed? Engaged?

How am I doing? What am I doing that is helpful to my learning? For example, should I take notes for myself or save websites as bookmarks?

Is this learning environment working for me? Do I need to make any adjustments?


How will I apply what I am learning? What will help me to learn this better?

What can I do to feel motivated and engaged?

What do I need to do differently? What can I do now so I don't put it off until later?

What actions will I take to improve my learning environment or my participation in the learning community?

Reaction and Reflection

What did I learn today? Where do I still have questions or need to learn more?

How do I feel about my experiences today?

How did my actions help with meeting my learning goals today? What should I do differently tomorrow?

What was helpful about the structure of the course and the way I interacted with others?

Created by Anne Fensie from Pintrich’s (2004) Model of Phases and Areas for Self-Regulated Learning

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